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Very good looking game! Nice gameplay.

There was one problem for me when two spots got overheated. The tool on the opposite side couldn’t be reached

Simple, yet very good gameplay.

Well executed and great visuals!

Cool concept.

Maybe a bit more feedback would help. Was the AARRGH screen the end?

Cool game concept.

Some feedback at the start for holding the mouse would be nice, maybe a changeup effect or bar. The character sometimes bounces 3 times and sometimes lands instantly? Is this correct or a bug? It made the first level already very hard to beat

Cool idea and looks.

Could use a bit more feedback to the player

Nice concept, the F-keys were kinda tricky because they open tabs and stuff in browser. So I just let them explode ^^

Great game! Had to figure out that I shouldn’t press to move right and just let it slide from the slopes to get higher speeds.

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Overall great game!

I got stuck here sadly, maybe a hitbox issue or because the speed became zero?

Great concept! Was sad to see there was only one level :( I guess you ran out of time? Maybe improve for after the jam to make a full game out of this concept

Had the same problem :(

Really relaxing music!

Simple but very good gameplay. Some small feedback on the win would be good. As reaching the WIN area and hitting red will make your respawn, same thing for getting to WIN and just getting out of fuel makes you respawn aswell instead of proceeding. Overall very fun to play! Great idea for the end screen aswell

Great visuals and feedback on the lightning. Simple game with good execution.

Great change of controls with different ships and switch ups. The single bullets for the player could’ve been a bit faster. They are really slow and bad compared to the laser ship. overall good

Good concept on the different controls. Could see the pattern used by triggers in the level I believe ? The enemies on down slopes are kind of overpowered with the hitboxes and big speeds

Great music and art. Nice typing game. Had some trouble understanding why it would give me impossible expensive recipes on the first go. Overall very well executed concept

Great and smooth gameplay. Small bug, see my other comment below on the screenshot of Mika la Grand. Overall very well done and good game

Had the same issue on this level. My crosshair and grappling hook seemed to be locked to the left part of the level. It was not anymore going up or right from the character.

Thanks for playing! Also played and rated yours, great game :D

Great game, got to understand why I couldn’t move anymore on my second try once I figured out the edges were connected to the sides of your ship.

Overall great game

Good concept. Small bug: You can still control the player when the character is dead and win the levels in that state

Great game concept! Are you going to expand on the concept to turn it into a full release with more levels?

Great visuals and parallax scrolling on some elements when zooming in and out. Bit short, but a nice idea as a base for a game.

Thanks for also checking out my game and the feedback !

Thanks for also checking out my game!

Also played and rated your game :D Check my comment on the page

This game just has AMAZING LOOKS. Love it! Also very smooth animations and transitions between screens. Small flaws with spawning of the other cars only in 3 positions. Great start for the game to add more diversity in enemy mechanics.

Very interesting and keeps you focused. Nice music as well. Got to understand the mechanics after a second launch to look at the last part of the instructions. The instructions went away a bit too quick. Maybe make it stick for a few seconds and then prompt a click to start/skip?

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Looks are very good and gameplay was a good puzzle. Would’ve loved an easy restart Button. Got to figure out the puzzle bit by bit

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Concept is good, could’ve been better if you could move around more by dodging patterns. Space is limited because of kind of solid wall patterns. Has potential for good boss fights

Great tower defence style game. Loved the visuals!

Haha true, that’s what I used to jump higher

Nice gameplay Great mix of the laser, moving objects and a maze style

It kept me hooked and pressing Retry. Which is good :D Great concept for a full release with more levels.

Nice concept and also good animation on the cards When the ship is flying downwards I kept making the wrong choice of directions haha.

Great game, visuals and feel. Was really hard with the restrictions by using one of the skills

Cool game, maybe a little bit more bullets or pace and it feels great :D

Great fast pace gameplay, and then you stop… Shit which keys should I press!! haha. Only feedback would be that the spikes sometimes were impossible to miss or react to because of the visuals and speed. Great game overall :)

Nice boarding game. Timer ran out a couple of times. Maybe because I was exploring killing a few times :P