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Not sure what I was thinking when I made that ending

Thank you!

I used hinge joint 2D components to make them connect in unity

The graphics were amazing and I love the music, I also really liked the dj robot

The farthest I got was wave 15

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Feels chaotic and challenging, and the music is very epic

My high score was 461

The music is nice, and I like the graphics. In my opinion the rocket feels a little floaty and I want to have a little bit more control over it, but overall great game! :)

A game taking place in a fallen, world where you jump on ragdolls and stuff, trying to reach the heavens

Yeah, true

Thanks for the feedback

When your going fast enough, you should see a small echo effect of Jim following behind

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll make sure to fix the hit count once the jam voting period ends

I agree, it would be really cool to have some player choices and one or two alternative endings, but I'll probably just leave the game how it is.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!! :)

Thanks! :D

Thank you!

And yes, the music is pretty.. interesting

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Cute game! I don't really like Eric though

Thank you!! :D

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We got that soup!!

Nice game, I really liked the sprite for being stealthy, and I like the idea of throwing food at people

Also, I found a bug where the guards stay right by your body body. When ever I pressed r to continue, they killed me right away. I had to restart from the first level

Those eating sounds were great

I got to the jail cells, but I couldn't figure out how to get in

Nothing.. okay

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Fun idea! (I rated everything bad) pretty good game

Lovely game. Interesting concept, and cool graphics, but the character feels slow and it feels like it takes a while to beat

Amazing game. Art is great and audio is a 10/10

My highest score was 8

Nice game! I like all of the weapons your able to use, and the art looks great

Pretty fun game. The art looks great and the audio sounds really nice

Good job!

Graphics are great and very juicy. Good job!

Thanks man!


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mmm.. marshmallow

Happy to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks!


Glad you liked it!


My best score was 228

I think I found the fix. After the rating period is over, I'll probably upload the new WebGL

Thank you for the feedback!

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Thanks! :D

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Yeah, it think it does that unless you click on the full screen button. I might see if I can fix it later

Thank you!

Also, I thought about making an alternative ending, but I didn't have enough time sadly

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Thanks :)

May your finger rest in peace

Heck yeah