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A satisfying game where you put fractions in order and try to get a quick time and beat other players

 I'm not sure if I'm able to really do anything. It looks like I'm just stuck with a jittery camera

Thanks! :D

It was actually really scary. I loved the talking

Great game!

Yeah, for sure..

Thanks for playing :)

Nice game, I really enjoyed it, Everything was really nice, and the ending had me really preparing for a jump scare, but there wasn't anything..

Why did casting a spell jump scare me so bad?

Yeah. I used the blender monkey head lol

The atmosphere was nice and the pumpkin guy was pretty scary, but I didn't really enjoy running through the maze trying to find the generators. I would've finished, but I kept getting lost

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Looks cool, but I couldn't really figure out how to get past the first area, also I think that the movement and camera feel very janky

Really nice graphics. That pumpkin looked a little thicc

Music and art is nice, but I think that it doesn't really fit together with each other all that great. I think that the camera could be zoomed out a bit. It's very close and its hard to see where I'm going or what's coming, and I think that it should a bit more clear to where you need to go

Nice game, I like the retro aesthetics. Wasn't too sure how to get past the part where the pumpkin people were coming out of the house though, or if you can get past that part

I had a lot of fun making the audio and yeah, it is very cursed. Happy to see you liked it :)

 I love how you made a game about smurf cat. That jump scare also got me really good

11/10 game

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The aesthetics were nice and I liked the narration, also pretty scary at times, but I think the gameplay is a little boring. I felt lost the whole time and I felt like I was looking everywhere to find things to eventually find it, and the looking around just felt a kind of exhausting. The game was also a little buggy. I think maybe it would be better if there was more information where the things you are trying to find are or limit where the player is allowed to go so they dont go too far from where they are supposed to go. Not bad overall though

A horror fps game where you take a stroll through the woods in search of an evil monke

uncover the secrets of the past and hunt down the monke


  • WASD or ARROW KEYS to walk
  • E or LMB to interact

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mmm.. banana

Happy to see you liked it!! ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks!! :D

I'm actually thinking about possibly expanding on the game into a full release, probably sometime in the future though because I'm already working on a game. I'm glad you liked it!

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Good game. The visuals are really nice. I also like the idea of possessing enemies.

I think that maybe the camera could be moved back a bit so you can see more of whats going on, also, I felt like the movement was lacking a bit, I felt kind of slow

Pretty good though

Yeah, I agree. I was planning on having different stages/levels with some more enemy variety, and the endless would be optional, but I didn't have enough time

Thanks for the feedback!

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Cool game, the polishing is nice. I the feel like the enemies have a lot of health though, I want to feel more power and take the guys out no problem. Not bad though

Thanks, happy you liked it! :)

Yeah, some of them are. The other sfx are me eating chips and smashing a banana.. rip banana

Yeah, I think the music could be better.

Also, if you could tell me why you got bored, that would be cool. Just so I can improve for next time :)

Yeah, tbh, I'm not too sure how the damaged system works either. I noticed it after I submitted it for the jam. I'll probably patch it up once voting is over

Happy to see you had fun!! :)

Yeah, I don't know how to make music lol

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Thanks, I think I got to 110

Thanks, and yes, I will keep it going 🗿

Glad you liked it!

Thanks lol


Bananana chop choppp 🍌🔪

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You can kill multiple guys at once by right clicking, and I think the guys that throw bombs have a 2 second timer

Pretty good game, I liked the art

Pretty cool idea, I thought it was pretty good and the art was uh.. interesting

Its actually pretty fun, I didn't finish all of the levels though because I ended up raging on some of them. The music is also pretty nice