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I'm proud to announce that my dice-based roguelite is now available!

  • Win your files back from a hacker goose.
  • Use items and synergize them with bonuses.
  • With randomized elements like items, bonuses and events each run is different.

Don't explain the controls at all. That should be fun.

Have you shared it on any game dev subreddits?

Not quite a screenshot, but I finished the trailer for my game today!

Godot all the way. Only engine I've used for years.

Exactly what I was going for, thank you!

Screenshot of Wager, my roguelite dice based game coming out soon :)

Hi everyone, my name's Nick and I'm working on my second commercial game called Wager.

I've been working with Godot for a while now and it's my preferred engine.

I just finished my 'small' side project I've been working on for the past month, Survivafarm!

As the title suggests it's a simple mash up of a few genres (tower defense / farming mostly) that I have always wanted to make. It's not complex at all, but should be great for some quick play.

I originally designed it to be on mobile with leaderboards. However, I was spending way too much time troubleshooting errors in the build process so I released it as is for Windows. That's the main reason for the small resolution and simplified mechanics, etc. If people like the concept, I could improve the game and really flesh it out for PC.

I'd be flattered if you gave it a shot! Download from itch here.