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Thanks!! The asset I used is this one:

Great work! This game felt super cohesive and polished, especially for a gamejam game. You had a lot of interesting enemy AI (great boss fights!), lots of very nice sprite work, and solid level design.  

Neat stuff! I made it fairly far in, though I got a bit stumped where to go next after getting the walljump & the ranged attack. Really enjoyed the atmosphere, and you had a lot of cool art -- and the levels were pretty fun to navigate too!

I tried downloading this game, but it looks like these are just the game files, rather than an executable version of it. You probably want to build the game first, and upload that file. (unless there's a way to run this that I'm unaware of)

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I liked it! Fun to control, good atmosphere, was short but felt like it kept throwing new challenges at me. I think the possession idea was neat, it would be cool if there were more applications in the gameplay for it. Also, "Goop Group" is a great team name!

Really liked how the enemies would explode into pixels when defeated, very satisfying. Same issues as the other commenters, I think save points would help a bunch, but I enjoyed it enough to give it a couple tries.

Dang, I really liked the spritework on display here, you have some really nice creature designs here. It was really cute that one of the powerups was just this tiny gun. I did end up getting stuck after getting the gun -- ran out of ammo in an area surrounded by the red gates -- where was I supposed to go next?

Very cool atmosphere! Enjoyed the parallax you had going on with the background. I did get stuck though -- the world seemed to be looping, not sure if there's anything I'm missing. Glad you're going to keep working on this though, the game had nice vibes!

Neat stuff. Liked the animation of that black blob that started following the player, that was cool -- good atmosphere there.

Yeah, getting the difficulty right is super hard in a jam, when there's limited time for playtesting. The aim was for it to take the average player 5-10 attempts to win and figure out all the moves, so it was supposed to be fairly challenging. If we had more time, we planned to display hints after each loss.

Thanks for playing our game! And yeah, our animator did a great job -- fun fact, all of the animations were made in one day! The magic of time limits...

Ha, FF was one of our direct inspirations, I'm glad that was clear! Thanks for playing!

This was super neat! The levels all looked really vibrant and lively, and the time mechanic was pretty neat! Had one moment where I was falling in slow motion, and I wasn't going to reach a moving platform, so I quickly changed speed to fast and landed on it -- it was super cool! Definitely think this is an idea worth iterating on.

Really loved the aesthetic of this one! The music you used went really well with the time slow mechanics. Lots of really interesting vibes, big fan of the fox

thank you for this. i patiently await zoosim, ever so more excited

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so the ascii shader was a pre-existing asset i used, but it had an off by one error so i actually had to learn how it worked to fix it. the short version is for each pixel the shader gets a grayscale value for a low-res version of the input, and then picks a corresponding pixel from a texture of ascii characters based on the pixel's position.

then there's also different rendering layers and cameras to make some things exempt from another shader that makes things grayscale

thank you for always playing my games :<