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I'm not at all upset, but I'm curious: was this idea inspired by the proof of concept I made a few months prior to this release?

You took it and ran with it, and this is way better than anything I could have done, but I'm wondering if it's just an insane coincidence or not. :-p

Congrats on the game!

It makes me very happy that you say that!
I did (and still do) envision this as a mobile game. I have it all planned out how it would look and how it would play on phones. If schedules and desires align for myself and NuGameDev (who did the art, programming, and music -- all the actual hard work), it might be something we pursue in the future.
Thank you for playing and for the kind words!

Funnily enough, the idea first manifested in my brain as a puzzle platformer. It is very easy to show off mechanics in a platformer, and I've made a few in my time that did well, so that's where my head went. I thought the mechanics would be too tedious in a platformer, though, so I changed it to be more of a straight puzzle game. I was nervous about that because I had never done one before, but fortunately, it seems to have turned out okay.

Thank you for the kind words!

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Thank you! The positive comments never get old and are a much-needed confidence booster!
Since you asked, the concept came from me seeing the announcement and thinking of all the different types of "scales" that exist. I thought of a bodyweight scale and how it displays digital numbers, and thought about weighing things as a mechanic. I've been watching Futurama with my wife, and the Christmas episode has Fry hanging from a digital clock and falling as the numbers change, so I combined that with the idea of weighing something to change the digital numbers to make new paths and remove barriers. The fish came as a result of Finding Nemo being on when I saw the theme announcement because my two-year-old is obsessed with that movie, and fish also have scales.

Again, I can't express how much the feedback means to me. I very much appreciate it.

You can thank my two-year-old son who was watching Finding Nemo on loop when the theme was announced, and the Christmas episode of Futurama for allowing me to steal the gag where Fry falls through the clock to try and save the bird.
Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much! It means a lot.
While that was the intention (so I'm glad to hear you say that), I underestimate how much of a challenge it was going to be. I spent most of my time staring at a dry erase board with 0-9 digital numbers written on it. I'm glad it paid off!

Definitely not your fault if it wasn't clear to you. My apologies for that. Thank you for trying and providing feedback.

Thank you so much! It means a lot, especially knowing you got that far (and thought there were a lot of levels -- I didn't think there were enough).
Ideally, we would have had a level select screen that tracked how many turns you made, so you could replay each level and try to get a lower score. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. We'll let you know if anything like that gets implemented.
Thanks again!

The box-shaped lights and the artifacts I was aware of. Not so much with the jump bug, and definitely not intentional. I appreciate you letting me know.

Thank you for your time and kind words!

Thank you! I plan to make this into a much bigger project. 

I will play your game soon.

First off, I love the name of your studio.

Second, that means a lot, thank you! I have actually decided to attempt to make this a full length retail product. I'm currently in pre production on it, so it is very encouraging to see comments like this.

I will return the favor by playing your game soon. Thank you again!

Awesome, and super impressive that you got randomly generated content in this short of time. I agreed that it could do with more challenge, but that can be ironed out. Nicely done.

This is amazingly fun and polished for the timeframe. The biggest thing I would add is in infiltrator mode, give the enemies a vision cone and a way to break their chase if they spot you.

I love this concept and think it's very fun as it is already. Two suggestions that would take it to another level: 1) I saw this in the comments below, but grid-based movement would make this much tighter and snappier. 2) I would have liked some better feedback on whether or not I hit the "enemies" correctly, with like a little "tick" if I shot it with the wrong shape, and better positive feedback when I hit it successfully. There were a couple of close calls when I couldn't tell if I hit them or I took damage. A health bar could help this as well.

Great job. I had a really good time.

Saying it is "well-made" is a huge compliment, because I definitely did not spend nearly enough time on this thing. I had a lot of ideas to add and things I wanted to fix, but I just got far too busy and had to submit it in the state it's in. I'm very glad you found some enjoyment out of it. I hope to revisit the concept in the future because I think it has potential. Thank you so much!

You're too kind! Thank you!

Yeah, I understand. It wasn't really meant to be hard, I just wanted people to figure out how to progress. I also didn't want people to get stuck, as the nature of game jams causes people to (rightfully) move on quickly from submissions. More challenging levels could and would be implemented given more time or in a full release, but this game will never be about pixel-precise platforming. I appreciate the feedback, though. Thank you!

I love the aesthetic and theming. I do think it feels a bit too hard and random. I found myself getting frustrated. I would play an easier version of this in a heartbeat. I also think it could be instantly improved by tweaking a few variables. You clearly know what you're doing. Nicely done.

I need to stop myself before I play this all night. Super rad game. Very addictive and replayable. Feels great, aesthetics are awesome, feels super polished. My only complaint is the camera moving in when the ship slows down, but that's probably my personal preference. I wouldn't mind an upgrade to prevent that from happening even.

Great, great job.

This is weirdly one of my favorites of the jam. This feels like an inventive mix (intentional or otherwise) between an adventure game and a platformer, even though you're not really platforming. I love the idea of reading/learning while avoiding, and finding the items past obstacles. So cool. I also like the art and sound, and the writing is amusing. Great job.

My head is swimming with the possibilities of this concept. I'm envisioning a cool RPG with this mechanic, or a platformer where the movement is changed based on the limbs that you steal. Very cool. 

I love 3D platformers so I appreciate you creating one, and with such a clever concept. This is fairly well-designed, too. My only issue, and it's a big one, is the controls are far too sensitive, at least on my machine in the browser. A slight tap of the movement key moved my character a lot, and the jump was far too quick to be precise and fair. If you iron out the controls, you could have a very fun game here. Great job, though. I find working in 3D very difficult and you seem to have a great handle on it.

Fun and simple game. I was very amused. Good job!

Very, very cool idea. It's heartbreaking that it's so buggy, because I would love to see this concept in a more playable state.

I will say, you got an adjustable jump height in your controls, and that's something I struggle to do (and even omitted from my game because I couldn't get it working), so I give you props for that.

Great job overall, though. I would be interested to see where you take this after you clean it up.

I love how everyone is pointing out a different aspect of the game that really spoke to them. It validates all of the work I put into adding the little things. Thank you for saying that about utilizing it to the fullest, but I assure you, I definitely had to rush near the end. Several more levels and mechanics were planned. I just ran out of time.

A tremendous thank you for the play and the praise!

Wow, that's very high praise and it means an incredible amount to me. I'm very glad the little things are paying off, because this is the first time I really focused my efforts on making sure that stuff was there. Normally, I'm very form over function, but I really wanted to nail it this time and I worked very hard. I'm glad it's showing to people. If you look at my past games, none of them are as good as this one, so I think I just got lucky that everything fell into place. Thank you so much for the play and the comment.

Thank you so much!

You have a strong idea here that needs refinement. The other comments went into it already, so I won't repeat it, but you should be proud of this because it's extremely ambitious. It's impressive you got done as much as you did, it works as well as it does, and looks as good as it does. I like the aesthetic -- it reminds me of a children's doodle, which is a good thing. Great job.

Very cool. This is one of those games where I could find myself losing a bunch of time in an evening while listening to a podcast or something. I actually think the game might be better without the penalty of losing your size and just doubling down on the relaxing nature of it. I thought this was great overall.

Limbo was the inspiration for the aesthetic, I won't deny that! Thank you for the praise, it truly means a lot. I agree the movement can be jarring. It was a challenge figuring out what limitations to give the player. 

While similar concepts have been done, I enjoyed the way you did it. I also appreciated the style of gameplay and execution of it. This would feel right at home on a Sega Genesis, and that's a compliment from me. Personally, though, I think the tank could be cut entirely, and the fourth level (the one after the boss) is far too long to the point where I got near the end and a jump input was missed, leading to my death and had to start over. But the fact there was a boss at all, and it was fairly well-designed, was impressive to begin with. Nicely done.

While playing, my mind was racing with possible ideas to build on this mechanic. You have a really strong idea here. In terms the execution, for it being your first game jam, this was very well done. Keep at it.

Pretty good game. Feels pretty decent and I like the dash. I think the aesthetics are fun, and the visual feedback of the movement adds to the feeling of the controls. A good next step for this would be to add a score of some kind -- either via a timer or from objects dodged. Great job.

For a beginner project, you should be proud of this. I've played games in jams from people that have had far more experience that feel worse and are riddled with bugs. There's not much here, but what's here feels decent, the collisions act as expected, the game restarts when you fall, and you even have a pause feature (which is a feature even my game doesn't have). You should be proud of this, and I'm sure you learned a lot. Great job.

No problem, and I'll definitely keep you in mind! 

Ah, makes sense. My solution when I want things like that is to have multiple colliders, and set one active and one inactive during the appropriate collision event. There are other ways to do it, but maybe that would help. 

Great concept, and I'm very amused by the idea that a ghost needs to do chores before he goes on to the afterlife. And I'm even more amused that he has a ton of garbage and multiple bathtubs and ovens. Very funny. I also love the idea of the burden of the chores makes your controls heavier, and getting rid of them makes you more agile. You can do a lot with that concept.

My only major complaint is the collider. It is much smaller than the character, so I kept getting stuck on things I was trying to jump on.

Great job!

Very cool idea, and I like the small touches like the screen shake when you hit an enemy. The aesthetics are retro in a way I appreciate. I would say the combat is a little too finnicky right now, but with some tweaks, this concept could carry a very cool game. What's here is already a great start. Well done.

Clever and fun. This could be expanded upon by adding different cat cubes and different places to send them. Nicely done.