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Very good game, well work. A feedback, I don't know well where the bullet should go and since there is a reload time I found anoying shoot, miss and wait some second to shoot again.

Good work, I like the game and the character. Maybe need a little more polished in jump that is akward and more use of speed hability and the stable plataform.

It's a very hard game, but I guess that because wall and floor is equal and have nothing to use as reference point to know where I am going, even with map.

Good work!

Just to comment it's a very polished game,

Good work, I just feel the control on running and jumping don't feel nice, kinda stuck.

Good Work. I like the cubic visual, it's very hard and move so slow. I have a question, can you recover your army? Because I don't understand how to do it.

Just to say, nice game. Excellent work

It's a noob question, but I want to know what exactly will be considered a rougelike ou rougelite for this jam, since there is a lot of variation of games.

Need to have all elements or just one, example, My dugeon are static (not procedural) but my character always will be procedural in stats, it's will be valid? Or is a must have a procedural dugeon?


Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking to make some pattern, but I didn't have time to learn how to make work right, so I cut out.

Very good art, I like the animation of slimes jumping and walking. But the game, I became lost, I understand that I have to gather slime but I don't get the reason to attack and I don't know how the game consider that I have a slime on fire and I don't know how much slimes I need to extinguish the fire.

it's missing a lot of feedback to player know if he is doing something right or not and it's very frustrated.

After All, good work.

Very good game, put some puzzles or challenge that need the cooperation of three character. I have a question, it's supose to wizard don't colide well with a moving plataform or is a bug?

The visual well made

Excelent work.

Good game, there is something to improve, I don't know with engine you used, but I guess there is a option to flip the imagem, that way when you launch Green Thumb Up on the left side, don't look it's a Thumb Down.

And there is a bug when I have more ghost friends follow me, like need 2 friends but I have 3 friends.

Nice work

Well, it's working, but unfortunate seen was too big to make. I see a lot of potencial to became a nice small game, but is missing too much. The visual of monsters seen well work.

Good job in finished a playable version.

Nice concept, for me seen original but infortune I feel little lost and need to balance a little more.

Excellent work.

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I play a little but I have a good problem with lag, maybe the problem is related to restart the game and when have to much player projectile.

Nice Work.

Very good game. Only control feel very slip, everything else is fine, excelent job.

A sugestion, don't put white text on a gray background without a contour or some shadow behind, to make some constract.

Sorry, but there is no game upload.

Good job, very simple game. There is some problems, like the camera follwing when change stage and know how much light missing to finish the level.

A sugestion, put some visual effect when monster is destroy.

I don't know how much games you already made and how much knowledge do you have, but keep making and step by step you improve.

Good job, very simple plataform game. Just the bright of the game annoyed me.

Very nice game, My only complain is the camera, jumping with the characters.

Good work. I feel confused because it's missing some feedback, like I don't understand when I start feel more stronger or when my shoot was effective against de virus.

But the visual, five star! I really like the style

Good game, I only suggest when you click on the computer open direct to the options to choose instead open a small window to choose to open another window. And to put some visual feedback when your suspect is going down.

Nice Work.

Only to comment to say good game

Very nice concept and level. Well execute, my only complain is the background music start to annoying for been to repetitive.

Great Game

I made on purpose to show how you became stronger with more allies.

Good game, I just say to put something when I can't go back from the stage and put some effect when the shoot hit the boss.

Maybe is a bug, but the volume bar seen not working.

Good job.

I feel a little confused in the game, I understand the command and how to play, but I don't know when the enemy is hurting my helpers, maybe some simples feedback like a Icon over the head ou make the helper change color just to say he is been hit would be nice. Other thing, I recommend to put a speed limit or something because I was siliding like I was on some ice and feel little control on the movement. It's was really fun to do this, but put some limit to not feel I have little control over moviment.

And the background from shop kinda hurt my eyes. A bright yellow on the center of screen, well, make to pass minimum time possible. I case of doubt, use more desaturated color.

But nice work, keep improve your game.

The control for me feel very slip and I have difficult to control. I don't know if it's affect in something, but I was using Keyboard to play. And a hint, avoid using yellow on a bright background, It's hard to read because don't have contrast.

Nice work and keep development your game maker skills.

Good Design on mechanic and level. Music is very good and nice touch on the ending with "Monkey got bananas". Not exactly innovate, but this well executed.

Good job both of you.

I like the concept and the visual. Only the final stage, the one with the fans, I find annoyed because I don't know where the wind start and ending, I think it's missing some feedback on, like some visual feedback, like that cloud on comic books that show some person run away, I don't know if I explain correct.

Good work.

It's simples and work. Art seen good. The control seen kinda confuse, like, something seen the ability sometimes work and other time don't. Beside that, good work.

Boa demo, curti o visual e esse jogo realmente diz que sou brasileiro.

Queria passar alguns feedback:

- IMPORTANTE ter um tela para mudar o volume do jogo, um para mudar o volume da música e outro de efeito sonoros. Para diminuir o volume precisei manter a janela de controle de volume do Windows aberto, rodar o jogo e depois com ALT + TAB diminuir manualmente o som.

- Coloque um "pular cutscene" em todo momento que tiver um, a primeira vez é legal ver a animação de intro ao começar a fase e ao boss da fase, mas depois disso se torna chato.

- Sugestão: Se puder fazer que o bloqueio funcionasse imediatamente ou que não tenha que esperar terminar a animação do jogador. Enquanto estava socando os inimigos, queria bloquear mas dava sensação que não funcionava pois precisava esperar acabar a animação do jogador.

- Sugestão: Isso é mais preferência, contagem ser de vida extra, então se tiver 0 vida extra, significa que você está na ultima vida. Ou quando o personagem morrer, imediatamente subtrair a vida, então enquanto está caído mudar por exemplo de 2 vidas para 1 vida. Assim causa menos estranheza achando que tinha mais 1 tentativa quando der game over.

- Sugestão: Dar uma abertura vulnerável para o boss. Fiquei um tempo esperando ele fazer algo que deixasse uma abertura para bater nele, mas não acontecia, então ai bater nele e não dava tempo para bloquear do socão dele. Então não sabia se estava fazendo corretamente ou não.

- Sugestão: Se puder segurar o inimigo com o agarrão, isso é bem opcional pois seria legal se desse, mas não essencial. O exemplo que dou é o jogo "Sonic Blaster Man" de Super Nintendo para ver como que funciona o agarrão. Seria algo legal poder segurar e ficar descendo soco e chute.

- Uma observação, ao chegar na frente do templo, o logo da mastercard, mesmo só os círculos pode dar a entender que está usando indevidamente o logo do cartão. Isso é só uma observação, seria necessário consultar mais pessoas que entende disso para ver se isso chega a ser um problema.

Só isso, boa sorte com desenvolvimento do jogo.

Great game, well rounded for a two week game jam project. Good plot and ending.

Good Jam game, I don't know someone report, but there is a bug with the rice.

Special cheers to voice acting it make unique for this game.

Hello, I like a lot de visual and the ideia of Tarot card. unfortunately it is very short, but I understand, it is take much time to make a game.

I hope you guys continued with the project.

I try to play the download version on Windows, It's appear that never spawn a soldier to heal on first level.

I don't understand well about this situation or topic, but that is what game (in general understand) is about make experience that the player would never have in real life and pass some idea or mensage for them.

Maybe someday I understand more, but for now, I will just think about, empathize and try to learn.

PS: My english is not good

Good game, I like.

Maybe the solo blue power up could have a bigger range, because stay to close to the enemy and try to hit without been hit, is kind hard. I avoid to pick this power up because that.

I need to see, but thanks for feedback.

If you want to try other level, there is a cheat code, on main menu you can press "I" to skip to level 2 / "O" to skip to level 3 / "P" to give 999 lifes.