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I try to play the download version on Windows, It's appear that never spawn a soldier to heal on first level.

I don't understand well about this situation or topic, but that is what game (in general understand) is about make experience that the player would never have in real life and pass some idea or mensage for them.

Maybe someday I understand more, but for now, I will just think about, empathize and try to learn.

PS: My english is not good

Good game, I like.

Maybe the solo blue power up could have a bigger range, because stay to close to the enemy and try to hit without been hit, is kind hard. I avoid to pick this power up because that.

I need to see, but thanks for feedback.

If you want to try other level, there is a cheat code, on main menu you can press "I" to skip to level 2 / "O" to skip to level 3 / "P" to give 999 lifes.

I don't understand exactly what I supost to do. If is your first game ever made, well, keep trying, I can't judge much.

Some hints to help on next project:

- Visual feedback always welcome, like, if I shoot and hit a enemy, make something to happen to him, like make him blink or change their color for one second
- Control is very important, the car direction for this game, it's not help much
- If the player have some kind of limit resource, like life, show then somewhere in the screen, like X2 or two heart.

Need some adjustment but it's fun.

I would recommend to write above the player with power-up he get, like "Bonus Speed" "Heavy Ammo" it's help to associate which color is the power up.

Kind hard to understand the rules, but I get, after some try and error. Would be good to see the tutorial again, without reset the page.

Beside that Nice Work!

Good game, simple and funny. I took some minutes to understand that you need to hold mouse left button.

Only sugestion I would give is change press enter to any click, since your game only need mouse, and is less annoying than use keyboard and change to mouse.

Well execute, the theme, visual, gameplay, audio. Everything combine well. Only the music is kind repetive, but this "nappicking" (I don't know if this is right word).

I try to play the game, but the shoot command was confuse, I don't understand if was to press one of directions e then shoot, for me was really confuse.

But art and sound, well done, make feel really on 8 bit games.

The music is awesome, nice work. I would sugest to make one of cats other color, two white cats on same position not help much

Thanks for playing and feedback.

Not my kind of game (sandbox with physics) but I have some fun.
I want to report some bugs, so I put here or send some PM or forum?

Just leaving a comment to say, good game.

Nice student game. I would recommend put a warning or something on store page that is necessary use of controller. Almost give up playing this game because I don't understand what happen with controller.
Tip for future game: Put a volume slider, even if is basic, it help if I was listen some podcast or making some video or livestream.

Obrigado pelo comentário, isso anima um pouco o espírito.


I didn't because of lack of time.

I have a lot of trouble with infinity loop and I have to remake the spawn of box to appear to player more often.

But I am thinking to give a revision and put audio, make a better balance and high score.

The fun is to make a new game from stage zero, so only if you remade everything using the same mechanic.

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O texto em português está no final de cada update

Update 1 - 05/02/2018 (dd/mm/yyyy)

(English) - Thanks Google Translate for my laziness

Hello, my name is Rafael Endo and my nickname is Yakultjapa. I'm a game designer and I'm always looking to make a small or a micro game in free time.

This game, which I'll call OneRoomJamGame for now, you control this robot who work in a repair office of a company, so you get the objects to repair and you have to buy the parts you need, or manufacture using raw materials or recycle the components.

I'm thinking of inserting a mechanic similar to Dinner Dash, where you have to organize yourself to give time to fix the objects on time. Instead of having a levels system, I'm thinking of putting the skills in the objects, so if you have determined objects, the repair process will be faster.

As a first step, I started doing the assets to build the room. I'm using a tool called GraphicsDale to make the art and Construct 2 with engine.

I do not have much experience in pixel art, so I'm always looking for tilesmap on the internet and trying to replicate. Gradually I am learning shaders and lighting, but it takes a while to make the art, usually I take almost two to three hours to make the sprite and fix the defects.

Taking advantage of it, I made a sprite of the character and some items (Iron and Steel) to start programming the inventory and the algorithm for interaction of objects. - Image of the room, the robot and inventory (working in progress)

(Português Brasileiro)

Olá, meu nome é Rafael Endo e o meu nick é Yakultjapa. Sou um game designer e estou sempre procurando fazer pequenos ou micro jogos no tempo livre.

Esse jogo, que no momento vou chamar de OneRoomJamGame, você controla esse robô. Você trabalha no setor de reparo de uma empresa, então você recebe os objetos para consertar e você tem que comprar as peças que você precisa, ou fabricar usando matéria-prima ou reciclar os componentes.

Estou pensando em inserir uma mecânica semelhante ao Dinner Dash, onde você tem que se organizar para dar tempo para consertar os objetos a tempo. Ao invés de ter um sistema de level up, estou pensando em colocar as skills nos objetos, então se tiver determinado objetos, o processo de reparo será mais rápido.

Como primeiro update, eu comecei fazendo os assets para construir a sala. Eu estou usando uma ferramenta chamado GraphicsDale para fazer os tiles e os Construct 2 com engine.

Não tenho muita experiência em pixels art, então estou sempre procurando tilesmap na internet e tentando replicar. Aos poucos estão pegando jeito com shaders e iluminação, mas demoro um tanto para fazer a arte, geralmente eu demoro quase duas a três horas para fazer o sprite e arrumar os defeitos.

Aproveitando, já fiz um sprite do personagem e uns itens(Ferro e Aço) para começar a programar o inventário e o algoritmo para interação dos objetos. - Imagem do robo, da sala e do inventário