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I am hosting a 48 hour game jam with:

  • A theme!
  • A required object/mechanic!
  • A disallowed object/mechanic!
  • And a prize!

The main goal of this game jam is to have fun working around the requirements while making an awesome game! It is also intended to be a friendly game jam, so although people are competing you can still give others good ratings(one of the reasons it isn't a super important prize). 

If you want to take a look at the page:

Also if you want to take a guess at the theme:

Thanks for reading (:

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This is a special topic where you can try to guess this game jam's theme!

Please include in your guess:

  • the main theme
  • the disallowed object/mechanic type
  • the object/mechanic you must include

That's probably a good idea, I could have added a setting or something. For me those controls you just recommended would be mind warping.

How would you have done the controls?

Also since the car can turn to go straight up it would be difficult on the player.

We decided that the vast majority of gamers would prefer the a and d controls relative to the car, so it made more sense to us.

The game appears to be too easy. It's still a creative idea though.

Very creative use of the theme! It makes you think a little bit. It could use more levels though.

Creative usage of roles reversed. Is there any difference between levels? 

Awesome game! It's quite the challenge and an interesting role reversal.

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I played your game and it was awesome! It's a cool take on roles reversed. I also made a video (without playing the game before except for moving back and forth on the first level) 

Edit: the video looks a bit better on YouTube.

Really awesome interpretation of the theme! The art style is really nice and I liked how the boats fell into the water. One thing that might have been nice would be a speed setting so that if the fish was too slow you could speed it up.

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Very cool,  this game has the same base idea as ours but is reversed differently.

This is definitely a fun game! Very creative reason for the level to be moving!

Is the game actually playable?

It's an interesting reversal. It's almost like solving a Rubik's cube.

This is an awesome role reversal! I liked your very nice art style and challenging levels.

How exactly do you play the game?

How do you complete level1?

This is a very creative idea. It was a lot of fun to play.

I can't believe you made a game in python!

This is a really creative concept. The game keeps crashing for me randomly when I hit the submit button, but it's still some fun. I wish I could understand how it works though. also it's fun to drag around the tiles and see them bump into each other.

This game is really awesome. I really like your reversal of tower defense.

How did you do the paper look on the enemies and trees?

Please note for the future that you need to upload the whole unity package file.

So a few questions:
How do you quit the game?
Is there any cost to sending an adventurer off on the wrong quest? And how did you make those ui ring materials?

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Neon war is an action-packed game originally created in about 6 hours for a one-day game jam. However there is also a post-jam version that adds features like networked multiplayer and a new rocket powerup.

The goal of the game is to destroy the most neon circles. Any circle that gets destroyed while you are alive counts for a point (and yes that does mean they occasionally shoot each other).

I just made a video containing gameplay(in case you're wondering it's not a trailer it's just authentic gameplay I decided just to show the game as is)

The game also features powerups such as the land mine(featured below), health crystal, power ammo, and saw shell(also featured below):

if you're interested this is a link to the game page or if you have any question feel free to ask in the comments below.

I'd like feedback on why people don't want to download the game so I can make the page better.

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this is where you can post thoughts about the game

This is really creative, and it takes fast reaction. Also you fit the theme very well. (:

This is one of the best submissions I've seen (: