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Yesterday our newest game "The Investigator" released. Play as an investigator trying to solve the dissapearence of Eleanor in Von Bergen's woods. The game has a mix of puzzles with some action sequences aswell as lore to be unhidden about Von Bergen.

Game Link:

OBS is pretty good

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Sorry but we didn't keep the recording, we basically just started the game and did 1 move. Then the other player tried to do a move because we thought it'd switch rounds but nothing happened and after that we kind of gave up. I also read afterwards that you had to wait like a day before getting ur moves back :p

It was actually an interesting choice you did, since I usually praise for gamejams to be extremely short (no longer than 30 minutes). Since then you get time to finish the game. But in your case it was rather the opposite, being extremely long instead 

Loved the graphics! The controls could improve though

I tried this out! I liked the graphics but the controls were a bit wonky. Wish there was more to it aswell. Great for 7 days though

Please read the post

Read the post please

Read the post

Really nice man!

Very nice art

Nice, the graphics are really clean. I enjoyed it, you should try and port this to mobile, feel like the gameplay is a bit too simple for PC, would also be nice with a HTML5 port if you're planning for it to be played on PC

Mine is Godot :P

Wow Ethan, great moves. Keep it up, proud of you!

Nice! I tried the new version out to level 5. It's a lot more clear now when you lose and the UI is also cleaner, still wish there were more level layouts though

Please read the post

I tried your game out! I left a comment on ur page

Not sure how this is chaotic, and the screenshot isn't really a representation of your game

Please read the post!

Please read the post!

Please read the post!

Hehe most of my playthrough were of the tutorial

I prefer if the playtested platform is the only one uploaded, because I always assume that HTML5 games were designed for that platform, but I've noticed a lot of the time that people get disappointed when they see you play the HTML5 version

Don't post your game multiple times :-)

Please read the post!

Very fun game! I made a comment on the games page!

Just notice I had no audio on the recording, sorry for that!

Fun game! I have made a comment on your game page!

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Quite fun game, i liked all the effects the happen when you hit an enemy, die, the portal effects and so one. It gives the game more life. I like the various bonus things you could pick up, it gave the game a purpose not to just stand in a corner, which i like :). Sometimes it felt like I just died for no reason, i think it is because a porta l spawned near me and the read squares spawn outside of the portal kiloing me which was a bit frustrating. So for a tip is to f.ex. maybe fade in the enemies a bit before hitting the player, warning the player so that they dont instantly die. Overall a fun game!

Interesting game. I liked the death animations, thats all, sorry. The bullets didnt collide with the walls so you almost instantly died. It is chaotic but not super fun to play due to no audio, game juice(ex. screen shake, different effects), no feedback when you damage the enemy and so forth. I read that you made most of the game in two days, which may be the reason its lacking much and have much to be improved to be better.

Heres the gameplay video without any commentary. I made a comment on the game page

I didn't participate in this jam so I didn't make any game! However I've played a lot of different games

You can get a full feed of different games I've played with live reactions:

The ones I would recommend out of these are the following:

Geist Not Guest by ares9323

Supermarket Scramble by Zephyr7

and ButterflyEffect by Navi_Gdo

I left links to my commentary videos aswell, obviously I'm not a "lets play" youtube channel so my commentary is a bit scuffed, so all the videos are unlisted. Neither am I doing it for any sort of views, I understand how hard it is for some to get plays on their games especially in jams so I want to give valueable feedback to as many people as possible

// @Jeppson

I left a comment on ur profile! here's my gameplay:

You posted this twice

I tried it out! I left some feedback on ur page

Here's my live reaction:

Was very dissapointed with this! Graphics weren't that great and the game plays on 5 fps, really aimless with no sense of real direction

Here's my live reaction:

I checked this out! I've been excited to see this one, the guy looked really cute and caught my interest. I wish you had used this guy on the front cover in the actual game, it'd fit more with the rest of the artstyle

I left a comment on ur page

Here's my live reaction: 

I was pretty excited to check out this game! The guy on the front is really cute, I saw the game yesterday but haven't gotten around playing it until now

The artstyle is definetly a bit weird but the game is fun, I don't see how it fits into the theme of Chaos but the game was atleast fun. I liked how I could finish it in around 10 minutes, jam games should just be that. Short fun experiences!

Nice job

You can see my live reactions here:

I tried it out, I gave some feedback on ur profile!