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One of the best uses of the theme, wanted to steal it so bad when you pitched it on stream :D
Very well executed, there are some nit picks already mentioned in the other comments, however one of the best games I've played. I imagine making this into a mobile game would turn out great.

Very fun levels, feels very polished. Great idea as well :)

You're right about the numbers, when I was designing the icon: shield + sword, I was thinking of the number adding defense as well as being for attack, however that would make the higher numbers even more powerful without any downsight, hence it wasn't implemented.

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Yeah, I kinda ran out of time -> no time to come up with a good scenario, so it ended up being cheesy.
To beat it you basically want to always use 6s and always attack first.

Ideally I think maybe allowing the player and the enemy two moves instead of one, would've allowed for more interesting strategy, as of now the combat always revolves around getting yourself on 6, I think adding a drawback to higher numbers would be smart.

Nice game, really liked the text sound effects, gave each character s unique feeling personality.

Never played a rogue like snake game, very unique idea.

The visuals look great, the snake pixels are perfect. The music and sfx fit the game very well.

The way you implemented enemies is very unique and makes for fun combat, I imagine there's room for even more enemy types with different pathing and stuff like that, if you were to keep making this ofc.

I didn't really understand the coins though, because it seems picking them up increases length (which wasn't very desirable) and I didn't find a second use for them.

Love the art style, love the music/sfx, love the vibes. 10/10

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I found the game rather slow moving, but the concept with choosing dice and at the same time it affecting your summons adds depth to the game. I see a lot of potential if you decide to keep developing :)

I really like the simplistic visuals, very good concept, enjoyed playing it :)

What IlPrimy said,

Loved the hidden areas and exploration,

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Love the visuals/aesthetic. The timer above my head reminds me of my constant mortality. Only frustrating part for me was the jump where you had to land in the small gap between two spikes.
Can't really put my finger on why, but it was very hard D:

Apart from that, fun game :)

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A nice twist on the typeracer style games.  Was very fun to play.

Probably a very dumb take by me, but while the graphics are awesome, I personally think this would be more welcoming with a clean, flat UI. To me, the current graphics give a impression of game you have to sit down for, I see this as more of a website-esque game. As stated, this is personal opinion and I'm not trying to take anything away from the current visuals, plus, your graphics and SFX really sell the battle aspect of Scrabattle.

If this gets consistent players, Scrabattle will probably replace my typeracer procrastination sessions :D

The gameplay has so much depth to it, love it.

Good game, difficulty hits just right.

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Nice way of flipping the limitation.

Visuals we're very nice, audio as well. The gameplay was enjoyable, stayed for the entire 10 minutes :)

Small suggestion by me: maybe communicate what the upgrades do, for example: I had no idea how the gun upgrades work, I just skipped them entirely on my final playthrough, because at least as I understood, they would just replace my current gun, with no apparent benefit. To be fair, having some obscurity on the upgrades, made me try them all, so there should be some balance in that regard.

I think you have ideas for the future already, if you plan on developing further: more enemies and upgrades are the obvious suggestions :D maybe some dynamic level/map events, could be a fun additions as well.

Overall great game <3

Has a lot of potential great concept! Has some bugs, but that's to be expect in a game jam game.

Good effort.

Had a good time watching the dev stream ;)

Very fun and wholesome game!
I set out to beat the medium difficulty without missing any apples, which was a nice challenge, but I managed to do it :)

Good job!

The combat was really fun, good job!

Nice game, could be expanded upon with animations instead of warnings.

Visuals and sound are very nice. Frustrating when mobs move diagonally and you can just shoot horizontally vertically (Maybe I'm just bad)

Overall nice game!

Mobile game, when?

Very nice concept, very well polished. As everyone said making the randomness less random would be nice, but overall an amazing game jam submission. Good job

Very well polished game. Maybe add medals to incentivize going for faster times.  

Really enjoyed it.


Thanks. I did spend extra time on it :)

Very nice, love the sword lighting effects. Combat is a good start, can definitely be expanded upon.

Overall great game!

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I left the demo texture cause I thought it didn't look out of place :P
Also yeah, balancing and stuff could've used more work, but oh well it's a jam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for the feedback.

Captain we be cursed! Fun game. The voice get's repetitive quite fast could've used more samples :)

Amazing job for 12hrs though

Captain we be cursed! Fun game. The voice get's repetitive quite fast could've used more samples :)

Amazing job for 12hrs though

What Slick Games said

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Thank you, very much!

The idea of the great game is very good, it could be definitely be expanded on and made into a full game. However, the scope o the game was way too big for the jam. Everything works, but that's just it, it did get the idea across though, so props on that. 

I do really think it has potential, add ship to ship combat, expand land combat, add more in-depth loot mechanics and you got yourself a real banger of game.

Look left and right before crossing the street. I'd be playing this for ages if it had a leaderboard :) Very good game, good job.

Fun game, leader boards are a very nice touch.

Holy very nice, having the leader board is also a very nice touch. Only complaint is that I takes some time after you hover your mouse to show text, which makes the first playthrough kinda frustrating having to check almost every ingredient. But, overall one of the better games I played. Good job.


Neat idea, puzzles are interesting, well executed!

The visuals we're executed very well, color scheme and sprite selection. Gameplay was also very neat, I would decently play this on a phone if it we're expanded.