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Since a lot of people didn't get trough the room before the boss fight, therefore not completing this game. Here is a version of it with the annoying level removed:

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to go for a hard game. And I totally agree with everyone saying the hitboxes are off. It's something, I'm going to keep in mind when developing the game further.

Also was the rage a good thing or a bad thing? :P

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The art style is AMAZING! But the enemies could impact the gameplay imo.

I like the art style and gameplay very much, but one it's not adherent to the theme imo.

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Loving the art style, loving the different types of enemies. Smooth gameplay. Could do with some sounds and game window could be bigger :P

Well done, the mechanics are very fluent, fits the theme. Don't have much to add.

I'll look into developing the game further. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the feedback!