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Has a lot of potential great concept! Has some bugs, but that's to be expect in a game jam game.

Good effort.

Had a good time watching the dev stream ;)

Very fun and wholesome game!
I set out to beat the medium difficulty without missing any apples, which was a nice challenge, but I managed to do it :)

Good job!

The combat was really fun, good job!

Nice game, could be expanded upon with animations instead of warnings.

Visuals and sound are very nice. Frustrating when mobs move diagonally and you can just shoot horizontally vertically (Maybe I'm just bad)

Overall nice game!

Mobile game, when?

Very nice concept, very well polished. As everyone said making the randomness less random would be nice, but overall an amazing game jam submission. Good job

Very well polished game. Maybe add medals to incentivize going for faster times.  

Really enjoyed it.


Thanks. I did spend extra time on it :)

Very nice, love the sword lighting effects. Combat is a good start, can definitely be expanded upon.

Overall great game!

Enemy variety would've been nice, gets stale quite fast.

Sound fx are very well done. Visuals are nice, cool that you can change your skin.

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I left the demo texture cause I thought it didn't look out of place :P
Also yeah, balancing and stuff could've used more work, but oh well it's a jam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for the feedback.

Captain we be cursed! Fun game. The voice get's repetitive quite fast could've used more samples :)

Amazing job for 12hrs though

Captain we be cursed! Fun game. The voice get's repetitive quite fast could've used more samples :)

Amazing job for 12hrs though

What Slick Games said

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Thank you, very much!

The idea of the great game is very good, it could be definitely be expanded on and made into a full game. However, the scope o the game was way too big for the jam. Everything works, but that's just it, it did get the idea across though, so props on that. 

I do really think it has potential, add ship to ship combat, expand land combat, add more in-depth loot mechanics and you got yourself a real banger of game.

Look left and right before crossing the street. I'd be playing this for ages if it had a leaderboard :) Very good game, good job.

Fun game, leader boards are a very nice touch.

Holy very nice, having the leader board is also a very nice touch. Only complaint is that I takes some time after you hover your mouse to show text, which makes the first playthrough kinda frustrating having to check almost every ingredient. But, overall one of the better games I played. Good job.


Neat idea, puzzles are interesting, well executed!

The visuals we're executed very well, color scheme and sprite selection. Gameplay was also very neat, I would decently play this on a phone if it we're expanded.

The narrative experience really pulled me in and made the game very interesting. 

The visuals, UI are amazing. For 48hrs these puzzles are very well polished and interesting too play. Well done, what a game.

What an awesome challenge, great game :)

Quick side note, you can switch to a second weapon by pressing 2

Since a lot of people didn't get trough the room before the boss fight, therefore not completing this game. Here is a version of it with the annoying level removed:

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to go for a hard game. And I totally agree with everyone saying the hitboxes are off. It's something, I'm going to keep in mind when developing the game further.

Also was the rage a good thing or a bad thing? :P

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The art style is AMAZING! But the enemies could impact the gameplay imo.

I like the art style and gameplay very much, but one it's not adherent to the theme imo.

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Loving the art style, loving the different types of enemies. Smooth gameplay. Could do with some sounds and game window could be bigger :P

Well done, the mechanics are very fluent, fits the theme. Don't have much to add.

I'll look into developing the game further. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the feedback!