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I do still use Adobe Fuse, I have Mixamo Fuse as back-up. 

I'm not really a fan of Reallusion, but their Character Creator 3.4 has new features that are worth looking at, including iPhone expressions and an OBJ exporter. It's expensive, though.

Sorry… It is just mouse clicks or touches, not keyboard.

I have videos on my blog, but long-story short: I am using Akeytsu for rigging and I like it.

did you import by drag-dropping the folder into Mixamo/Cloths (see the readme file)?

There should not be any transparency.

Thank you! 


Intelligent writing, great resolution, and (as some others have mentioned) epic worldbuilding.

Love the music. Interesting emotional/characterization flow from the choices.

Not sure how to run the osX version… Is a file missing from the folder?

Fun story that almost feels like an allegory. I liked that we could go back to specific fail points rather than start over! I also stumbled with the "smallcaps" font for a brief minute but adapted to it. I can imagine the story being expanded with more side adventures, encountered strangers, and stopgaps as puzzles, but as is very satisfying!

Ahhh! I hadn't thought about that. :( very sorry.

Eun laid it all out for me… 


random… but fun!

Avoid the cops and get to the drop point…!!!
Vivid  and exciting writing (google translate)… gauntlet-style with sudden deaths.

I'd prefer to keep going than re-start. My handicap with the language makes reading worse (I have to copy/paste). Interrupted by starting over again and again and again and again…, the thriller story loses momentum, and the atmospheric descriptions don't benefit with repetition.

The "story" is exciting, but the "game" is just guesswork and remembering the choice sequence. I'd prefer a strategy to my choices, or at least not capital punishment for guessing wrong. But I guess it does add the element of danger.

Great writing. I was hooked, and wanted to read more!

I died twice before I lived so as a mini-version it felt good.
and I experienced different things each time.

After a few minutes I started to appreciate the artwork and style, it's consistent throughout the game.
Admittedly I haven't got very far, so I'll play again tonight.

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This one is a bit too abusive for me to complete.
(it does come with a warning in the page description)

I was a Jungian, and then I found the Jung book… I think it was in the contents page, with many definitions. I clicked several and got standard definitions, but when I clicked "self" the webpage shot to the top (showed the beginning of the story) and I couldn't scroll down - sort of like the page was reloading, but no error… I had to reload the webpage. If there is no unusual Ink there, it must have been a web glitch? I will try another round later, see if I can hit it again.

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Adore the artwork...
I got smart enough to survive and escape!
Will have play some more to see if the other stats can give me a different outcome.

So good! I loved Sally's voice.


Thank you. My first gamejam ever, and all your comments are true. The ghost story was the only writing I actually finished in time after working out all the tag-parsing… I built my UI around 3-choice menu, but wasn't sure how it would handle consumable choices, so rather than risk errors as the deadline approached, I was stuck with some clunky passages just to "prove" the interface works…
Ran out of time to build to the thematic climax….  

Yak butter and ginseng soda...

I enjoyed the surreal happenings, but suddenly there was a game objective(?) and I started "losing" – which (for me) seemed contrary to the set-up. It went from "anything will happen and it will be surprising and arbitrary..." to "figure out this very specific moon-logic puzzle or you will die and lose your inventory..."
- the inventory was persistent (even insistent) when I had no THINGS (maybe should skip that part of the loop)
- When I clicked on "Self" in the Jung book, the webpage crashed… or maybe I had an existential crisis.

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So FUN! Thanks!