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I have videos on my blog, but long-story short: I am using Akeytsu for rigging and I like it.

Other than blendshapes and the dead automated services, do you still work with Fuse? 

I've not tried it yet, but I have a unity asset to create blendshapes for 3D meshes from scratch and while it may be a dead software, I still find my self using fuse for general character design. I will also be purchasing this child base for fuse as well, but was only curious. I've not really checked into Akeytsu yet. Just learned about it on this comment so I'll be looking into that too


I do still use Adobe Fuse, I have Mixamo Fuse as back-up. 

I'm not really a fan of Reallusion, but their Character Creator 3.4 has new features that are worth looking at, including iPhone expressions and an OBJ exporter. It's expensive, though.

I've got both the Fuse through steam and the one through creative cloud. Now that the adobe backend is no longer supported they are both as useful as the other I guess. Thanks for getting back. Waiting on word back from turbosquid and then most likely we will be ready to move forward with this pack.