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thank you. I also apologize for just now seeing this.

I did watch it, great video. Niven did the music, player models, and most of the writing. I compiled it in Unity and made most of the environmental models. My dog gets credit for the sounds in the chasm (he was snoring.)

the movement was weird and I apologize. This was made for a jam and was a tad rushed.

I really enjoyed this. Thanks for making it!

A good solid indie horror game. 

thank you!

A friend sent me this game to play! Good job, and keep up the good work!

thanks for playing! We love your videos.

Oh, Christmas Tree community · Created a new topic Bugs

When posting about bugs, please be as thorough as possible. It makes it easier to find and fix them for other people's enjoyment.

thank you for playing!

thanks for playing! It was my first time doing one.

Ok I posted a patch. :)

that's a weird one. I didn't have that happen when I was testing. Thanks for finding it, I'll see what I can do

I am unfortunately unable to play the game. This version, as well as the steam version crash whenever I try to run the game.

please let me know as much information as you can about the bug, like what you were doing right before it happened.

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sure, just give me as much information as you can about the bug. What were you doing when it happened? What were you doing right before it happened?

thanks for playing!

it's the mirror script. It only does it for some people and not others. I haven't figure it out yet.

thanks for playing!

I'm glad you got the good ending! That's some good detective work.

thanks for playing

Ah yes, those pesky bugs. Thanks for finding it. I posted a patch just a little bit ago. I made it so that the player can't visit the beach after this point.

I really enjoyed the game. I could tell lots of care and effort went into it.


thank you!

thank you!

thank you!

I'd honestly be down to play a full length adventure game in this art style. It's got all the right vibes.

This was a solid game. It was very straight forward and a fun little trick or treating game!

This one had the best fear factor out of the other entries, because you couldn't tell where the enemy was coming from. I did enjoy it because the shooting mechanics got harder as the game progressed.

I really liked the art style of this one and that music track was epic. I could legitimately listen to that with my normal music. The execution of the game was different, but in a good way. It's always nice to see variety! 

thank you!

thank you!

Thank you!

thank you

Thank you. Voxel is just an art style referring to the boxy/blocky visuals of the 3D models.

The Madness of Men by Periltek (

Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's The Beast in the Cave.

Lost deep within the cave system of Mammoth Cave, can you find your way out before it's too late?

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I went to play the older demo and thought I'd check the itch page and discovered a fresh new demo yesterday! I really like your game btw.I went and wishlisted it on Steam too.

I snagged your game on Steam, and I really like what I've played so far!