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lmk if you are interested. I don't usually co-dev games and this one looks like a go-getter. 

Let us talk on this project. You have a potential money maker here and we would have to adapt it to a new style, situation, and story. But a possible major money maker. 

first movie is the best. While I enjoy the 2 follow ups, the 3rd really kind of killed it for me. 

If you would be interested in a co-dev of a similar game that would not steal from hollywood and be interested in a coder & 3d artist, lmk. 

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Looks hella cool graphic wise and even pondered upon the idea of making a game based on this my self, but laws..... Anyways, the ladder function idk... Can't get out of my starting cube cuz it says to click left m button, and I've done all I can think of... 

Also, Starting cube does not allow me to go down through the bottom hatch?

Yeah. Ladder function does not work at all. 

Need a hint. I can open a hatch (starting cube) but the ladder/climb function is not working...?

No worries. She's still hard at it btw. I can't wait to see a full release

I've been trying to debug the office level. I've fixed a lot of it but there's still some stuff I'm re-working.

lmao I'll give it a replay then. I gtfo of there!

I really liked your game, and it ran smoothly, but I had some encoder lag (Still unsure of the cause) Even still, though you did a good job! 

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I really enjoyed the game and would love to see it get developed further! I love the idea behind your monsters. Although, I did have an issue with the main menu displaying. 

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I really enjoyed your game.  I won't spoil it but the ending was a great twist!

(Your game is the 2nd in the vid) 

1440x900 (I'm using an older monitor due to space restrictions)

Yeah. She fixed a few bugs and re-uploaded it 

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Dudette :) she is my wife and I'm very proud of her. I taught her game design early in our relationship  and she excelled greatly as you can see. A full game is in development and looks creepy as hell when I glance at it. I don't know the story either as she devs it secretly. I look forward to more.

Hey great game! No complaints! 

Great game. Short and sweet, but very well executed! 
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Hi I had a bug, where I couldn't click anything on the main menu. I was unable to play the game. EDIT: It seems like I have to click on odd parts of the screen to click your buttons.

I'm in a much better place than I was. Most of the inspiration from the game, happened a long time ago.  Sorry it took so long to reply. Me and my husband both manage the page so, sometimes things gets overlooked. 

The full version is still being developed. We look forward to you coming back for the full story. Her full story is a lot more vast and includes more of Frank which plays a large role in the story to be done. 

Good job on getting all the endings!

thanks so much for playing. Frank plays a bigger role later on :)

There is 3 endings on the demo so far. One where you make it back to the bedroom and return to sleep, one if you immediately return to sleep after waking, and one involves finding a hammer. Thanks for playing. The full version is actively being developed and we look forward to a full release.

Thanks so much. I promise there will be a full story when I finish the game.

No not really sorry. It's all inspiration from my own nightmares. Some people say it reminds them of Silent Hill : The Room, and I've even had a few think about Coraline. I've never played Silent Hill : The Room, and my nightmares started way before Coraline was out. 

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed your video!

Hey thanks so much for playing! Fun fact: 'Bloody Man' is standing there the whole time you just can't see him until you get to the mirror ;) And I really do appreciate the feedback, I've been working on the demo for quite some time. 

Hey I really enjoyed your siren head game! I played 2 games in this vid and yours is the 2nd one. 

Thanks for playing!

It's based on multiple nightmares, but the thing that stayed the same was that there was always this panel in my closet I opened up and went into. I'm fine though lol. I just have bad nightmares (I watch too many horror movies I think.)

Lol thanks for playing.

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Thanks for playing! My husband speaks a little Russian and was able to translate. 

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I'll look into it. These are bugs I'm not familiar with. Thanks for letting me know.  The save system is still a work in progress thing as well

I seen where you recommended this to Cju too! Thanks so much for that

My husband searches youtube daily looking for plays of the game.

I dev on a Pc with an Rx580 and a Ryzen 5. I think I know what's causing the lag but I'll have to rebuild the entire level.

lol no but that's the beauty of pixilation. I rather found it hilarious when it was stated. My wife probably had no idea it would look like fingers when she created the demo. 

Thanks. My wife worked very hard on it dedicating countless hours to it. It's very satisfactory to see players enjoying it.