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This was a new and interesting way to play a video game. I would like to see more voice-controlled games, (they don't necessarily need to feature the mentally ill. I think it would be fun to play any game in this style, using only your voice :) )

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I made a way to skip the platforming section, and I fixed some texture issues. I added a new feature so you can view wall signs. I also added in some Easter eggs for those who've helped me test! Good luck finding them!

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I played the game and still didn't find all the secrets. I really enjoyed playing Employee of the Month. The game didn't take itself seriously, but still knew how to scare you. It really was a 'Retail Hell.' 

I genuinely enjoyed Psytosis. I loved the sound design, the artwork. It was a simple gameplay mechanic but it worked really well! Good job!

many thanks

I've got both the Fuse through steam and the one through creative cloud. Now that the adobe backend is no longer supported they are both as useful as the other I guess. Thanks for getting back. Waiting on word back from turbosquid and then most likely we will be ready to move forward with this pack.

Other than blendshapes and the dead automated services, do you still work with Fuse? 

I've not tried it yet, but I have a unity asset to create blendshapes for 3D meshes from scratch and while it may be a dead software, I still find my self using fuse for general character design. I will also be purchasing this child base for fuse as well, but was only curious. I've not really checked into Akeytsu yet. Just learned about it on this comment so I'll be looking into that too


yeah no problem I'll throw an egg in for you. I'm thinking I'll add a way to skip the platforming part in the tutorial.

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oh thanks for the compliment about the assets lol, but It's a mix of original/bought assets. I'd say about 50/50. I noticed that the textures on the wall signs were quite blurry. I think I know how to fix it, but I'm just curious what your graphics settings were set to? The door code was hidden on the various signs. The other demo is quite a bit different and gives you more of an idea about the story. Spoiler though, it's a bit of a platformer :)

for everyone who playtests, I will give you the option of including an Easter Egg in the game. Let me know how you want to do that here. 

post your videos and streams here!

Have an idea for the game? Let us know here?

It's pretty straightforward. Just post any bugs or issues you may have.

This really was a wonderful game. It was well put together and polished nicely! I actually forgot about the clock and bugged my game out, but it's all good. 

Ok should be up. It's 'Chicken Coop V3 (Separate Wall)' 

sure thing. I'll let you know when I upload it.

I was genuinely impressed with this! I must've played 4 other games before I got to this one and wow! What a gem. I didn't finish any of the others I played. It definitely stood out to me in a good way. I see a lot of people are complaining about the performance, but I also see people fail to realize that this is a school project. People are too harsh sometimes, but I think you did a good job and I had a lot of fun playing this.

Thanks for playing. Sorry about the ending and needs for extra stuff. It was created for a game jam and had to be completed in 15 days or less.  We had so much more planned but at the end of the day, we just had to pick a stopping point and meet the deadline. We are not currently focusing on this game primarily yet as we have two other major titles we plan on finishing up, as well as a possible collaboration project to get to first. Great playthroughs. Feel free to check out our page for other games and 2 new releases coming soon.

no problem, and thanks!

I added a second version to the downloads list. Check it out and let me know if that works. It's titled "Chicken Coop v2 (Separated Roof)"

Lol. We will. We are working on two atm. She's working on a full version of 'Adaptation' and I'm working on another which is a pbr based game. Thanks for playing

Mike knew when to gtfo lol

Thanks. It was a lot of fun making it. Except for the crunch we felt on that last day lol. The concept  was modeled around  Wolfe county ky where we live and where Campton is located. We wanted to catch its essence as best we could. Thanks for playing. 

Thanks for playing

All together I think it took a couple days. Most of the time was spent level building. The actual gameplay was added in on the last 2 days I think, which is why it was so buggy if you played an early version.

Thanks for playing! I kinda threw the story together last minute because building the level took a lot longer than I thought it would. I had originally wanted the game to take place entirely inside the vehicle, but I ran into a lot of issues. I'm halfway thinking about changing the genre to horror-comedy with all the bugs lol.

thanks for playing! I don't have a lot of experience with saving systems, so I apologize for that. Me and my husband did the voice acting. It was our first time doing something like that and we were testing the waters with it.

Oh yeah, but I couldn't get my First person player to function correctly inside the vehicle. That's half the reason you could only look sideways in the published version. 

Other than a few bugs (which every game has) this is a solid game. It stands on its own quite well. Creepy atmosphere, great music and sfx, and a good story. I can tell a lot of work went into this. Good job.

I agree the plot was 'meh.' I usually spend more time building one, but in this case it was kinda thrown together. I was creating the level (which took way longer  than I anticipated) and trying to write a story at the same time. The phone in the house was unusable due to all the circuits being busy, and I didn't touch on that as much as I wanted. The funny thing about the windmill, is that I REALLY just wanted the player to climb it, and made it a story point. 

Originally, I wanted the game to take place entirely in the van (Similar to Cujo.) This actually proved a lot harder to do, so I came up with the plot the game has now. 

I caught a stream and I was able to see your game finally. I really enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing. I thought it was a powerful story.

thanks for playing! great video! The monsters seem to get the dumber the longer you play too!

lol yeah that AI was a bit weird, but it's all good.

thanks for playing!

maybe I can Google a way to fix it

Thank you, he put a lot of work in the shrine. And yeah, that was me and the hubby.

I really wanted to put a gun in, but I didn't know if I'd have time to get it working properly. What's funny is that I'm actually playing the OG Dino Crisis, so subconsciously it must've worked its way into the game. Thanks for playing! 

I wanted to let you know, that I'm unable to download your game. My pc says its harmful and deletes it. This typically happens when DLL files are misread, but I unfortunately don't know how to fix it.

I added a way to skip the intro

thanks for playing