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I just released what may be the last big content update for LAZERS, the "Mutators (and more) Update"
There's now A LOT of content to explore, 66 varied maps, 21 weapons, a lot of skins, customizations and more !
I haven't got a lot of feedback yet, so feel free to give me one !
The game is free, but there's a Supporter Edition for those who liked the game that adds 2 weapons and 3 skins !

Here's an old trailer that still sums up the game pretty well :

Sorry but there won't be a campaign mode for LAZERS+ since people mostly play this game for the Classic mode :/
I prefer focusing on making my next game and polishing the game :)

Hi !
I'm a french developer who made LAZERS and some other mobile games.
I'm following very closely this year's GDC since there's some huge announcements coming like the new Google's gaming thing and the Oculus Quest ! Also for some reasons NVIDIA gave ray-tracing to those who have a GTX 1060 (I do) or better, that's cool !

In the meantime, I'm working on another local-multiplayer coop game, but I can't show screenshots yet since this is still an early prototype (started the project 2 weeks ago). I need to learn how to draw good pixel art, because I don't want to make a game as ugly as LAZERS again !
I think it's a bad time to be an indie developer since there's far too many games released every day.. But thanks to platforms like, there's still room left for tiny indies !

Thanks !

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Awesome !
I see you enabled the experimental maps ;)
Also I'm currently reworking the controls, the current ones are bad !

The skins and the musics are mostly the reason why this game takes 63MB
Also an empty Unity project takes ~15MB, so consider that !

So it's Human Resource Machine but with multi-threading ?

Oh.. I'll try to install a Linux virtual machine on my PC to debug that, sorry !

Thanks ! :)

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This is a local multiplayer game, you have to bring a friend and connect at least one controller to play the classic mode (one play with the keyboard, the other one with the controller)

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The color of the page ? :)
Done !

You can play with your keyboard, just launch the game and press enter

Of course you can ! :)

The next world will be "Neon" themed, with some turrets and maybe some killing floor
I already want to make a big weapon firing giant lazers going through the walls ! :)

There will be turrets in the next world !

Looks awesome ! Maybe you should make a demo ?

I'm bumping this, I still think this should be added

This was for the Android spin-off of my game, so I linked the game using the app store links :)
Thanks anyway !

Thank you :)

Thanks !

I think you should optimize more your game, I just tried it and I really don't know how you managed to get +520 files :/

nice !

bump :[

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Ok thanks :)
(EDIT: My game already got featured a year ago when it was still in an alpha version, now that the game changed a lot and is fully released, can it be featured again ?)

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LAZERS is a local-multiplayer action game playable up to 4 players
I don't know how to describe the game, so check the trailer and the game's page ! :)
The game got +1200 downloads but only 1 feedback :/

Here's the game :

Like Kickstarter :)
That's actually a good idea !

Nemo Dungeon community · Created a new topic Demo ?

People won't buy if they can't try the game

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Is a game featured when itchio's admins like it ?
Or when it gets a certain amount of downloads/views ?

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I just released a BIG update for my game, the first update since 9 months !
LAZERS is local multiplayer 2D action game, where you need to kill all other players with LAZERS !
Just look at the trailer, it's faster :)
Here's the link :

The latest version of the app is launching the right .exe, my bad !

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In my game's folder I have 2 executables :
Lazers.exe <- My game's executable
UnityCrashHandler32.exe <- A thing Unity is making by default

The app is launching UnityCrashHandler32.exe, what can I do to make it launch Lazers.exe ?

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That's dumb

People don't know his username, they only know his display name
You should be able to search both its username and display name

(EDIT : I searched for "Wasplay" and I found myself and my game, so there's something wrong with him)

Hey !
Another change of plan, the game will stay free and a big update is coming very soon :)

I have a game on the Google Play Store called LAZERS Reflex which is a spin-off of the original game LAZERS on
I'd like to create a page on for LAZERS Reflex so people who played LAZERS can see all my other projects
That would be awesome !

Thanks ! This is working :)

This asset is awesome but it only works in Unity's editor :/

I get this error in build :

(Filename: C:/Users/gabwi/Dropbox/[DOSSIER GABRIEL]/PROJETS/Lazers/Assets/WavySprite/Scripts/WavySprite.cs Line: 148)

ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null.
Parameter name: shader
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Material:CreateWithShader (UnityEngine.Material,UnityEngine.Shader)
  at UnityEngine.Material..ctor (UnityEngine.Shader shader) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at WavySprite.SetMeshAndMaterial () [0x00075] in C:\Users\gabwi\Dropbox\[DOSSIER GABRIEL]\PROJETS\Lazers\Assets\WavySprite\Scripts\WavySprite.cs:148   at WavySprite.Update () [0x000c8] in C:\Users\gabwi\Dropbox\[DOSSIER GABRIEL]\PROJETS\Lazers\Assets\WavySprite\Scripts\WavySprite.cs:88

2€/$ ^^'

I think i'll start publishing in february for maybe a march/april release :)

Well, change of plan

Look at the last devlog, I hope you understand my choice :|