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So it's Human Resource Machine but with multi-threading ?

Oh.. I'll try to install a Linux virtual machine on my PC to debug that, sorry !

Thanks ! :)

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This is a local multiplayer game, you have to bring a friend and connect at least one controller to play the classic mode (one play with the keyboard, the other one with the controller)


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The color of the page ? :)
Done !

You can play with your keyboard, just launch the game and press enter

Of course you can ! :)

The next world will be "Neon" themed, with some turrets and maybe some killing floor
I already want to make a big weapon firing giant lazers going through the walls ! :)

There will be turrets in the next world !

Looks awesome ! Maybe you should make a demo ?

I'm bumping this, I still think this should be added

This was for the Android spin-off of my game, so I linked the game using the app store links :)
Thanks anyway !

Thank you :)

Thanks !

I think you should optimize more your game, I just tried it and I really don't know how you managed to get +520 files :/

nice !

bump :[

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Ok thanks :)
(EDIT: My game already got featured a year ago when it was still in an alpha version, now that the game changed a lot and is fully released, can it be featured again ?)

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LAZERS is a local-multiplayer action game playable up to 4 players
I don't know how to describe the game, so check the trailer and the game's page ! :)
The game got +1200 downloads but only 1 feedback :/

Here's the game :

Like Kickstarter :)
That's actually a good idea !

Nemo Dungeon community · Created a new topic Demo ?

People won't buy if they can't try the game

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Is a game featured when itchio's admins like it ?
Or when it gets a certain amount of downloads/views ?

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I just released a BIG update for my game, the first update since 9 months !
LAZERS is local multiplayer 2D action game, where you need to kill all other players with LAZERS !
Just look at the trailer, it's faster :)
Here's the link :

The latest version of the app is launching the right .exe, my bad !

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In my game's folder I have 2 executables :
Lazers.exe <- My game's executable
UnityCrashHandler32.exe <- A thing Unity is making by default

The app is launching UnityCrashHandler32.exe, what can I do to make it launch Lazers.exe ?

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That's dumb

People don't know his username, they only know his display name
You should be able to search both its username and display name

(EDIT : I searched for "Wasplay" and I found myself and my game, so there's something wrong with him)

Hey !
Another change of plan, the game will stay free and a big update is coming very soon :)

I have a game on the Google Play Store called LAZERS Reflex which is a spin-off of the original game LAZERS on
I'd like to create a page on for LAZERS Reflex so people who played LAZERS can see all my other projects
That would be awesome !

Thanks ! This is working :)

This asset is awesome but it only works in Unity's editor :/

I get this error in build :

(Filename: C:/Users/gabwi/Dropbox/[DOSSIER GABRIEL]/PROJETS/Lazers/Assets/WavySprite/Scripts/WavySprite.cs Line: 148)

ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null.
Parameter name: shader
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Material:CreateWithShader (UnityEngine.Material,UnityEngine.Shader)
  at UnityEngine.Material..ctor (UnityEngine.Shader shader) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at WavySprite.SetMeshAndMaterial () [0x00075] in C:\Users\gabwi\Dropbox\[DOSSIER GABRIEL]\PROJETS\Lazers\Assets\WavySprite\Scripts\WavySprite.cs:148   at WavySprite.Update () [0x000c8] in C:\Users\gabwi\Dropbox\[DOSSIER GABRIEL]\PROJETS\Lazers\Assets\WavySprite\Scripts\WavySprite.cs:88

2€/$ ^^'

I think i'll start publishing in february for maybe a march/april release :)

Well, change of plan

Look at the last devlog, I hope you understand my choice :|

Np, for the moment i'm not developing the game anymore

I'll continue the game maybe in 3 weeks / 1 month, for the moment i'm bored of programation :)

Then send me a different image ;D

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Developpement paused for a little time

Mmmh...making the same map two times isn't a very good idea :/

Please, answer to that form, it will be really useful for me !

LAZERS USEFUL FORM ! Help me making the game by a simple way !

Thank you so much ^^

I'll keep updating it for a long time ! :)