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HTML5 files limit raise

A topic by Ei kait siinä studios created Oct 24, 2018 Views: 128 Replies: 4
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Firstly thank you for your great platform to make indie games publishing so easy.

Secondly, I have a freebie game approaching its full version. In I have it as html5 version, because that's the best setup so far. After latest update I hit the 500 file limit.  Is it possible to raise that limit to perhaps 700? I have about 520+ files now, mostly little sprites and ogg-sounds and I will add more after the release, as I'm planning to  launch seasonal updates for example.

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We are having the same issue: "Too many files in zip (618 > 500)"

Our game is downloadable, but we want to offer the web version for our Mac users who are having compatibility issues. For now, we are just hosting the web version on our own website

A way to for developers to request a limit increase would be nice!

I think you should optimize more your game, I just tried it and I really don't know how you managed to get +520 files :/


We do have a way to increase the limit on request, but we strongly recommend either figuring out how to combine your resources, or offering your game as downloadable only. Browser based games are like websites, have the same performance characteristics when being loaded. A website with a lot of files can be a slow and poor user experience, so we have a default cap of 500 files to encourage people to consider going with a downloadable game instead at that point. If you have a strong reason to have more than that then you can send us a message via support to get the limit increased. Thanks


Thanks for the reply. I Sent a message to support 11/13/2018.

This gave me something think about though. Maybe from now on I will present a limited version on your website and make the full game downloadable with all the files.  But for now I'd like to still use for full game, at least for the moment until I release next Big updates.