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cool! please share when available!

ok! thank you!!

nice job on connecting the lighting, health, and shop systems together!

nice job. controls are nice and fast! since we are aiming with mouse cursor, I think mouse click as an option for dash (instead of space) could be nice.


I like the way it's animated, especially the librarian. great sound design. and funny interpretation of the theme!

Nice work! I got nervous so I cut my losses at 62 points. 

great work. crabs look good, blood/particles look good. love that the mace's weight can make the character shift due to its momentum, what a great touch!

well done! my favorite part was blowing up an asteroid to get lots of gold at once, it felt like discovering a secret! abandoning the ship is also really cool, and it also feels like that!

maybe next time you can try archiving your files with ZIP instead of RAR, that can make it easier for others to play

It's fun watching the scissor boomerang and ricochet off the enemies.

Easy to play and the art style is nice.

I was able to steal $10000.

Liked how quick and replayable it is.

I made it to 100!

wow, really love the game! lovely narrative, art, and so well designed.

ah, thanks!

clean design!! I played wrong at first, but now that I got it, it's hilarious. I like the clumsy mind-switching you have to do. 

Score: 2150

wow I never thought I'd prepare and served the correct color dish variation of my dead body to the customers who requested them... but here we are. with all cooking/prep steps working and pixel-animated, well done! 

I like how it looks/feels when it's going super-fast! multiple control schemes, nice


it's great when you get some airtime, the aerial mobility is huge!

great, love the risk vs reward dynamic, atmosphere/lighting, feedback/juice. ambitious scope, well done.

15 pts!

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It's about three friends working to restore balance to the dreams of the world! 

Available here -

Grace is 14 years old and is a 9th grader from Connecticut, and she created the concept for Future Dreams. Her submission included descriptions of gameplay, design goals, wireframes, character sketches, and plot details. Our team worked to make the game idea a reality!

ahh! thank you!!

Tree Trunk Brook is coming to Steam! You can add it to your wishlist now:

Thanks so much for your appreciation!!

We've also just uploaded a patch that fixes the 2 bugs you mentioned. 🌱

yayy thanks for playing~

ah thanks so much!!

Tree Trunk Brook is a tiny adventure game about hiking during the pandemic.

Follow trail blazes, take photos, make friends, and find lost items.

The visitor center is closed, but the trail is open. Social distancing is in effect, and masks are required.

  • 3 trails to explore
  • 14 photo locations
  • 10 lost items
  • 11 hikers to befriend

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We are having the same issue: "Too many files in zip (618 > 500)"

Our game is downloadable, but we want to offer the web version for our Mac users who are having compatibility issues. For now, we are just hosting the web version on our own website

A way to for developers to request a limit increase would be nice!

Thanks for the feedback!

Ducking has been the most requested feature so far, and was indeed in the original design. It will come soon.  :)

The Mario Bros. comparison is interesting. I think the simplest / first thing we'll try is visually representing the turret countdown, so that it's never a surprise, and hopefully players can deal with the timings better. 

We've made the seltzer bottles bounce off of owls, which is in the game now as of v0.8 - we're going to test to see if there's any less confusion about it.

Thanks again, it's appreciated!

Let us know of any feedback you have, any features you'd like to see. Thanks!