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Sales Goal Goal

A topic by Tartle Games created Oct 27, 2018 Views: 107 Replies: 2
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Idea from the real world. A friend saw my sales goal on one of my games. I usually set a low goal if I do a 100% price drop to try and encourage a couple tips. My friend asked me what happens if the sales goal is met and I realized I'd never thought about that but it is a good idea.

Maybe itch sales need an optional addition to sales' goals where a developer can add some driving motivation behind the sale. Like, any of these kinds of ideas:

  • Help me get to $10 and I'll do a behind the scenes video
  • Help me get to $100 and I'll add/unlock a secret character in the game
  • Help me get to $X and I'll be able to upgrade the character models

Like Kickstarter :)
That's actually a good idea !


Hey, sorry for taking a bit to reply. I think you could make this work already by listing the things you plan to do in the description of the sale. After hitting the different goals you can update the sale's goal to the next value. I think having something like this a bit more automated could be nice, but there's really blocking you from doing it now.