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Maybe I misunderstood some mechanic, but for me on normal difficulty second boss was veery easy :)

The game was fun, I completed the game and chose to be the bad guy }:)

Also, cool devlog!

I liked the game, but I agree with the previous commenter - it lacks scoring system or upgrade system. Right now it's just fun to ride and shoot enemies. But there is no puprpose. Play it 2 or 3 minutes - you don't know how to tell how far apart you are. Maybe adding just a timer with seconds elapsed would make a big difference in the feel of the game,

 P.S. The best thing I liked in the game is the bmbmbmbmbmbm sound of the gun :)

I don't really understand what to so after meeting the big smiley man, trying to scare me :(

I tried every secret door but couldnt find the exit :(

But I liked the simple, but completed look of the game 

It was fun :)

At first I was like - yeah, its pretty easy to pet them. Bit on level 3  is like OH GOD NO, ITS FAST

The only thing is I dont know if it is on purpose, but starting with the new animal generates them with the same weapons as the prvious one 

This was really new and clever for me! The difficulty scaling options are pretty smart too :)

Then only problem was for me as a colorblind person to distinguish top left bottom left colors :)

It's cool how there is a different haunted sound when inside a guard :)

Played for about 4 floors, how many is there?

I really liked playing it! Got all the upgrades.

The only things I prefer would be different are:

- Faster movement speed

- A little more rooms and mining tools :)


- Allowing to have all the equipment in your inventory and switch between it


- Not upscaling the swap cost.

Because I switched to the staff and then it took me about 5 minutes to get the gems for the pickaxe swap, because staff was sooo slow at mining the needed gem. But after swapping to axe it took me 5 seconds to mine the remaining 200 gems :)

Also I don't know why, but there are two same workshops at the bottom left and top left for the staff (with different prices for upgrades somehow) :)

Overall, really liked it!

Interesting visually, but I couldn't really play it, because kick worked only on one enemy for me. I tried different sides and point on enemy to kick, but they were unaffected by it :(

I was trying different layouts for UI, each had it's own problems. But I haven't thought about making a button to hide it temporarily, thank you for idea :)

Yeah, desync of the beat is the main problem I was struggling with in the browser :(

Found the solution, but it is still a little bit messy. Works fine on desktop though!

About the monsters - yeah, last levels are not really balanced :)

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Yeah, I added it thinking it could help with survivability, but I guess you are right - you are almost always screwed when there are 5 enemies near you :)

Hey, thank you for your comment, the bug you are talking about is fixed now in the post jam version :)

I fixed this bug in the post jam version, you can check it now :)

I fixed it in the post jam version, you can check it if you want :)

Yeah, bottom beats are changing randomly from the predefined set of beats :)

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I have uploaded the new post-jam version, where I have fixed this bug, you can check it if you wish!

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Thank you! I uploaded the new post-jam version with bug fixes, where I also added the arrows shot/collected numbers

I would be glad to hear from you if it is more clear now :)

Hey, thank you for response! I uploaded the new version with bug fixes, I guess it will work better now :)

There is a filter in the submissions list to show only browser supporting games, you can check it :)

Man, this game is FANTASTIC. You literally killed 3 hours of my time today. I was so hoped to see the end screen after 2 hours, but then I decided - hey, what if I will move that king to the door and... HELL YES! I mean oh no... 1 more hour of sleepless night :) But thankfully I have completed the last level :)

This is the longest I have played in any game jam game ever.

And at first I thought this is just a simple puzzle game with a few levels, and for a few levels I wasn't really interested, but then I got hooked somehow.

All the puzzles in the game are amazing. All of them have some challenge. And it is not like they are just hard because there is no logic - no, you have the logic in every level.

And all the easter eggs you included, different pieces, all the bonus levels.. I am just in love with it.

I don't really have any more words, I just want to say that I am amazed by it and I am really glad that I checked it today, it gave me the idea of how polished the game made on a game jam could be.

Thank you for your efforts and I really hope that Miz will notice this submission :) 

Thank you for response, I guess I will focus on just playing random other peoples' games and giving them the feedback.

The target was not to promote, this is a make and forget project just for the sake of practicing and participating in the game jam :)

Yeah, thank you, I am playing all the games right now and it seems that some people are responding :) Right now all the games I played were awesome

I am amazed, it was really fin to play, especially when I found out that there are upgrades!

But it was really hard and god bless you for providing the easy level :D

Completed the game with all the characters, wizard is my favorite one :)

Wow! You really amazed me with the feeling of the fully completed small old-school flash game.

What I really liked:

– Water with floating heads :)

– That you can complete a level by pushing the other head to the pole

– Cool level design, all levels were hard, but not frustratingly hard :)

– Different approaches to different levels

What can be improved:

– Provide small descriptions for each weapons  - it was hard to understand at first that they have different force effects

– Change order of the weapons - from the least vertical to the most vertical and choose the middle one as a default

P.S. Moat level, I hate you :D

thank you! Arrows not shooting is a bug indeed :) 

Thanks! I will definitely check your game too in the evening :)

Interesting mechanics, but I didn't really understand how you can win when humans kill your goblins so fast, even when you have 8 of them :(

Also there are small collision bugs where enemies and cows can go through walls and become unreachable

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Really simple gameplay, but when you see yourself grow more and more and destroy things much more easily, it becomes really interesting to see how big you can get and what is behind the trees on the map :)

The only thing I wish was changed is the movement speed - I wanted to explore more, but moving back and forth was really low for me, so I only found 5/7 clones of the wizard :)

Also it would be cool to add some health indicator for enemies, especially the end boss :)

Some of the titles already have >10 reviews, but I have only 2 since the morning. I am playing others' games, reviewing them, but as I can see it doesn't really help to get any more reviews

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Btw, game is

Thank you! Yeah, I noticed the arrows bug today at morning, but I guess I am not allowed to patch it? 

Looks really polished, fun to play, but for me (maybe because of the difficulty, maybe because of no progression system ) the game becomes boring after about 7-8 tries. But maybe I just don't like this type of games :)

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Even though this is a Getting Over It clone, it was really interesting to play! Didn't know it would consume me for 10 minutes :)

Simple sound effect, simple visuals and it looks really polished, cool, thank you for experience!

Also, I don't know if it is intended like that, but you can skyrocket up through long walls with enough click timing :)) But of course with speed increase comes the huge accuracy decrease :)

9m and 43 s overall

P.S. - yeah, I see other people said that, but you should extend left and right screen edges, to click on them is not hard, but frustrating right now, because you can just miss click on a browser

Pretty fun! Was pretty easy, but after the first spawn it became much harder to kill all the enemies while avoiding being hit :) And the game looks really polished

It would be good if you could provide basic instructions for the game at least in the descriptions, because I had no idea what I was doing for the half of the game :)

I guess the objective is to collect all the cards?

And I didn't understand how I became this big in the end :)

But overall this is an interesting idea, especially when you realise you can grab platforms with your pixels :)

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I was busy the whole time on my main job as a mobile developer, but thankfully I have spent 21 hours on my game total and it looks pretty much like I wanted it to be :)

Of course this is a prototype with some bugs, but it turned out really cool. Never thought I could really make it.

Wanted to work on it more later, but I guess it would be a never-ending project then :)

SO! I really hope some of you guys will give me the feedback about it so I can grow more in the game development  -

Hello! I would be glad to work with you. 

I am primarily a professional mobile app developer, but I am making games as a side projects. 

In this jam I am going to work as a solo developer, you can pm me in WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber at +79193119632 :)

This is an old project made by me if you are interested -