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Nice game! not many levels but I think it has a good potential for interesting mechanics
I'll be checking out for a post jam update, with maybe some music ? that would be great :)

Thank you! I'm glad you like the game :D

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Hey everyone! We are currently making a tutorial for the game, but until then here are the rules and goals :

- Do not sink your company
- Hacked PCs (in red) make you lose money
- If no PC is hacked (in blue), the company earns money
- The winner is the one who has the most money at the end of the count or the one who survived

- Interacting with a PC allows you to switch to Terminal mode
- Each PC has its commands noted on the notepad
- Each command allows a specific action to repair or hack

- We can hack the PC of the opposing company
- Hacking an opponent's PC gives him the status 'Hacked' and 'Corrupted'
- Corruption (in yellow) reverses the actions corresponding to two of the pc commands
- To repair or hack a PC, you must perform a series of actions in the order indicated on the post-it notes
- To correct the corruption, check the correspondence of commands and actions in the Test tab

- Attention, your incompetent colleagues can periodically give the statuses 'Hacked' and 'Corrupted' to a nearby PC
- Use the 'shout' button to make them flee

Thanks for playing :)

Really cool! Minimalistic but cute art and good level design, I like it

Really cool, I love the art and the concept!

Really fun! I never thought I would enjoy being a pie thrower robot
I rate this as 'best yay of the year' haha

When a computer is hacked, two of its commands are inverted and you need to test them to get them back to normal

We will soon implement a tutorial, I hope this will simplify the understanding of the game ^^'

Nice game, quite hard for me but I see a good potential for speedrun

Nice game, I really enjoyed it!
The game is well paced, I love the transitions

Really fun to play although I don't think I'm the best air controller haha

One of the bests games I have played in this jam so far

Really creative, I love it!

Cool concept, really original and simple (in the good way)
I look forward for updates !

Quite difficult, but the concept is really cool, I look forward for the updates!

Really cool and original, I love it

Thanks! Actually the "freak out" button scares off the other employes who can periodically bug PCs in your company

Love the game, really cool! I feel like Hackerman haha

I can't wait to see your next game

Really cool, love the gameplay
that's really original

Thank you ! :D

Thank you!

Thanks! About the post-it, you need to update the commands using the 'test' tab of the terminal when the commands seem wrong

Everything is more explained in the description of the itch page, but we are going to make an upgrade with a tutorial