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Thanks for playing and the video. We'll be releasing the full version in a couple of months. You can wishlist on Oculuslab or steam: 

Thanks for playing and making the video. It's always cool to see people playing the game. This was an entry for a game jam, so the whole game was made in 7 days. Therefore, we couldn't fix all bugs nor improve parts of the gameplay (use of the cards and items). We are now working on a complete version of the game to be released later this year. hope you can play that as well! :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Ok. I'm gonna take a look in the next couple of days and let you know. I don't have a Valve Index to test it, but I'll generate a new version and upload here.

Did you tried the windowsMixed reality download or other one? Which VR headset you have?

Thanks for playing and feedback! The off-hand as storage indeed needs some improvement. using the last card was a common issue many players faced. We'll rework the whole ui, and then spend some time on the hand storage + the size of the board. Besides that, I'm glad you liked the concepts of the game and that we could transmit the vibe we wanted

Thanks for playing and feedback. Really glad you liked the concept. The whole UI will receive a rework, that will for include the cards, they are indeed a bit hard to read. We though about a card to speed up humans, as this could be beneficial (when running from aliens) or maleficent (when make you run faster into fire or any other threat). But a button, might also be a nice approach.

Thanks for playing and feedback. We did some tests with the board bigger and idk, felt a little bit off. Maybe we need to spend more time on that later.

Thanks for playing and feedback. And also for hosting this amazing event ;)

thanks for playing and feedback. The idea of teleporting cards to off-hand when they hit the floor is definitely something we'll implement. At least in the first moment. After playing a bunch of times, I think the whole off-hand as storage might need a few improvements. Regarding the balance, we want to make some tests letting the player kinda building their deck, or at least changing some cards. But maybe this will add even more complexity to the balance

Thanks for playing and feedback. We are thinking on rebuilding the whole UI, that will include cards text. The idea of pausing the game is cool, definitely something we can implement in some specific stages to bring a different element to the gameplay. About the hammer, we believe there's a collision bug, but we are trying to investigate. Maybe the fact that everything is so small... not sure

Hey, I've just uploaded a new version with the package. If you have time, give it a try and let me know if it works. Thanks (Cards_of_Destiny_v1_windowsMixedReality)

Hey friend! I've just uploaded a new version (Cards_of_Destiny_v1_windowsMixedReality) with OpenVR, it might work now. Please, let me know :)

Hm, seems like I have to download a plugin to make the asset compatible. I'm gonna take a look later this week and let you know when is available. 

The framework we used is OpenXR friendly. Did you tried and got an error?

Yeah, happened to us during tests as well. We have plans to fix/improve, just couldn't make in time for the jam. Regardless, thanks for playing and for the feedback

Thanks! Both points are super valid (resetting levels and activating cards when trying to store them). During our tests we felt the same, just hadn't enough time to fix/improve. Regarding the animations is indeed a bug, we are looking into it :)

Really enjoyed the swapping to your enemy mechanic as the way to move through the game and restore your health. Very original, great job!

Shaking things to drop cards and the swiping are really satisfactory, a really nice use of the VR mechanics! Congrats on the result :D

The "midas touch" is amazing and how it was used as an element of the puzzle and gameplay, superb!

Really beatiful game, loved the music and sound effects! I would love to see more features to distract the robot.

Throwing the fish in the robot made me laugh a lot hahahaha

In Cards of Destiny you play as a kid playing a puzzle tabletop game in virtual reality. You need to save humans from an alien invasion, but sometimes you can't save everyone. Cards are splitted in Blessings (blue), Curses (purple), and the effect of the card can only be used once. The game was made for VRJam 2022

thanks for playing! We are working on making the controls more accurate and releasing as a Mobile game :D

Thanks for playing and the feedback. We are already working on these improvements, mainly control accuracy and object size/spawn. We'll release as a mobile version

Cool concept, with some improvements in player feedback/sounds and became a really nice mobile game

Thanks for playing and feedback! The controls indeed need more work. About the door, tbh I think I messed up the joint and resulted in this sometimes unpredictable difficult to open hahaha

Great game. Really funny and satirical. Special congrats to the writer  

Really cool concept. Feels like warcraft but you control the "hero" in third person. I'd polish the combat a little bit more, also the camera shake while walking in third person feels to strong. But was amazing that you managed to do all of that features in 48 hours. Even creating your own army. Pretty cool!

Thanks for the feedback. We definitely will add items and powerups to buy between runs. It was actually planned, but not enough time to implement during the jam D:     Also, tuning the difficult a bit more, to be more challenging as you progress. 

Cool mechanic and wonderful art style. Reminds me Paper Mario. I thought interesting the fact that you reload faster on the ground, makes you plan your jumps and introduces many possibilities for level design

Cool art style! Controls could be a little bit more fluid, but great work for 48 hours!

Very nice concept and the art style is fantastic

Thanks for the feedback! We are thinking about releasing for mobile. But we first want to polish and introduce some new features. Drag indicator is basically our first priority now, unfortunately we were not able to fix in time for the Jam deadline D: 

Thanks buddy!

Thanks, that's exactly what we are aiming for. Some improvements and release for mobile! :D

Really cool game and incredibly polished for 48 hours. Congrats 

Thanks for playing and feedback! Good thing about jams is that we can decide to work a little bit on that project later. Maybe I'll polish and release for mobile :)

Glad you had a good time playing. Thanks for the feedback. The move objects function def needs some polishing

Glad you liked. First room was supposed to be a tutorial, but end up being super harder than expected D:

vacuum in circles aren't basically all they do in real life? hahah JK. Thanks for playing mate. Glad you had fun! :)