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Thanks! Sounds like what I'm looking for. I'll give it a crack!

Hi there!

I work at a University, and we have an page where we like to showcase some of our best student works. In the past we've just uploaded them to our own page, but our students are now submitting very fleshed-out, completed works, and we'd like to be able to direct visitors to our page to these students directly.

I'm wondering if there is anyway to have games uploaded to another page appear in our own list of games? Basically, alongside the games we have uploaded, there would be the thumbnail and name of one of these other student games, and clicking on it would take you to that page, hosted by them, not us. 

Actually, a really good bedtime story/game. Goodnight, little cat.

Lots of fun! I really like the 3D pixel art style, and the message of the game is really cool. Well done, hope to play more!

This game is a lot of fun! Very cool idea and well executed, loved the happy little fellah. Thank you!

Great fun! Loved the writing, music and art of the game.

I was a bit confused as to why I got the "bad" ending, but I can see from other comments that it is that the good ending is quite tricky to get. Still, the ending I got wasn't too sombre :)

A really cool project, thank you for sharing!

Damn, this looks amazing. Any chance for a Mac version?

Thanks very much, akhmin! I'm glad you had fun.

The words being an obstacle would be really cool. I actually tried doing that with the red words, but I just kept running into glitches. Ultimately, I decided I didn't want the game to be hard at all, so I took it out. I think though it makes the enemy pretty nonthreatening. Next time around, I'll definitely give it another go!

The white and blue text getting mixed up around there is indeed deliberate, I wanted it to make it so the two characters were rhyming together. That said, the fact it looks like a mistake means I need to commit to it a bit more. Thank you for pointing this out to me!

Glad you enjoyed it and have a great day!


thank you so much for playing and glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about that control glitch - I'll fix that up and re-upload once the jam voting ends. Thanks for letting me know!

Heya! Thanks again for pointing this out - after extensive testing, I've made the web version a lot more stable. Thank you so much!

Awesome! Thanks!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thanks heaps for playing! Definitely going to work on the controls after voting for the jam ends. Thanks for the feedback!

This game is rad! I did get stuck part way through, but I'm guessing that is just because the story isn't finished yet.

I don't know if this was intentional, but I liked the fact I kind of had to revisit passages a few times before I could actually get out of the cabin. It gave the game a real disorienting feeling, and added to the labyrinthine vibe of the whole thing.

Please keep at it. This had a similar voice to the slightly-sarcastic point-and-click games of the old days! Looking forward to more.

This was really cool. I loved the art and the music, and the slight puzzler element was cool too. It reminded me a little bit of Night in The Woods in this respect.

I thought that keeping the story focused on a kind of A-B morality was a good move for this jam, so well done there!

I will say that it would have been nice to have a bit more intrigue. Given there is little time in the jam, I understand why a lot of the story was kind of laid out, but having to figure things out a little bit more might have been nice. Specifically, I'm talking about at the start where Mark tells us a lot of the backstory. Unveiling that stuff more subtly through the dialogue is harder, but based on the writing, I think the writer on this would be more than up to the task.

Once again! Well done! Thanks for making this,  I had a lot of fun playing it!

Heya! Some cool ideas. There was some good imagery, like the statement "she led us to play one of the brawlers and it was an even bigger storm than the one that was wreaking havoc outside".

The lack of paths aside (as others have said, there is nothing that appears when you select "Game" or "Puke"), I think that overall one of the main things for you to explore is the idea of "showing not telling". For your next go at writing, I suggest you try asking yourself "how can I communicate this to the audience without just telling them?". Basically, instead of saying your friends didn't want to drink vodka, have some dialogue about it. Or just describe them avoiding it. Same with mentioning how drunk everyone was - why not have a bit about someone falling over, etcetera? You can build a lot more tension this way, and it also allows the reader to use their imagination. You may even find new moments for drama (if you say "we were drunk", then that's it. If someone falls over and breaks a table, that can lead to new events).

Keep up the good work! I look forward to what you make in the future.

Thank you very much for the feedback! Funnily enough, I did have it so that you took damage when the evil words hit you originally, but I didn't feel I had enough time to balance the difficulty before submission, so I literally just commented it out of the code! I'll look at reintegrating that in the future! Cheers!

Thanks heaps for the feedback! I think you're definitely right, the platforming feel especially is something I need to work on. A few people have mentioned beats, so I'll look into how I can integrate that into it. Cheers!

Awesome feedback! Yeah, I experimented with some combat ideas originally, but it was difficult to get it feeling right in the timeframe. I'll definitely re-visit and explore that, either in an update or a later project. Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.

Beginner IF Jam community · Created a new topic Submission

Hope it is okay I've submitted something I made in the last few days and finished up this morning for another jam - a little IF experiment! I'll see about making another project for this too, as we've got plenty of time. Can remove my submission if it isn't allowed though. Looking forward to seeing all these works!

Thanks, I'll look into it! 

Hey thanks for checking it out! Sorry about the bug - where you play browser or download? Also when you say when you weren't supposed to, when was this? Did it crash as in freeze, or exit?  Thanks!

Got my cyberpunk detective game, Format, finished! Originally I submitted this to a jam earlier this year, but it was a broken mess. Now it's fixed with some extra polish!

Hi there! The game has been fixed now, and runs as both a download and browser. Thanks for reporting the bug to me!

Hi there! The game has been fixed now, and runs as both a download and browser. Thanks for reporting the bug to me!

Yay! Thanks!

Heya! Just to make sure I'm not breaking any rules. I submitted a game to a game jam, but what I submitted was broken (and in some ways unfinished, lots of stuff I wanted to do better/redo). I'm in the process of fixing the bugs and polishing up the gameplay and graphics. Does that qualify as a submission for this jam? Thanks!

I'm digging the idea behind this game. Keith and Joseph are both cool characters, and I really liked the shifting focalisation between the two. It is a great sketch for what is to come, and the flashback mechanic is a nice twist on the VN genre. Excited for the full version!

A very cool concept and I loved it! The different voices were quite interesting. Somehow grounding the player a bit more would have been cool though, perhaps fleshing out the lucid moments a bit more would give them something more to work on, and make the dives into the "brainstorms" a bit more out there and abstract!

The endings were cool and I like the idea.

That's...out there! I just booted it up and hit the same problem as well. Shouldn't be too tricky to fix though. Thanks a lot for describing the problem.

oh no! Sorry about that. Looks like you aren't the only one having that problem. I'll have a look at it today (can't upload an update but can still make a fix). So it is just coming up with Terminate for every dialogue option?

oh no! Sorry about that. Looks like you aren't the only one having that problem. I'll have a look at it today (can't upload an update but can still make a fix). So it is just coming up with Terminate for every dialogue option?

Hey! Thanks so much for playing the game! It is really helpful seeing how navigate around the kitchen, gives me ideas on how I can improve my design for the future. Glad you enjoyed it and got a little bit spooked!

Thanks for Checking In, friend.

Heya! I'm on a Mac. Downloaded the game but can't seem to get it to run. I'm not getting much of an error, just "The application 'HappBee' can't be opened."

I'm on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7.

G'day! Odds are I'll put in my own submission for this, but I'm also just extending my services in case anyone is in need of a writer/copy editor. I've been a professional writer for about a decade now, and worked on games, magazines, websites and more. If you need someone to throw together your text, or just help you make it a bit crisper with some editing, hit me up! I am especially versed with editing copy for people from whose first language isn't English, so if that is you and you are a little worried about your grammar or syntax then I can definitely give you a hand.

not yet! I plan on curling up with them tonight or tomorrow :) 

Wow! Thank you so much for your review, there is some fantastic feedback here. I agree, I should have paid more attention to some of the Christmas elements of the game. I come from Australia, so Christmas to me is never snowy, but as I give the player that option I should have worked on it a bit more. Thanks so much for your feedback and the kind words about the story! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That is an amazing compliment! Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hoped to do more with the characters, but also really wanted to publish something (I'm rubbish for actually finishing projects), so I might just have to revisit them some time! Thanks again and hope you have an awesome holiday season.