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Make your way through a dark and stormy night to bid a final farewell to your rival... and maybe, your past.
Submitted by WordyRobin (@WordyRobin), FordAudioDesign (@FordAudioDesign), aaleaf — 50 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you use any optional theme? If so which one?

Antagonist in mourning

Rhyming dialogue

Astronaut and Jolly

What game engine did you use?
Unity 2021.1

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WordyRobin, aaleaf, henryv16, FordAudioDesign

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You really nailed the atmosphere, visually and with the music and sound design! The visual novel-like dialogue segments were definitely our favorite. The uniqueness of the puzzle-y platform segments was super cool, too, though we ended up getting some of the bugs people were talking about. It gave us an error and went to a black screen right at what felt like the final segment. D:
It was still a really awesome story, super well told, overall!


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sorry you encountered the bugs; we've got them fixed and will put up a new version of the game as soon as we're able.


NICE!Like my team mate we agree in a lot of things. I really like the balance Dialoge/Action in this game, just felt right to me. The art style and design also feels awesome. The world It's so coherent that it's easy to enjoy, this also helps the mood and the story which is awesome. I like the sound effetc of the voices when the girl talked it made me laught, it was a nice touch to make it more high pitch.  The story is fast and very well written I had fun overall !! (:


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


Very fun game to play! I like that the story is fast enough to be inmersive and it doesn't get boring. The amount of gameplay/dialogue is very good. The art is very nice. the sound of the voices is clever!

I didn't had any glitches in the game, very good coding. 

I just felt a little like Deus commented, I didn't felt any kind of remorse because I nefer felt like I was the one that did those bad things. And that made making the choises a little weird.

Over all, a very nice game! Well done.  


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.


I feel like the use of the theme, and the story, art, and audio was really awesome. The voice sounds really made me feel immersed in the story and mood. The rain and umbrella was really cool. Unfortunately after my meeting with sophie, I got stuck in one of the movement zones (while moving a plank).
I didn't know what the main character was responsible for? Maybe I missed it? I just didn't want to admit to something if I didn't do it ay!
If I didn't already say, I really enjoyed the characters, the dialogue and the overall mood. It gives me some cool vibes.


Ack! The dreaded plank pit strikes again! Sorry about that...

Sophie suspected that Mark (the main character) stole tools from the company and hid them in her dad's truck. Sorry if that wasn't clear -- I'll have a look at the script post-jam.

I'm glad you had fun and thanks for playing!


Oh i know she suspected it, but playing as Mark, we arn't told of his past or not. Others mentioned he might of done wicked deeds, are going through remorse. But I'm not sure if it was mentioned prior or not! I thought if i'm given the option to chose whether he did or not? Or is it giving me the option to cover up his evil deeds :O


Okay, I see what you mean now. I'll see what I can do to make it more clear that yes, Mark actually was the culprit, so you're either confessing or trying to cover it up. Thanks for your feedback!


I was a little heartbroken when I couldn't progress as the game crashes before Overlook :c 

For the rest, the quality is all in! The art especially, especially in the dialogue scenes. Character designs and backgrounds are on point. And the funeral home dialogue made me laugh my ass off, so yeah, there's some nicely written dialogue too.

The concept for the levels is also interesting. I like the idea of having to hold the umbrella to not get too wet, it gives the player more to think of and be careful when thinking of moving objects. The brain in the jar is also a funny way to illustrate it.

I like that you can pick if the protagonist is sorry or not about his actions.

Ahh, I hope I can see the ending! I wanna finish my forgiveness run!


I'm so sorry you were denied the ending! Did the game exit or did it just go black? I'll be diagnosing this and will get it fixed post-jam, for sure.

I'm glad you liked the game despite the ending bug. Thanks for playing!


Actually tried again - this time I did get to an ending!

If it helps, upon multiple attempts it seems to be connected to the ending itself.

If I pick all "I'm sorry" or "Angry" responses during the game, the game will send an error message and go black screen. But if you mix up the answers what I can only assume is the "neutral" ending correctly loads.


Thank you for the help! You just gave me an idea of where to look...


This was really cool. I loved the art and the music, and the slight puzzler element was cool too. It reminded me a little bit of Night in The Woods in this respect.

I thought that keeping the story focused on a kind of A-B morality was a good move for this jam, so well done there!

I will say that it would have been nice to have a bit more intrigue. Given there is little time in the jam, I understand why a lot of the story was kind of laid out, but having to figure things out a little bit more might have been nice. Specifically, I'm talking about at the start where Mark tells us a lot of the backstory. Unveiling that stuff more subtly through the dialogue is harder, but based on the writing, I think the writer on this would be more than up to the task.

Once again! Well done! Thanks for making this,  I had a lot of fun playing it!


I appreciate your confidence in me as a writer! I agree that a more gradual reveal of the story probably would have been better. I'll see what I can do in post-jam polish. ;-)

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


The art and music in this game is incredible! Especially the background art, it's incredibly immersive. Did you do all the art yourself? Great story btw. I love the character design. I think it was smart to use the "damp" as a meter.


Thank you! Art was by @aaleaf and music by @FordAudioDesign, all original for this game. Glad you enjoyed it!


Well done!