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Thank you :D I shall put some more time into it in the future, I just uploaded it to Codeberg ~ It's largely based on the assets but I hope to add some art and a bit more level to it =]

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I found the movement a little tricky, pinball like movement is a great choice (my favs games of this genre are yoku's island express & pokemon pinball). I love the spinning level mechanic, with the physics, very cool! I think it's definitely an idea worth exploring more :D

:D Thank you!! I ran out of time for modeling/level design but I may add some more to it in the future!

I can't  get past the 2nd level with the jumpin, the jumping is too short, maybe it's due to frame rate differences? :O

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Oh man.. The improvements are great! I love the new colours, they make it easier to understand the game. The tutorial for the upgrades too is a great idea. It did crash though, but it was very fun.

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I enjoy the game! The upgrades are particularly fun to play with. I think the movement is a little confusing though, probably due to the pull force of the planets feeling a little random (are they timed? what are their area of effect? do they hurt me too?)
I feel like if you had a invisibility for 1 second or less, after the player is hit, would make it a bit more fun as it will give the player time to respond.


10/10 would extinct humanity again :D

if anyone wants to do mutual ratings dm me :)

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Sinto muito meu amigo, não sei como resolver esse problema. Talvez versões futuras sejam melhores. Funciona no meu telefone! Talvez eu possa usar um emulador para testes.
(I am sorry my friend, I do not how to fix this problem. Perhaps future versions will be better. It works on my phone! Perhaps I can use an emulator for testing.)

Yes, I am sorry about the pain. Next time, can split up the work more, so it feels less grindy! When I close my eyes, I still see pixels and event UI. Thank you for all your hard work, it was a really good learning experience and I enjoy making and playing the game.

This game is super charming, I want to be a frog now. I found it very satisfying, it was short but it was very sweet. The audio and the gameplay felt really good too. Ribbit.

Thank you :) I will definitely let you know when I improve the android version.. Sorry about that. Yes my plan is to polish the main loop until it's more fun and then add more content and work on touch controls more. The space feature have been hard haha.

Yes, the android controls are still early in development. Thank you for your feedback. I am aware of the input being not good to play with on android. I planned to add Button UI and UI for the control sticks. Unfortunately the desktop version takes higher priority and I still need to polish the game loop first before working more on the android port. I am not sure about the crash though, as it is impossible to replicate for me. If you have any ideas for the android version, please let me know!

Hi Iver! The game is very optimized, using ECS!
I'm not sure why it crashed, but creating a new realm uses file access, and it doesn't crash on my samsung s21!  I'm not sure what could be causing your crash. I just double checked it again by reinstalling it on my phone from the itch page. The game files do not use much space, so it shouldn't be an issue about storage size. It's hard to know what is causing the error on your end. What phone might you be using? Thanks again for your patience and time giving me feedback. I'm sorry it did not work for you.

Sorry, what phone model do you have? Thank you, I shall look into it.

Ahh yes, i wanted to have skillpoints be able to upgrade skills inside the skill tree. I also wanted skills to level up like runescape. I do have a roadmap, and refining the core systems come first. So that will be part of it! I also wanted skills xp to level up the class or job. (like elderscrolls)

But to concide with all this, it needs stronger monsters and such. I wanted to get to the stage where the core game is done by the end of the year! With little content, and then spend the next year adding more skills, monsters and quests. So thanks for the ideas 😀

Thank you for your feedback, it's really awesome and motivating. I agree with the accessibility option for font, very needed. I will fix the first 2 bugs asap! They should be easy enough.
The stats UI / game flow rework might take a bit longer, will probaly come after I've finished the planets update i'm working on. I could definitely change the tooltips though, hopefully it can make it more clear. I will have a lot more time in a month to work on Zoxel :) (
I can see why running out of skill point uses would be frustrating, because that part of the game lacks progress. With procedural generation, this is hard to solve. I am hoping to generate unique resources in each area around the towns and dungeons as well. I should also probaly cap the level so it corresponds to the amount of skills you can unlock. My first idea was to generate unlimited skills that you can unlock, including buffs, but this is hard and needs more dev time haha.
The font is generated textures from point data! I add a bit of shaky shaky to it. I will probaly need a point editor to make it more arial like in the future!

I just want to say the Linux version did not work! It renders only half of the game on my third monitor.

Thank you for your feedback. I thought I had fixed it, so the feedback is valuable. I will add some more focus onto improving font legability.

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Yes the game doesn't use many resources, from testing on pc it uses 500mb to 1.5gb of ram. It doesn't store much too. I think it's something to do with the unity export settings. I will have to research it. Thank you for the information.

hi iver, im not able to reproduce this on my end. What is your model oh phone and OS version, perhaps i can test it in an android simulator.

It was a real joy, thank you :)

I got to level 5, would love a native build tho, feels a bit laggy. Doesn't feel like celeste movement polished, but it's very good. I like how it starts simple and gets harder, feels like it has a good difficulty curve. I noticed the respawn point sometimes starts me back to the start or sometimes midway in the level. After you get the key too, you can just die to teleport. Should probaly drop the key after you get it xD I recommend changing the colour of the ^ symbols when you overlay it so you know when you can boost using it! It is a bit confusing without the visual cues. Music is really good!

Humans are weird!

I really love the style. Cool generator!

I just want to say, i re read the description, entirely on the GPU is pretty cool :)

Hey Iverdigital,
New android build is up. You can drag on the left to move the character, drag on the right to move the camera. Double tap the left to interact with doors and npcs. Double tap the right to jump. Double tap middle to hit things.
Will spend more time on the controls later. But atm doesn't handle moving from 2 fingers to 1 very well. Also.. You cannot switch weapons or pause yet! Will add those soon.

Hi Iverdigital, I will have a look at it first thing tommorow :)

Oh i know she suspected it, but playing as Mark, we arn't told of his past or not. Others mentioned he might of done wicked deeds, are going through remorse. But I'm not sure if it was mentioned prior or not! I thought if i'm given the option to chose whether he did or not? Or is it giving me the option to cover up his evil deeds :O

I feel like the use of the theme, and the story, art, and audio was really awesome. The voice sounds really made me feel immersed in the story and mood. The rain and umbrella was really cool. Unfortunately after my meeting with sophie, I got stuck in one of the movement zones (while moving a plank).
I didn't know what the main character was responsible for? Maybe I missed it? I just didn't want to admit to something if I didn't do it ay!
If I didn't already say, I really enjoyed the characters, the dialogue and the overall mood. It gives me some cool vibes.

This is very inspiring :) hope to do this with voxels!

It says vista is required :O (I am on linux, maybe that's why..!)

I just get a black screens!

Damn that's such a wholesome thing to read :D Thank you!!

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Well I enabled this (Burst Settings), which should fix it hopefully. Or the dev build. This made the build 2MB more, so maybe in the future i'll release a 32bit version seperately! But this should cover all the options besides Vulkan vs DirectX that I can think of.