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What do you mean by mouse sensitivity? Are you referring to rotation of the camera? Or the mouse on the UI?

If you are trying to equip the pickaxe, while you have mouse over it, you can press R (sorry again for weird unexplained controls). It's a bug that you can assign equipment to the actionbar! But if it disappeared, maybe your character is equiping it, check the Equipment screen.

Also, sorry about that as the world edge being bugged (you just fall off). You can press unstuck button in pause menu to teleport you back to town.

And also the grass is 'consumed' but I do not have an animation for that yet. You can eat the mushrooms too to gain some health during fights.

Once you level up, you get attribute points. You can spend these in the stats menu on attributes. For example strength will increase health.

As for what there is to do atm, not too much besides removing blocks, placing them and killing monsters! I'm still working on more content and features that have been tested but not left in due to incompleteness.

There will be npcs in town soon that give you quests, roads from one town to another and dungeons! Also your english is fine! :D

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Thank you so much :D:D!~ I think I fixed it for 2560x1080, thanks for finding that weird UI raycasting bug! :) Thanks again for your feedback. Let me know if any more problems occur!

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Hey, there is is key instructions on the top left of the screen! Atm it is f key and then click on the action bar but I will add better controls soon (drag and drop). Sorry about that! Thank you for playing :)

10/10 I did not cry

use wine

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Is there source available? :) it's really cool! I wish to add smooth terrain to my own minecraft game :)

Yeah i was thinking about this too. Just making a simple platformer with colours to represent stuff. Lava - Fire - Bad.

Reminds me of Nintendos Splatoon

This is pretty good, I love the video process.

Hey man, Thank you for your feedback. Your video was really fun to watch.

I was experimenting with jams back then and I didn't know about level design at that point haha.

I am going to make new games soon haha :) Thanks again for the great video.

Hey Phygon, by any chance does this support LWPL yet?

Wow, this is unreal

Also is there a discord?

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Probably one of my favorite genres. Anyone know any good resources for 3D platformers? (will be using unity :) )

I remember these remakes a while back:

This is a really cool demo. Really enjoyed it.

I love the game idea, makes good use of the grid system. I also find the art really aesthetic.

It was a cool simulation. Really enjoyed it.

Does anyone have any sound/music generation tutorials? :)

Can I please have ABZU :)

I will re do it then to look like an outline, instead of the burnt look. Thanks for the tips!

I actually just wanted it to be coloured differently, because a pure black shape will be hard to differentiate parts. I can see it looks like shading, but for me it was a stylzed outline.

Is this style against the rules?

Love the theme, and the characters, the music, the models. Combat feels weird with the hitboxes, and not too interesting with just shooting. I had fun though.

thank you so much :)

I love the feeling of the slime escaping from a lab. Reminds me a bit of the game Inside. Gameplay felt really fun.

I really enjoyed this game, the level design and mechanics are so fun.

Thank you. Ill fix that bug inventory bug  tonight. Do you have any suggestions for less clunky ui? I am glad you enjoyed it :)

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Ahh yes, I wasn't really able to add in extra things like buttons for the skills (which would make the switched less awkward) since I ran out of time, or clicking for the skills to activate, or some kind of visual cue/ sound when using skills. The first skill is follow, then attack, then wander. They are commands for the slime.
The xbox one controller was tested, and didn't have a ps4 around to test, so I only mentioned that. I used unity's crossplatform input manager which is part of standard assets.
Yeah there is no real goal of the game, unfortunately. I ran out time for that too. At the moment you can just kill the rats and slimes, make the slime bigger, collect fruit and talk to NPCs. My original plan was to craft new slimes or evolve the slimes through battling different creatures, to give them new abilities. When the slime dies the level restarts (I should of put this in the tutorial text).

I'll design better levels next time :) My original plan was to have a  few levels and progression of some kind. Thanks for the feedback.

This is cool man. Love the updates. The asset works great.
Still planning on integrating this with my voxel game when i get more time.

I mainly developed the gui system to work better with VR headsets!

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Hey, I am developing a voxel game using Unity. Please check it out!
Zeltex is a Voxel RolePlaying Action game. It has a strong focus on player made content and in game tools.
Here is a quick demo of it! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.