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I can't log in to the desktop app because I can't get past the captcha

A topic by helado de brownie created Dec 05, 2017 Views: 780 Replies: 8
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Just today, the desktop app (on linux) said that my login expired and then presented me with captchas. But every time I completed one it either said "try again" or, when I finally got past one, it showed the green check mark and when I hit the "log in" button just took me back to the username/password prompt, restarting the entire process. After that I tried waiting instead after getting the check mark, but nothing happened.

Admin (1 edit)

Sorry about that, we recently added throttling to our app's login because of people trying to abuse it. While we debug the issue, are you using an VPN that you can try disabling?

i just realized it might be showing the captcha because it's not handling my email address correctly? it was hard to notice in between my attempts at the captcha but it said something about "username must be at most 25 characters" even though what i'd entered was my email address. i changed it back to my username and managed to log in, but it was really irritating having to solve a captcha just to get to the error message.

I'm not using a VPN as far as I'm aware.

also, thanks for your help!


Thanks for the additional information. I made some minor changes to prevent his from happening in the future:

  • I removed the 25 char limit on username, that's a mistake
  • Input length validation happens before any captcha checking is done

awesome! thank you!

A friend of mine has a similar problem. He can't play my game because he cannot pass by the captchas. When he solves one he is presented the next in an infinite loop. Maybe this is related to an issue he had with a previous version of the app where he got an "unexpected end of json"-exception at the startup? (OS is Win7)

I've seen this problem before. Sometimes the reCAPTCHA just isn't entered right.