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A Procedurally Generated Voxiverse 路 By Deus

Game Feedback Wanted!

A topic by Deus created Mar 29, 2021 Views: 224 Replies: 11
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Developer (3 edits)

If you have any feedback on the game about mechanics, game-play or story, please leave it here! If you feel the game be a bit empty, it's still beta so I am working on the features still in my spare time.

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Running game but see only black screen and hear music.

Developer (2 edits)

Hi, please let me know what OS you are using it on? Can you run other unity games (with Vulkan)?

Windows 7 SP1. Can鈥檛 say anything about Vulkan. I have installed about hundred of games, but it seems none of them are using Vulkan.


Ahh yeah! Sorry but you probaly need the latest drivers due to vulkan... I could build a openGL build but I just cant test it, if you'd like!

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Mmmm, I have already updated driver to the latest one (2020) and it should support Vulkan. My card is Intel HD5000, that could be issue. Looks like it doesn鈥檛 support Vulkan:

No need to make separate build for me, thank you.

I was reading through this and some other forums saying theres issues. I think maybe a DirectX build would do better. I'll upload some variant builds later, as others are probaly using windows 7 as well. :)


Agree, to reach wider audience DirectX or OpenGL may help :)


Yo this game is really trippy but I like the flair! The most pressing issues I'd like to see improved are the following:

  • The turret skill just crashes the game for me
  • The summon's kills don't count for quest goals
  • The level-up interface is a tad confusing. It seems things like strength, vitality, etc. correlate 1:1 to stats like health and regen, but the interfact obfuscates that. And also, skill points can't be used for anything after unlocking each skill, which is just frustrating tbh

I'm looking forward to where this game goes :3

And btw, I find the font nice to look at and fitting for the game. But for accessibility's sake, there should probably be the option to just change the font to something easier on the eyes, Arial-esque


Thank you for your feedback, it's really awesome and motivating. I agree with the accessibility option for font, very needed. I will fix the first 2 bugs asap! They should be easy enough.
The stats UI / game flow rework might take a bit longer, will probaly come after I've finished the planets update i'm working on. I could definitely change the tooltips though, hopefully it can make it more clear. I will have a lot more time in a month to work on Zoxel :) (
I can see why running out of skill point uses would be frustrating, because that part of the game lacks progress. With procedural generation, this is hard to solve. I am hoping to generate unique resources in each area around the towns and dungeons as well. I should also probaly cap the level so it corresponds to the amount of skills you can unlock. My first idea was to generate unlimited skills that you can unlock, including buffs, but this is hard and needs more dev time haha.
The font is generated textures from point data! I add a bit of shaky shaky to it. I will probaly need a point editor to make it more arial like in the future!

Depending on how you wanna handle player progression, I could also see being able to upgrade skills procedurally. So that you have the base stats, and every point you further invest into it gives a procedural stat bonus to that skill. Probably with diminishing returns (a log function or something) to prevent power creep, but that could just be a good time sink on the by, for those that want to grind out stronger skills.

But that's probably featurecreep for a later time x3


Ahh yes, i wanted to have skillpoints be able to upgrade skills inside the skill tree. I also wanted skills to level up like runescape. I do have a roadmap, and refining the core systems come first. So that will be part of it! I also wanted skills xp to level up the class or job. (like elderscrolls)

But to concide with all this, it needs stronger monsters and such. I wanted to get to the stage where the core game is done by the end of the year! With little content, and then spend the next year adding more skills, monsters and quests. So thanks for the ideas 馃榾