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Hi Iver! The game is very optimized, using ECS!
I'm not sure why it crashed, but creating a new realm uses file access, and it doesn't crash on my samsung s21!  I'm not sure what could be causing your crash. I just double checked it again by reinstalling it on my phone from the itch page. The game files do not use much space, so it shouldn't be an issue about storage size. It's hard to know what is causing the error on your end. What phone might you be using? Thanks again for your patience and time giving me feedback. I'm sorry it did not work for you.

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i have try to play the game again after 3 crash after create new world and create new character AND After I start to enter the new world It Crash then I enter the new world again it work and let me play for the first time I can play normally, I think. And the game control is really hard and glitchy, I can't find any pause button or how to open my inventory or equip item, in order to attack I have to press the bar under the middle of the screen it really difficult to press it while aiming. In order to jump I have to double press on the right side of the screen. And yeah my experience with the game is not good for me of course, after this i rate the game: "3 out of 10 " 

"I have to slide my finger across the screen just to move at 1 block per second, a game where you can exercise your finger, well at least it free". -IGN

Yes, the android controls are still early in development. Thank you for your feedback. I am aware of the input being not good to play with on android. I planned to add Button UI and UI for the control sticks. Unfortunately the desktop version takes higher priority and I still need to polish the game loop first before working more on the android port. I am not sure about the crash though, as it is impossible to replicate for me. If you have any ideas for the android version, please let me know!

sure take your time, you can't rush a game if you want it to be good and playable, i can wait.

Thank you :) I will definitely let you know when I improve the android version.. Sorry about that. Yes my plan is to polish the main loop until it's more fun and then add more content and work on touch controls more. The space feature have been hard haha.