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i have try to play the game again after 3 crash after create new world and create new character AND After I start to enter the new world It Crash then I enter the new world again it work and let me play for the first time I can play normally, I think. And the game control is really hard and glitchy, I can't find any pause button or how to open my inventory or equip item, in order to attack I have to press the bar under the middle of the screen it really difficult to press it while aiming. In order to jump I have to double press on the right side of the screen. And yeah my experience with the game is not good for me of course, after this i rate the game: "3 out of 10 " 

"I have to slide my finger across the screen just to move at 1 block per second, a game where you can exercise your finger, well at least it free". -IGN

The Game is really good i hope you keep adding more content to keep the player around maybe some unique game mode to play ?