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hmm yea alot of apk and older app are incompatible due to out of date API and a13 is Egregious with this, Try to either download an emulator that load with an older version of android.

need more information about your phone.

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you can convert them into jpg png frame by frame using ezgif or any other video editor app

sure take your time, you can't rush a game if you want it to be good and playable, i can wait.

Alright after test the game on my other phone i finally see the menu properly i think and able to start a new world second try after the first time it crash when i try to create a character but then the second time the game crash again after enter the new world/realm i think the game is not optimize properly for android. the phone i was testing is stronger than my previous phone both is android.

checking back to see if i can play the game yet and still having the same issue maybe there an issue with my phone i guess ? i should try it on other android phone to see if it work.

it an star4 model from a friend give this to me, and it can still play most of game normally. the Vos version is 3.0 and the android version is 10. ram is 3gb, it have 32gb storage and 7.83gb free. Is that enough to run the game?

the problem with the grey cube and background music seem have been change into a purple background with music and green letter E in the middle of the screen, when i tap on the letter E, the game crash. I try it multiple times it still crash. can you fix it ?

Zoxel community · Created a new topic Android Problem

I can't play the game on my android when i enter the game i only see a grey Square keep expanding and shrinking it size with background music, and that it nothing else no play button or anything just the square and the music, can you fix the problem for android?