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the problem with the grey cube and background music seem have been change into a purple background with music and green letter E in the middle of the screen, when i tap on the letter E, the game crash. I try it multiple times it still crash. can you fix it ?

hi iver, im not able to reproduce this on my end. What is your model oh phone and OS version, perhaps i can test it in an android simulator.


it an star4 model from a friend give this to me, and it can still play most of game normally. the Vos version is 3.0 and the android version is 10. ram is 3gb, it have 32gb storage and 7.83gb free. Is that enough to run the game?

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Yes the game doesn't use many resources, from testing on pc it uses 500mb to 1.5gb of ram. It doesn't store much too. I think it's something to do with the unity export settings. I will have to research it. Thank you for the information.


checking back to see if i can play the game yet and still having the same issue maybe there an issue with my phone i guess ? i should try it on other android phone to see if it work.