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Poetry platforming action
Submitted by Uncanny Machines (@CamEdmondSpeaks) — 10 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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This was fun! This is definitely a WIP submission, though!

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I loved the concept of this game so much. The story was simple, but good. The way it was told kept my attention. One note: there was one part of the game were the arrow keys stopped working for me, but I just used wasd instead and was able to continue playing. Overall, I really liked playing this game. Nice job.


thank you so much for playing and glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about that control glitch - I'll fix that up and re-upload once the jam voting ends. Thanks for letting me know!


What an interesting, minimalist game!

The poem is very well written, and revealing it bit by bit like this made it very fun to listen to. You managed to make it multiple characters with colors and fonts, which I thought was clever.

The fact it changes up every once in a while, with different ways to trigger words, dodging words, falling through words and even rocketing up! Kept the simplce concept fun until the end.

The story the poem tells is also very cute!

Maybe the controls could be touched up a bit - it felt a little hard being precise, especially landing on smaller platforms.

Still a great entry, and a very fun game!


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thanks heaps for playing! Definitely going to work on the controls after voting for the jam ends. Thanks for the feedback!


This was a super creative game concept. It was fun, not too hard, and was really interested in seeing the next words.


Thank you so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.


I really like this concept of interactive poetry! The mechanics are just right for the style, although I didn't really understand the "flutter" until I'd fallen off a few times lol. The way some of the words became moving platforms was a great touch. Some path choice or maybe having to dodge the antagonist's words would have been cool. Overall, a fun experience. Great work!


Thank you very much for the feedback! Funnily enough, I did have it so that you took damage when the evil words hit you originally, but I didn't feel I had enough time to balance the difficulty before submission, so I literally just commented it out of the code! I'll look at reintegrating that in the future! Cheers!


The concept is outrageously cool. I’m a tiny bit let down on execution though. A good selection of rap battle type beats, some real platforming that doesn’t feel hyper floaty, and some sound effects to actually differentiate that this is a rain storm around us not just lines, and this would rate so much higher.


Thanks heaps for the feedback! I think you're definitely right, the platforming feel especially is something I need to work on. A few people have mentioned beats, so I'll look into how I can integrate that into it. Cheers!

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Innovative idea - 5 Starts on concept just for coming up with it, needs a lot of work though, since practically there wasn't any gameplay. Even simplest platforming shebangs would make it much more interesting - maybe @'s being enemies and jumping on them revealing words and things like that. Loved the concept of two "good" beings having rap battle with one "evil" being, reminded me of "ERB - epic rap battles of history". Lack of proper "spittin' fire" beats was a lackluster, i think it would elevate experience to a whole new level. 


Awesome feedback! Yeah, I experimented with some combat ideas originally, but it was difficult to get it feeling right in the timeframe. I'll definitely re-visit and explore that, either in an update or a later project. Thanks for playing!