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Just another day (sketches)View game page

A super quick prototype to develop my final project
Submitted by Elisabetta — 2 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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I liked the story and both characters a lot! I enjoyed finding out more about them and I was happy I unlocked the flashbacks. There was just sketches and some things were just described through dialogue but I still imagined everything before my eyes because it was very well written. So I am looking forward to future updates on this and the finished version!


Hi, I've made a new version of my game, if you want to play it, here's the link:


I'm digging the idea behind this game. Keith and Joseph are both cool characters, and I really liked the shifting focalisation between the two. It is a great sketch for what is to come, and the flashback mechanic is a nice twist on the VN genre. Excited for the full version!


Hi, I've made a new version of my game, if you want to play it, here's the link:


A solid exploration of loneliness, depression, and strained child-parent relationships. Very relatable in parts. I do like that you're switching between the two characters, where one is sort of interrogating people to learn about the other, and I'd be interested in seeing a more fleshed out version of this game.

My constructive feedback is pretty much the same as Corrade's below. There's a lot of superfluous text that can be scrapped without taking away from the narrative. I'm not sure if these 'flashback' scenes are yet to be implemented, but I feel the pacing would suffer if the main story takes an unneeded pause. While switching between characters is interesting, you also feel detached to the protagonist when you have an omniscient third-person narrator. I think really getting into Keith's head and seeing the world from his perspective is crucial to the emotional drive of this story.

Keep it up!


Hi, thanks for playing my early prototype! I want to implement these flashbacks so if "collected" enough of them, unblock extra content.  I like the suggestion of the first person, so I'll try to change it and see if I like the results! Thanks, you were really helpful!


Hi, I've made a new version of my game, if you want to play it, here's the link:


I think this was a quaint concept that was well-written. I thought it was realistic - I was glad to see that (spoilers ahead) Joseph couldn't convince Keith to talk to his classmates. Yeah, in reality I think someone like Keith would be difficult like that.

This is subjective but I thought that too much was stated rather than shown at times. For example, the part that explicitly mentioned Keith's introversion felt too unsubtle. That trait was already inferred from his actions.

There's no audio and the drawings are a bit rough around the edges. These things do hurt the presentation of the game.


Thank you for playing my early prototype! I can see your point, I'll try to describe his behaviour more with actions than just talk about how he feels, you got a point there!


Hi, I've made a new version of my game, if you want to play it, here's the link: