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Trevor Smith-Holbourn

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Same also. I am on an M1 Mac.

Thanks mate!

Thank you so much! Appreciate you playing it =)

Wow! Never before have I been so afraid to hear an alien chicken before! Great job! 

Yeah, I agree. It was very rushed! Thanks for playing it!

Thanks for playing bud!

Thanks for playing!

Glad you got it fixed! That is super interesting, regarding the shorter puzzle being harder. Again nice work!

Hey thank you! =) <3 <3

Thank you. And thank you for playing it =)

Thanks Willem! =)

Hey thanks for playing!

Hey thanks for playing!

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Haha oops. One day I will make it real =) Thanks for playing!

Hey thanks!

Well done!!

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Nice work folks! Super fun! I gotta say the story line threw me for a second there haha! Great Art, very cute!

It's got great potential! I was able to pick up a cable and I was able to explore a bit by following the walls. I thought it the cable might with on the light or the power distribution, but it didn't seem to. Good work though, very spooky in the dark!

Super cool! The flow got a  bit stuck a couple of times, so I wasn't able to complete it, but I loved the voice acting! Way to go!!

Nice work! Idle games are fun!

The hand drawn art style is so good!

Wow folks! Simply amazing! The graphics were so good!

Way to go! Love it!!

Very challenging game! Thank you! It was very hard to navigate the dark area, I couldn't manage to get to the end. Nice work!

I hit the same issue as Willem, where the drop down was empty, so very confusing to get going. And then the first puzzle was very long. I would have loved to have seen an easier to get started smaller first puzzle. Very nice looking interface!

Wow, the level design was great! The controls felt pretty easy to pickup.

Hey thanks so much for playing! Appreciate the feedback =)

Hey thanks for playing and appreciate the feedback. Yeah you hit a bug regarding not being able to attack with the ranged creatures. I was able to resolve it, just wasn't able to get the build completed in time for the deadline. And that is a great suggestion regarding the landscape! Thank you.

thanks for giving it a go =)

Thanks for checking it out

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Thanks for playing and appreciate the feedback! Yeah I got into the weeds programming and so it fell short in quite a few areas. It also has a major bug I found shortly before the deadline which I couldn't fix on the windows build in time relating to moving the pieces around which might be what you are hitting. It makes the game much more confusing as you said. Thanks again!

Agree, very cute. Well done on the whole feel of the game.

Wow! Very cool. Loved the plane flyover when I saw it the first time.

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Loved the consistent art style and branding! Fun gameplay, nice work.

Wow, I had no idea what to expect from a turn based racing game! Very cool! I hope you continue to build on this idea.

I really enjoyed this. I wandered around till i really didn't need the beds any more and got to power 39 and defense 21 I think. Thanks!

I ran into a bug on the first fight. I could see the background, but nothing else and only the end turn button so i could not fully experience your game.

Yes I used 7zip to extract it.

Yeah I did. Very fun.