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Trevor Smith-Holbourn

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Wow, the level design was great! The controls felt pretty easy to pickup.

Hey thanks so much for playing! Appreciate the feedback =)

Hey thanks for playing and appreciate the feedback. Yeah you hit a bug regarding not being able to attack with the ranged creatures. I was able to resolve it, just wasn't able to get the build completed in time for the deadline. And that is a great suggestion regarding the landscape! Thank you.

thanks for giving it a go =)

Thanks for checking it out

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Thanks for playing and appreciate the feedback! Yeah I got into the weeds programming and so it fell short in quite a few areas. It also has a major bug I found shortly before the deadline which I couldn't fix on the windows build in time relating to moving the pieces around which might be what you are hitting. It makes the game much more confusing as you said. Thanks again!

Agree, very cute. Well done on the whole feel of the game.

Wow! Very cool. Loved the plane flyover when I saw it the first time.

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Loved the consistent art style and branding! Fun gameplay, nice work.

Wow, I had no idea what to expect from a turn based racing game! Very cool! I hope you continue to build on this idea.

I really enjoyed this. I wandered around till i really didn't need the beds any more and got to power 39 and defense 21 I think. Thanks!

I ran into a bug on the first fight. I could see the background, but nothing else and only the end turn button so i could not fully experience your game.

Yes I used 7zip to extract it.

Yeah I did. Very fun.

Very nice!

Very enjoyable. Is flight possible? i didn't seem to be able to find anyway to unlock more water/food.

The premise is really exciting and I love the graphics on the programming screen.

Thanks so much!

Nice game. Simple, but scaleable mechanic. Great potential here. Good luck taking this further.

Haha, I sort of love it. Very hard at first, but then, like QWOP you sort of get the hang of it. I was able to get to the second level (by accident I think). I would suggest maybe where the player first starts there are a few more poles to grab while you are getting used to it and up the difficulty later. Oh and your entry is marked as having a Mac OSX build, but upon downloading it, I could only see a windows .exe file.  Very enjoyable though. Nice work on the monkey art. Really good gameplay idea here, well done. 

Hey, great work. I liked the pacing of the asteroids and the enemy ships. It was challenging but not overwhelming. I also liked the menu system you created. One thing I noticed was once I was hit by an asteroid or enemy fire it immediately took me back to the menu, and in some case I ended up in the credits section by mistake. It might be more satisfying if you were to add some sort of delay between the game over state and putting the player back at the menu. Again, nice work, good luck with future games!

Hey Joshua. Thanks for playing! Appreciate your feedback. It was all spot on.

Thanks, that is kind of you to say!

Haha thanks very much for playing!! Everything you said was true. Scope creep is my biggest enemy. Really appreciate your insights and feedback.  Thank you.

It is unfortunately a bit broken in a few places, I couldn't quite get it fixed for the Jam finish, some of the systems were new for me,  but thanks for giving it a try.  I really appreciate the feedback and thanks for noticing that detail about "Alex" =)

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Fun =)

Great concept. They are a werewolf right? Nice music too.

Great voice work

Thanks for playing and the feedback. I’ll try to incorporate the suggestions!