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I don't know if I feel comfortable putting the whole project on github publicly. But the line drawing is actually quite simple. 

Both the trajectory line and the circle around the player are just made using the built-in Unity line renderer.

This is the Circle Drawer Script for example (hopefully more readable if you paste it into your ide):

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class CircleDrawer : MonoBehaviour
private struct CircleProperties
public float Radius;
public float LineWidth;
public CircleProperties(float radius, float lineWidth)
Radius = radius;
LineWidth = lineWidth;

private int _resolution = 20;
private float _lerpSpeed = 3f;

private LineRenderer _lineRenderer = null;
private CircleProperties _currentCircle = new CircleProperties(1f, 0.5f); 
private CircleProperties _targetCircle = new CircleProperties(1f, 0.5f);

private Transform _transform = null;
private Transform _followTarget = null;
private Vector3 _followOffset =;

private void Awake()
_transform = transform;
_lineRenderer = GetComponent<LineRenderer>();
_lineRenderer.enabled = false;

private void Update()
if (_followTarget)
transform.position = _followTarget.position + _followOffset + Vector3.up * (_currentCircle.LineWidth/2f);

if (_lineRenderer.enabled)
if (_lineRenderer.positionCount != _resolution)
_lineRenderer.positionCount = _resolution;

float anglePerCount = 360f / ((float)_resolution);
for (int i = 0; i < _resolution; i++)
float currentAngle = anglePerCount * (float)i;
currentAngle *= Mathf.Deg2Rad;

Vector3 unitVector = new Vector3(Mathf.Cos(currentAngle), 0f, Mathf.Sin(currentAngle));
_lineRenderer.SetPosition(i, _transform.position + (unitVector * _currentCircle.Radius));

_lineRenderer.widthMultiplier = _currentCircle.LineWidth;

CircleProperties updatedCircle = _currentCircle;
updatedCircle.Radius = Mathf.Lerp(_currentCircle.Radius, _targetCircle.Radius, _lerpSpeed * Time.unscaledDeltaTime);
updatedCircle.LineWidth = Mathf.Lerp(_currentCircle.LineWidth, _targetCircle.LineWidth, _lerpSpeed * Time.unscaledDeltaTime);

_currentCircle = updatedCircle;

public void SetFollowTarget(Transform target, Vector3 offset)
_followTarget = target;
_followOffset = offset;

public void TurnOff()
_lineRenderer.enabled = false;
_targetCircle = new CircleProperties(1f, 0.5f);

public void SetCircle(float radius, float lineWidth)
_lineRenderer.enabled = true;
_targetCircle = new CircleProperties(radius, lineWidth);

Thanks for the video! Haha, seeing you play it makes me see a lot of things that could be improved, but I'm glad you liked it :D 

Thanks! And yeah, had to rush the arrow effects a little bit, definitely one of the first visual things I would improve if I continued on the project.

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, I will defiantly take that into consideration if I continue with the game. Also, I'm blown away at how helpful providing a GIF of your bug/issue is, huge thanks for that!

I audibly giggled when I realized the squid was throwing my stuff back :D haha, good job!

Thanks! If you ever want to talk about Game Dev / have any questions for me, feel free to reach out. 

The little phrases that the zombie's say, and that come up when you punch them add a lot of charm! I genuinely smiled when I saw "Zom-punched!" 

I like how you teach the player over time, like one big tutorial, makes it a really approachable experience. I think you did a a great job on the design there!

Wow not what I expected at all, really interesting take on the theme. I never would have thought about applying "less-is-more" to meditation/breathing exercises, but it works!

Wow I really like this one, hearing the little people react to your art is so satisfying and its a really cool take on the theme. Nice work!

Gotta be honest, the soundtrack had me boppin' :D nice job

Harder than it looks! I could only get up to 7, haha. I like the concept, good job!

It is short, but for your first finished game I think you have a lot to be proud of in this! Hope you keep it up :) 

Too relatable :P basically me when I go for a run and then pick up a bunch of junk food after. Honestly though, nice job, like the character art!

It's impressive how you made such a big world in such a short time, I love the little descriptions on all the items. Lot of charm and character!

Had fun with it! I like the aesthetic, and I it was cool to fall victim to my own greed (I bought more power almost every wave :P)   

Haha wow I'm flattered, I'm glad you liked it

I'd play a whole game in this art style :D 

If your looking for a simple Dungeon Crawl / Golf game...

Thank you! That's fair feedback, I think I'd need to look at the items should I come back to this at some point.

Thanks! I tried to keep the art style really simple, and I'm pretty quick on the tech side since I've been working with Unity a while.

Yeah that's fair, probably could have had more shop scenes, maybe if I end up adding more to the game :) 

Haha, as soon as I turned up that fire-rate *chef's kiss* 

Thanks! I'll check yours out next

Can't believe this hasn't gotten more attention yet, cool idea and really slick art + sound :) 

Love the cheerful music and atmosphere! although the bats are kind of difficult to see, but maybe that's just my poor reflexes :P 

Wow this is difficult! Appreciate the warning in the description, I couldn't get much further than the first checkpoint

Haha thanks! Yeah I like to call golf "the original less-is-more game" :P it was fun putting my own spin on it though

I found it a little difficult to tell what was happening on the small screen, but I do really like the general idea of a "game within a game" with the whole virtual game boy! 

I already tried yours! It was really cool!

Anyway this is mine :)

Here is mine!

Here is mine, hope you like it!

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Here is mine! Would love some feedback/ratings

Would love some feedback/ratings here is my game:

Its a simplified Dungeon Crawler with golf mechanics!

Hope you like it! Here is mine :) 

Its a simplified dungeon crawler with golf mechanics :D

Deceptively difficult! Also, really like the soundtrack :) 

I'm a little biased, but love the take on using golf with the theme ;) also really cool that you made a devlog too, interesting to see your process!

Nice pixel art, and I like the environmental take on the theme! would have been nice to have a progress bar or something to show more clearly when I was about to lose though.

Really nice and clean style, I was a bit confused by the gameplay though, were the spikes supposed to kill me?

I went through a good chunk of it thinking "boy I move pretty slow" then I took some damage and it all clicked! haha, good work :) love the VFX work