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if you want to participate in the second part, feel free to pm me. I have some ideas, but I don't have enough time to write a story and new puzzle ideas

I'll think about it

awesome game and idea!

quite small but good for one time :)

I like the atmosphere. unfortunately short and without a plot.

you'll help a lot :)

nice game  with cool ambient. though boss is really hard and it's a bit boring just walking in the corridors

PS: please, enable the fullscreen button in settings

haha :D

yes, it's possible :) check out the video in the comment if you gave up

thanks! your robotic voice adds more fear :D

you will have to merge this code into your dialogue system

I don't think I understood what you want to achieve

aren't you already?

I love it! so cute duck

keep it up! it could grow into a solid game

really interesting control, but should be polished

great graphics and animations!

looks interesting, but I couldn't figure out what to do

poor godot, nice concept but I stuck at the first crystal

I can see a big potential of this game

I stood :)

I've spend 10 mins for playing :D really cool game, well done

interesting idea, I wish there were more plants and towers


yeah :D

thanks for the feedback!

it's right above your post

the secret ingredient is YOU! the each and every player. stay safe

I like it! also the stream was awesome!

I like the graphics!

hehe, his style of cooking :D


I like the idea!

funny game :)

If you have a cool shader, post it here

Let me know what you think about this tool

check the videos here in the comments :)

try again :) it's not that hard

thanks for the video!