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Previous export tip supercharged: here's export for referencing a node in the node tree:

export(NodePath) onready var player = get_node(player) as KinematicBody2D
  • Create a variable and assign it
  • Follows static typing - you get nice class-specific hints in the script editor instead of useless garbage
  • No need to remember how your node tree is laid out
  • You can rename or move that node elsewhere on the tree and it'll still be connected
  • All of that in one single line

The only downside to this is that it doesn't play nice if your script is a tool script. Other than that, it's super useful if you're a diehard OOP follower or rely on singular nodes to do your bidding instead of making one giant script for readability.

And here's a load and preload alternative with the use of export:

export(PackedScene) var bullet_entity

No need to refactor your code if that file moves! If you use Godot's file system to move files, other scenes should update automatically with the new file path.

Wish I could like the game, but the weirdly restrictive controls (like how running diagonally makes you slower on gamepad) and camera controls are really bad. I just couldn't enjoy myself, it was frustrating to no end.

This one part used up about 8 minutes of my 36 minute run.

Yes, you can do that, but not with the text I'm complaining about, hence the comment.

As a beginner to tabletop RPGs, I love it.
Played it both irl and online via chat messages and storing notes, character sheets, lore and maps in a folder. Super easy to learn and really gets me into the writing mood. Would recommend to newcomers to these kinds of games.
Introducing new players to the mechanics as a GM is also very easy. Start with the inventory and Saves, get them accustomed to the idea of choosing your own way of play and open everything up once they leave the area and enter the town.

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I love the tool so far, but one thing really frustrates me. The text next to each task (Priority, Working, Done) is not only low contrast, but extremely tiny (doesn't resize when using keyboard shortcuts). Not to mention I can't change them via custom themes.

Reminds me more of Enter the Gungeon tbh

Looks amazing, but I couldn't beat the first level.

Thanks for your critique!

I can tell you right off the bat that the timers are fixed, but they get shorter with each item collected. While the gameplay wasn't well thought out, I commend the artist for his work. It fits rather well with the lighting that I used. He did made more graphics  for the environments, but sadly those aren't in the game. With a bit more time, the station could've been an actual place with some kind of environmental storytelling. I am a fan of these kinds of atmospheres, so who knows, my future projects could attempt without the time constrants.

As this was my first game jam where I was at the helm in terms of programming, it was stressful, but satisfying. Thanks for your feedback!

I did try it out in a local emulator and the game works fine, so I don't know if the itch servers are overloaded or something, but I'll try to get this fixed if I can.

This option doesn't work for me - all it does is only export the EXE without the PCK, but it will still complain about the lack of the PCK file. Anyone knows what's the deal with that?

You have to do it the old fashioned way - comparing values. In the most basic of senses, comparing positions in relation to your character is basically what you'll be doing all the time. Tile based games are simpler, but with velocity added it becomes a bit harder.

I remember playing the pre-alpha back in the day. Can't believe you haven't abandoned it yet. Really interested and I wish you best of luck!

For those wondering, I've figured it out.

In the editor, at the top of the tile sheet, there's three buttons for flipping sprites horizontally, vertically or rotating it 90 degrees. You can use that if you want to flip tiles and place them inside the map.

In the code, there are additional arguments for flipping for sprite and draw functions. Check the documentation under the Drawing Graphics category.

I want to rotate the tilemap sprites or character sprites, but the word "rotate" is only mentioned once in the entire documentation. Is it even possible?