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A non-Euclidean geometry is literally just a geometry in which not all Euclidean postulates are honoured. Wikipedia gives "replacing the parallel postulate" as an example, which is defied by this game: we can draw a straight line, have two other non-parallel lines intersect with it at different points, and yet manage to have them not intersect with each other by guiding one of them through a portal. It actually more closely resembles hyperbolic geometry under the right circumstances (i.e. at least one portal is present closer to the given line R than to point P).

Thank you so much for the feedback! It's a really thorough and in-depth analysis, that's so awesome! It's really interesting to me to see what you pointed out and what highlights caught your eye. I fully agree with everything you said: the game was rough. This is the first time I really got into time trouble in a jam, and it shows. I generally expect a higher level of polish from the games I release (or at least, I like to think so), but some unforeseen time sinks (making the game use a retro resolution, various switches of bounce systems and the re-doing of all art assets, especially) got me in slightly more trouble than I actually could manage. Having said that, it's very informative for me to know what parts show most when they don't get enough attention.

Specifically, I couldn't agree more with your two main points. I was afraid the game would be confusing, and I fully concur with your statement about the tutorial. I hold a big grudge against tutorials. Usually, when a game I bought has a large, extensive or intrusive tutorial/prologue (e.g. XCOM 2, Warsaw, Middle Earth: Shadow of War), I just quit them. I have to force myself to start playing them again (which can be really rewarding: XCOM 2 is one of the best strategy games I've ever played, I think) but introductions like these barely ever work. I'm more of a "show, don't tell"-kinda guy, so I totally see how this could cause confusion.

Your point about frustration and reward also makes complete sense. I didn't playtest and iterate enough - I barely playtested or iterated - to find out whether or not the core gameplay loop felt fulfilling. That information is really insightful to me! It helps me straighten my priorities for my following projects, which are undoubtedly to come,  and hopefully allows me to improve my game devving and the product I create. So once again, thank you so much for the feedback you're giving.

Additional notes of interest: I found it really funny to notice we had such similar ideas for our games. In effect, we both made pinball variations that allow the player to change the terrain rather than just use flippers. That immediately got into my mind when I saw your game, and I thought it was a fun similarity. Other than that, I'm definitely spending more time on technicalities for any larger release I'd do, such as the installing of DirectX like you said, and I would look into exporting to Mac.

One final time: super much thanks for your feedback. It helps a lot. I hope you have a great day!

Sadly not :( I still use an old 1.4 version of Gamemaker Studio and I haven't upgraded to GM:S 2 yet, so I can't use HTML exports, and I don't have a mac so I can't build to mac either. That's a shame. I will keep this in mind for my following projects though (specifically my Devtober project), but for now I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. If you have access to a Linux machine, I could try and make a build for that?

Nice thinking, having the 7-theme link to a slot machine. That's some creative layered use of the theme!

Big props for doing it all in the final 2,5 hours! That's a real jam, haha.

For real though, cool stuff! Creative idea to allow the player to move the entire board instead of just loose elements, I like that. Hope you had fun jamming!

In another post they specifically stated "The theme is revealed when the jam starts on the 6th of september!"

EST +2 passed about 2 hours ago. Maybe they meant CST + 1 which would result in the theme being released about now, but whichever way, it's still weird.

Not only does that mean the host simply used the wrong time for the countdown, 12PM CST +2 has also passed about 45 minutes ago.

I think they made a mistake setting the timezone? The text states it's supposed to start at 12 PM CST +2, which will be in like 4 or 5 hours if I'm not incorrect

Strangely satisfying! Also, very fun how the characters moves to the beat, and how there was a build-up build-off when playing the full performance. Nice project!

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I meant feedback loops like enemies flashing/exploding, sound effects, animations, stuff like that. The actual term I meant was "game feel" I guess, or whatever it is Jan Willem Nijman, the creator of Vlambeer, speaks of in this overly often quoted talk.

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I really liked it! It starts nice and easy, but as the speed of the enemies ramps up, so does the tension. It felt really cool to first miss, acrobat your way around the enemies, pick the shuriken back up and land a sweet double kill mid-air. For being made in a day, it felt really well thought-out and neat. If you plan on updating it sometime, improving the player feedback could make it excel (although I already admire the fact that you implemented screenshake when landing a shot, it adds a lot). All together, a really well-done jam entry!

Thanks for the feedback! I am not a fan of story/text-based games either, but I felt like it did fit this game haha. Pause menu's and spicing up scenery are always on my to-do list in a jam, but always end up getting cut in the end due to time management (I only slept 4 hours during the final night fixing other stuff haha), but you're definitely right in saying that it would improve the experience. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! The font is something we're not quite satisfied with either, but we didn't find time during the jam to fix it. It will be fixed in some later update, after the jam has ended. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

These sounds are really cool! I love westerns and I love your other works I know (especially the Grand Adventure Music Mega Pack) so I figured I'd use this pack for my entry for the 125th trijam. I figured you might like to see it. Thanks for all the good stuff!

These fonts are really cool! I used Compass in my entry for the 125th trijam. You can find it here!

Thank you for your feedback! And the Linux port was no problem at all, like, yes it did take a while and stuff, but I wanted to learn it anyway (my last port was a disaster, it ran only on one machine) so I'm glad it worked. Btw, did you encounter any graphical glitches when running, by any chance? Or is that just my laptop having not the right setup for gaming on Linux?

Nice game! Very well put together, overall.

That was fun! A bit buggy, but fun! I liked it when I discovered that you can drop on top of the frogs as bunny (made me go on a rampage hahah). Also, I really liked the art style, great job on that one! Cheers!

Thanks a ton! :D

I just uploaded a Linux Zip file! It did cost me blood, sweat and tears (and about 7 hours of non-stop problem handling) but it ran on my Ubuntu laptop. Do note that I did work on the game post-jam a little before your request, so this version will have shaders implemented, unlike the original release (however, those shaders made the game look strange on my Linux Machine so I doubt this would change your opinion of the game favourably haha). I hope it runs! Let me know if you encounter any problems

Ah! That's a shame. I'll create a Linux build in the morning, but all I can do is hope that that might work (if you're still interested by then)

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Post-jam game page editing is my coping mechanism haha

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Sounds like I need to take some time for bugfixing after the jam, but I'm glad your overall impression was good :)

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! The difficulty curve was something I was struggling with a lot (I didn't really have time for balancing in a 3 hour plan haha) and which I might update post-jam (among some other things).

Fun game, looks great! Do gotta say, it's a bit tricky to rate since after the skeleton dies for the first time the game crashes with an error saying it cannot execute "mainScript.exe", you might wanna look into that. But other than that, from what I've seen it seems fun!

I did manage to finish! The difficulty curve felt really natural, the final part was a bit more tricky but it didn't feel like it was dragging (which is rare for puzzle games, so great job on that :D).

Nice entry! Especially for your first game jam (congratulations btw :D). The game did feel a bit pointless because of the lack of a win/loss state, but the other elements (especially the feedback system, with the screenshake and all) were really good. Keep up the good work!

Nice game. I did feel like destroying the master robot made the game a little too easy.

Nice game! The idea with the other town members stepping in when you die was really creative. Felt like an old-school bossfight. Great entry!

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The game won't run in my browser (firefox, latest update, windows 10) because it gets stuck in a loading screen. Can you maybe export it to a downloadable version or something like that? Would gladly rate the game. NVM: fix: use chrome.

Neat entry! As was already pointed out, the feedback really makes the experience.

No problem at all! I get it, gamejams are mostly a ton of hectics haha, especially when the end is nearing. Really did enjoy the concept, keep up the good jams!

Neat entry! Automatic fire would've been nice, but fun game!

Fun game! The shooting audio was a tad loud/sharp, but it was a neat little bossfight battle, which definitely fits the theme.

Interesting concept! Fun to play around with

Fun little game! Might be a little too hard/punishing though.

Really cool game! Love the time mechanic. Especially in combination with the rewinding music, it reminded me of Braid. Among the most creative/polished ideas I've seen so far!

Nice game! Really felt that intensity curve hit me in like the 8th round, really liked that. Like others pointed out, automatic fire wouldn't have been a luxury haha. Nevertheless, cool entry!