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Awww now unplayable because flash is dead

it will be a separate list and I’m making some gameplay additions so there will be more trophies with a platinum

Yes I just released this one

sorry I no longer have the original package so I can’t produce a patch. In the next few months I will be releasing a remastered version on PS4 (footage here which will have fully functional trophies and will be free to everyone who already owns the original

have you got to the second level? It’s a lot narrower and very windy. I felt like it was quite hectic. If you have do you feel differently?

I've fixed this in the download version. I'm wary of reuploading  the webplayer version in case it ends up erasing the save files

I really like the sense of atmosphere in this

I’ve got a game prototype that i’m trying to get feedback on. Not sure if it’s appropriate for the not at gecko collection. It can be played here

I was looking through some other game jams and I thought I saw some unfinished WIPs uploaded so I uploaded my own barely started game because use I thought that's what everybody was doing. Then I had another look at the other jam entries and they all seemed to be finished and I'm the only one who's done it on this jam. Have I committed a faux pas? This is the first jam I've entered and I'm not sure how it works

Very good collection of games. Keep up the good work