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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

Level 15 seems to be the main one people have trouble with. If you decide to give it another shot there are some slight hints on this comment page that might help.

Thank you! If we continue development on this at some point I would definitely want to keep it mobile friendly.

Also, if you like mobile puzzle games, check out Afterburn Games if you haven’t already. I’ve really enjoyed all of their games, and there is undoubtedly some influence from them in this game.

Glad you’re enjoying it!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

It’s possible that was a last-minute regression, we were tweaking some of the audio code to get the ending transitions working and might have missed that in the process. 😅

Thank you so much! We really wanted all of the elements to be as cohesive as possible, so this is great to hear!

Thank you!

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

On the note of level 15, if you decide to give another shot (hint warning): think about how you might be able to extend a plant’s reach even further than you’ve been able to up to that point.

These are great ideas, thanks for the feedback!

Not 100% sure if I just screwed up the beginning or what but eventually it just seemed like the customers piled up outside and weren’t coming in anymore. The fact the tutorial steps told me to apply it but I had to buy it from the catalogue was a bit confusing as well.

That said, the art style was really neat, and there were a lot of cool elements there. Nice job!

Really enjoyed the writing and the clever interpretation of the theme. Very nicely done!

Really nice idea! Loved the grunting sound effects and increasingly ridiculous scenarios. Very funny interpretation of the theme!

Not sure if I was just fast/lucky enough but I never really felt super threatened. I think some more opportunities to fall behind might have added to the suspense/franticness a bit.

Still fun, though, nice work!

What a cute little game! It was fun to try the different dialog options and meet my doom in various ways. Nice work!

Man, very tough, and so unforgiving. And yet still fun! Really solid concept and execution. Great work!

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I was able to get into the gate and go up to the toy but then I was very confused. I wish there had been a path or something leading to the right, because it took me a while to realize I could go that way despite not being about to go any other way.

Didn’t know about PICO-8 before this, though, so that was kind of neat to learn a bit about.

I wasn’t sure what to do in the mountains. I jumped around there for a while but never figure out where I was supposed to go.

I’m curious to know more about the concept because I feel like there is potentially something more philosophical here that I’m not totally getting.

Really great horror vibe. Love the art and the story as well.

Gameplay-wise, I had trouble figuring out what to do. I kind of just felt like I was wandering around aimlessly, occasionally finding enemies (?), until I eventually encountered the edge of the map. I ran off it just to see what would happen but I just kept falling. I refreshed the page to just start over, but then the game seemed kind of bugged, where movement wasn’t totally straight and the character seemed potentially smaller. Re-opening the game in an incognito window fixed it, but even then I still wasn’t able to make any meaningful progress in the game, other than recording a few ghosts and getting a tape and some batteries.

All of that said, I saw enough to recognize that there was definitely a lot of solid effort in here, so nice work regardless!

This was interesting! I’m still a little confused about the bars that fill up for the various actions, it never seemed like it really mattered how full they were.

Regardless, this was a simple, funny game. I liked that all of the areas kind of brought their own thing to the table and had a very different feeling to them. Nice job!

Thanks for the feedback! We were trying to teach the mechanics non-verbally, purely through the design/progression of the levels. But definitely, if we continue development on this at some point, it will be worth considering either how we can teach the mechanics more clearly or even have some kind of explicit explanation available as a fallback. Thanks again!

That’s fair! There definitely should have been another simple level introducing that concept beforehand. Hopefully people will generally figure it out through experimentation, but you’re right that it’s never made clear that that’s possible.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game!

This was really fun! I loved the music and general style. The thermometer is a really clever way of providing various kinds of feedback that might have otherwise been difficult to convey without a but of extra UI elements, especially since it adds a layer of realistic challenge to the process.

I found myself wanting the measurements to be a bit more precise (even just tick marks for the various doneness levels would have been nice) and some more specific feedback about what factors were off would have been helpful. At the same time, both of those are also pretty true-to-life. People don’t always give great feedback, and it’s hard to precisely measure most of the metrics the multi-mometer was giving you. So all-in-all I think was a really solid game!

Really nice! Nice little twist on Stephan’s Sausage Roll with a very cute style.

Only thing that tripped me up slightly was that I knew I could pick up the stick with spacebar but it took me a minute to realize I could drop it too. Probably just the influence of having played Stephen’s Sausage Roll first, but it might be nice to have the sign say “pickup/drop” instead just to be clear. Or maybe just a separate sign that says “spacebar to drop too” or something like that.

Regardless, great job!

This was really interesting! I like the art and the story a lot. The way the cards and stamina worked was a little confusing for me at first but once I got it down it wasn’t too bad. I mostly just had to read the cards more carefully, I didn’t realize the text could be different on cards of the same type.

Regardless, nice job to all involved!

Really neat idea! I really liked the art style. It took some time to understand exactly how the upgrading and what-not worked but once I got it it worked well.

The only thing that really stuck out to me is that the 50 HP plus-shaped enemies were a darker shade of blue than the other pluses, which made we a little uncertain of how to handle them at first. I figured it out obviously but it was initially a little confusing since there wasn’t a similar colored symbol in the store.

Gotcha, there is definitely a lot of counting. And that’s good to know about moving up and down. I figured being able to see the bottom section a little would encourage players to try to figure out how to look at it more directly and then they’d find the arrow, but there probably should be something drawing you to that more, especially since I was going for a point-and-click kind of vibe. Maybe it would have made sense to detect clicks in the bottom area and flash the down arrow or something. Regardless, thanks for the feedback, that’s good to know!

I did have fun! And yeah, that makes sense. Right now this strikes me as a kind of endless mode where the levels don’t really mean anything there’s just another indication of how far you got. Whereas I think I would really enjoy more of a puzzle mode. Kind of like Tetris Attack if you’ve ever played that. Just a thought!

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Great game, I really loved the progress of the levels. You did a good job making sure your role felt different in each level (or at least it didn’t feel repetitive, which I think could easily have happened). The art and audio was great.

The teaching mechanics was super neat, but took quite a bit of trial and error to really get down which was somewhat frustrating. I think maybe if the bubbles above their head had the standard record/play/stop icons instead of always the question marks, that would have helped a lot.

Still, neat idea and solid execution.

Very cool idea, what an odd mix of genres! Loved the retro style and taking advantage of this kind of movement as a puzzle mechanic.

Nice job!

Nicely done! The Thomas Was Alone aesthetic was well executed, and there was definitely a relationship created between the green and orange blocks.

The jumping controls were just a little awkward, but otherwise the gameplay felt pretty smooth. Great job!

Couldn’t get a plus-sign shape (pretty sure that was the last one I needed, I had 11). Very tricky, nice job!

Got to 16,400 points after a couple plays! Not sure if that’s good but it felt like an accomplishment.

Nicely polished, and ran well on Linux. Great job!

This was a lot of fun! The explanation of the mechanics on the page was helpful, though mostly just to avoid wasting time trying to figure it out. I wonder if some kind of background/static images might have helped lead the player into some of the rules (e.g. a red icon on the left and a yellow icon on the right). After a couple levels I felt like I was missing something and went looking.

Regardless, this was a really cool exploration of these mechanics. There were some tricky levels here. I think 17 was probably my favorite, but the last one was pretty neat, too (at least as a programmer).

Great job! Really nice level of polish and creative puzzles. Finding and playing the secret levels was a nice bonus. :)

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

It was a lot of fun to make, but was definitely an experimental kind puzzle design for me, so I wasn’t sure what people would think. I’m happy to hear that it resonated with someone!

So relatable. :)

Nice work!

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On Linux I got a segfault when trying to interact. I even tried running the Windows version through Wine but I got a segfault there as well. Just FYI (not rating since I didn’t really get to experience the game).

Really cool movement and a great exploration of it with the obstacles. Nice job!

This was really neat. Very challenging but so simple and engaging at the same time.

Nice job!

Short and sweet. Flying instead of jumping was an interesting twist on this kind of game.

The art was nice and the story was interesting. Nice job!

This was cool. The moon facts were great.

I had some trouble with the controls, partially because it was a little hard to tell what I was doing wrong (e.g. if I was in an invalid place) or if something just didn’t trigger. Often trying multiple times would get it to work. I think the main case that bugged me was if I was on a platform that lowered as I slept, it would result in dropping a bit, waking up, and having to sleep again, repeatedly.

Overall though, this was pretty cool. Nice work!