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That’s great, thanks for playing and for the feedback! I have 5 year old myself and she was super interested in it while I was making it, so it’s fun to get another 5 year old’s perspective. Glad you had fun with it!

Thanks for playing, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

This was neat! Cute opening and ending scenes and cool general concept.

It was a little awkward figuring out how the game worked, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I think it just felt like I was getting eaten/killed and without some kind of visual indication that I had taken over the fish it was easy to assume I had lost, at least for a second or two. But like I said, I figured it out pretty quickly, so not huge a deal.

Overall, this was a very complete-feeling entry with some unique ideas, so great job!

As others have said, this was surprisingly fun for how simple it is, but it also pretty brutal for sending you back to level 1 after a single failure. That said, you definitely hit on something that works here, so nice job!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

Ha ha, that was definitely a fun, unexpected consequence of the rules.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

This game definitely requires more trial and error than I would have liked, so I definitely understand that feedback (which has been fairly common). I found it difficult to extract teachable lessons that had direct, practical uses in future levels. The snake-like level is the only one that I felt really good about in that regard, and even then it’s hard to know if that and the level that follows it are enough to really drive home the point. I’m definitely counting the user to recognize what’s happened and carry that lesson with them afterward, which is probably a lot to ask for a game that’s already so abstract.

That said, going in, I really wasn’t sure if this would yield anything worthwhile at all, it was really just an experiment in whether a cellular automata-based game “would puzzle” with the help of rock-paper-scissors mechanics. And I think it got the job done in that regard, so I’m happy with that.

Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback. Thanks for playing, I’m glad you had fun with it!

Ah, that makes so much sense! Bummer it had to be changed, but I can see why you did it. Worked out well enough in the end, though!

I was a little confused about exactly how the combat worked and how to best take advantage of taking over the enemies. Either that or this was just more difficult than I was prepared for and it made me feel like I must be missing something. I think it just either needs more of a difficulty ramp-up or a tutorial of some kind.

Regardless, the art and music were solid and basic concept worked, so nice job!

Visually this was nice, but I couldn’t figure out what to do at first. After wasting time trying to go right, I started over and went left only to get stuck pretty quickly in the green floating area. Once I got past that though, I worked my way around up to the ceiling and starting going up the starting chute when my finger slipped and I fell back to starting point, which was pretty disappointing.

That said, I did generally find the controls to be pretty solid after a little messing around with them. It kind of reminded me of Octodad.

There’s a lot here that’s done well, I think the level design/player guiding just needs some work.

Nice job!

This was neat! Very interesting visuals, I especially liked the opening animation. Lots of fun dialog, too.

Nice job!

The syringe/gun mechanics was really neat, it was fun to steal enemy abilities Kirby-style in a shooter like this.

Visually this was really solid, too.

Nice job!

This was a fun interpretation of the theme and you did a good job of setting a creepy tone. Nice job!

This was neat! Unique interpretation of the theme and interesting use of the roshambo wildcard. I kind of wanted there to be a level where you needed to have, for example, the blue worm so that when you approach a red worm (which you don’t want to get) it goes away, giving you a short window where you could grab the yellow worm and speed past the red worm’s location while retaining the yellow worm power, if that makes sense. I kind of assumed that was the key to the Fast Switch level which made me take longer there than I probably should have.

I also loved all the text commentary throughout the level, that was a fun touch.

Great job!

This was… very strange. Would love to see what a more fleshed out version of this would turn into.

But especially for 5 hours of work, nice job!

This was simple but fun! I liked the art and the party mode.

The tutorial was good, too.

Nice job!

Great audio and graphics! The environmental design was really solid as well, it definitely felt like a cohesive world. There were a lot of solid layers here.

The combat was solid but not without its oddities. It was unclear to me whether the red squares were all hit by a given attack or all options for who I could hit. It kind of seemed like different units worked differently in that regard despite the fact that I didn’t notice anything denoting that. Some of the attack animations were also confusing, they didn’t always seem to be coming from the right place, which probably didn’t help with the confusion of where my hits were landing.

Regardless, those are pretty minor relative to the overall amount of polish on this entry. Very nicely done!

Thank for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

This was great! The tutorial was solid and the interactions were all pretty straightforward. It did seem like the AI stopped doing anything after a while and then it was easy to win, but maybe it was just hard to see what it was doing at that point.

But the audio was good, the graphics were solid, and the mechanics seemed well thought out. It would be interesting to play against another human player and see how that played out. Great job!

Fun idea, and interesting interpretation of the theme. With some additional layers I could see this turning into to something really fun.

The camera rotation felt more like a bug than a feature and if that is the case, it might be worth looking into the order precedence of the euler angle rotations for Godot and why that’s necessary but it may even be necessary/easier to use quaternions. Something to look into at least just so you’re aware of how to fix those sorts of issues.

Regardless, this still played well enough and was a solid first GWJ entry. Nice job!

Had a little trouble finding my way out at the end and even when I did it was a little bit of a surprise, so it would have been nice to have a more clear view of what I was looking for in the exit.

But the voice acting was funny and the general idea worked well. Nice job!

Yeah, those ideas all make sense to me. I agree that friction is weird, but also a good variable to play with.

I also wonder if the scale, either of the objects themselves or the field of view or both, could be tweaked to help that. I feel like there’s a tricky interaction between controls, max speed, view size, and object size that might just be a little out of balance here.

Lots to play with, ha ha. Good luck!

I wasn’t able to beat level 3 so I figured hey, I’ll just jump to the boss level and see what that’s like… I was not ready.

This was fun, though. Really solid atmosphere, all of the elements worked well together. Some of the sound effects were a little grating (mostly the UI sounds) but beyond that I thought the audio was good.

Nice job!

Fun interpretation of the theme! Very nice visuals across the board, the UI design was great, the 3D models were pretty, and the cell shading worked nicely with all of it. I also really liked the different natural disasters and the way they were grouped up for leveling up.

I found it a little hard to move as fast as I wanted on my trackpad, but I was still able to win eventually after a handful of tries. It also helped that I better understood what I was doing after two or three attempts. I sometimes had a little trouble matching up with the cooldown images with the 3D objects on the earth but eventually figured it out well enough. It would have been nice if they were more similar though.

Regardless, great job, this was a lot of fun!

Had to play it by myself as well but it worked well enough to get the idea. I could see this being a fun party game! It took me a bit to realize I could control the the animals after infecting them and had to run them into the other castle. It seems obvious in retrospect, but I didn’t get that from the instructions screen.

The visuals were great and really every layer of it was really solid. Great job!

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for playing, so glad you enjoyed it!

I did! Honestly if I had to pick one thing to add it would be audio. Everything else was very reasonable for a game jam!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I had the idea for this almost immediately when I saw the theme/wildcard announcement but I knew there was a risk it would be too convoluted for many people. So glad to hear it’s landing for some.

Thanks again!

This was a really interesting concept. It felt like a mash-up of ideas I’d seen in different places but wouldn’t have expected to come together this nicely. I liked the character designs and the movement sounds as well.

Nice job!

Visually this was great! Really liked the general concept.

It took me forever to figure out how to catch the fish and then just as long to figure out that I was supposed to remove the parasites from the fish. But once I got it it worked out pretty well. It didn’t seem like I could move the boat from the underwater view, which would have been nice.

Ultimately, this was a bit basic/repetitive in the end, but there’s a lot here that’s really cool, so I could see this becoming something really neat if you spend more time on it in the future.

Nice job!

I survived 4 days! This was an interested concept but I found the movement a little awkward and it seemed like I was getting attacked diagonally? I was also thrown off by the medkit sound apparently being the same as the injury sound.

The story and setting were neat, though, and I liked a lot of art, gave it a very NES/GB vibe. The silly mode was a fun touch, too.

Nice job!

Cool concept! As others mentioned it was a little confusing the first time I died and the water was rare enough and, as far as I can tell, not indicated in any way, so it kind of felt like I was just making my best guess as to whether I could keep moving forward or if I had to turn back.

Regardless, nice job!

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely knew going into this that even though I was trying to keep things relatively simple, there were still going to need to be a fair number of moving parts to make sure there would be interesting interactions. Plus cellular automata aren’t exactly common game mechanics, let alone in a puzzle game.

Glad you enjoyed the silly side of it though, I had a lot of fun putting it together.

Hey, thanks for playing nonetheless, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Really neat! At times I found the movement a little jerky and frustrating but for the most part it was pretty good. I liked how many of the levels required using the abilities of different “friends” to get them to coordinate and get you through the level.

Nice job!

I liked the open sequence and the walk animation. The music was also nice although it wasn’t working in the Linux build. I saw that someone else mentioned it though and ran through the Windows version via wine and that worked.

Simple, but lots of nice little touches.

Nice job!

Ha ha, I totally know how that goes. Still, nice job for your first GWJ!

This was pretty cool! I really enjoyed the audio and visuals. Took a while to get how things were working but I think that was due to two key reasons. 1) My inclination was send the attack bugs to separate planets which I think slowed me down to the point that I couldn’t really make any progress, and 2) there wasn’t really any feedback on the attack mode, so it wasn’t clear that it was working, although I think it did help, especially at the beginning. Making the initial phase a bit more forgiving could have been good too. The video and other information you put on the page was definitely helpful though, so thanks for that.

But yeah, there was a lot here that did work once I understood what I needed to do, so nice job!

Nice audio and visuals. The controls were a bit cumbersome for me, but I feel like they’re fairly standard, I’m just not really a fan of asteroids type controls, I guess. Regardless, this had a cool vibe to it and some nice effects when things blew up.

Nice job!