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Really great idea! 

Love the starting animation with your sword being stolen.  Why does parrying eat up your shield? The fact that you accelerate from a stop to full speed makes it really hard to take advantage of a parry. I would hit an enemy, they would stop, and I would try to start moving and then take forever to get moving and end up dying. It's like playing Mario Kart with a heavy car with a fast top speed that you can never get up to because people keep hitting you. Same in reverse. Sliding to a stop means that I accidentally ended up just bumping into enemies and dying instead of stopping where I intended so that I could parry them. You should really be able to plan more in a game that has no fighting. I should be able to aim at where I want to be, parry, then use the momentum of my parry to go off in a different direction while the enemy is frozen.

Download doesn't work but link in comments does. Not obvious gameplay. There's a readme but what file format even is that?

Good music, interesting idea but wasn't clear what the capabilities of different robots are. One just kind of....disappeared after a while, and that was the only way to get past it? Also, for a game that requires you to slip past bad guys, the controls are "slippery". You should stop when you take your fingers off the key, not keep sliding.

Good look/good feel but very hard.

Wow! It really does feel like every Metroidvania ever! I both like and hate the randomness of the damage during the boss fight, but I guess if I was playing Metroid I'd probably not make every shot or would get hit during the battle. Save points are great, music is atmospheric. I'd love to play more!

"An endless runner with no hazards" except I hit a wall and died? Isn't that a hazard?

I like the concept, and in a fully-fleshed out game I'd love there to be an increase of difficulty. Just figuring what the things are and what to do with them is hard enough without having them also happening on the other side of the screen at the same time. Would definitely like to see it ramp up. First, with things alternating between halves of the screen so you can get a handle on what you're supposed to be doing on each side, then you can have things happening all at once. 

Super interesting concept but I couldn't hit anyone. This is one of those games that I think might be easier the more enemies you have, because you could use it for friendly fire scenarios. But starting with 2 enemies right next to each other, I couldn't bend the bullets enough to get anywhere close to hitting them. I was super proud of myself for even getting them to bend 90 degrees but that's not going to kill anyone except maybe myself.

I supremely love the idea of this game but unfortunately for me the controls were backwards from what I wanted to do (I'd like to move with the arrow keys and dodge with WASD) so I couldn't play it for very long without getting super frustrated. But the music, the sprites, the everything is super great!!!!!

Super short, but it definitely has the feeling of a text adventure without text. Love the idea of icons. Would love there to be more places. Couldn't tell if the generic rectangles were supposed to be icons or empty places or what but it definitely wasn't clear what I was doing at times because there were no pictures except that I knew I could click on them.

It's not obvious what the enemies are doing. "HP" is a weird concept because you don't know what your enemies will be targeting. Is it contributing to an overall HP or just for that block? How much damage do enemies do? How many are coming in the future? I could definitely see myself playing this game more if I had more information about what was coming so I could better defend against it. Why should I build houses at all if they're so weak? 

Super frustrating but I was laughing the whole time.  I like the idea of the pompous voice over but an improvement in voice acting would make this game much better. It's a ridiculous game and I love it.

I love the music and the aesthetic for this card game. I like that a card with a communal board has a communist feel. Wish I was playing against a computer instead of myself because that changes the strategy a lot if you can see the cards.

Very clever game! Was struggling to get any of my builders to become knights and then got totally nuked by enemies in about 26 seconds. Super fun!

Clever, sleek design, but the background needs to be more dynamic to know when you're actually moving. I was standing still wondering where all the targets were for a long time before I even realized I was stopped.

Interface could be improved.  Pieces that went in the pit kept blinking in and out when trying to stand up on un-level ground.

Clever concept, but I felt like I couldn't execute turns the way I wanted or jump over my own fire. Sometimes started burning before I even started running because of accidental keystrokes. I like the intentionality of it but leaves 0 room for mistakes.

Sound design: Excellent. Concept: Excellent. Coding elements: Inspired. I loved it. Got stuck on the puzzles, but loved it!