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Thanks! Yeah, it's my first public game so I wanted to make sure I'd at least be able to release it. I was gonna add some more gameplay elements but ran out of time.

Ooh that's an interesting idea, if i decide to make a post-jam version I'll play around with some other forms of movement!

Should also be in the tutorial slides from the main menu, though it's not very obvious so no fault there haha

Yep, I'm aware of the issue. It's got something to do with resetting values on the swap position function. If I decide to make a post-jam version then it should be a pretty easy fix but it doesn't affect the gameplay too much so not too worried at the moment. 

Levels are interesting but the randomness makes it a little unfair in places. The movement also feels quite slow. Other than that it's a good game with cool gameplay.

Simple concept but really well executed! Levels were challenging but not to the point of raging. Nice Job!

Very addicting gameplay, would occasionally get ghost dice but other than that flawless

Took me quite a long time to understand what was going on, but once I got it, the gameplay felt quite smooth. A couple things to add might be a tutorial and a way so when you click to use a dice you can click the dice again to go back? i found myself wanting to switch dice but not be able to. Other than that, the art is really nice and the music is too. Good job!

Sure! I'll check it out now.

Clicked a few dice, didn't know what I was doing, then suddenly a MASSIVE chain reaction happened and it clearly did something cause i kept playing for the next 10 minutes. Insanely addictive with nice visuals. Great job!

Controls were weird at first but wow it's an addicting game. Simple art but that gives it charm. Nice!

Great idea for a boss, definitely took a while to understand what was going on but overall great visuals and a really unique idea for a boss.

Lacking a proper tutorial, but I picked it up pretty quick and it was a good concept. Maybe lacking an ammo system too? felt like i could just go in circles and spam it  then I'd be invincible.

Really nice graphics, good idea and overall fun gameplay.

At first i struggled to see how it fit the theme, then once the first wave was done it all hit me. Amazing concept and great looking art!

Really awesome concept! Took a bit to get used to but once i got the controls down it was fast-paced diceroll making mayhem. Great job!

My only guess is it just doesn't work with MacOS. Are you getting similar problems with other games?

Wait.. It's not green?? Jokes aside great game with really interesting gameplay and art. Also music is giving me real Pokémon vibes which I like.

What browser are you using?

Cool concept, nice art, and fun to play. Great game!

Pretty buggy but really nice graphics and gameplay.

Simple concept but found myself playing it for much longer than i thought i would. Really polished and fun! 

The art is amazing, gameplay was a bit confusing, I found myself just clicking random buttons at points. But it was fun once I got the hang of it, nice job!

Really fun to play! Great concept & execution. The characters were fun and it was easy to pick up and play. Great job!

Quite confusing at first but played two more rounds and it slowly became more clear. A very nice game for only being made in a weekend! (Also amazing art!!)

Really cool take on the tower defense genre, the art is fun and the controls feel easy to use. Good job!

Fun game, felt quite hard to dodge the bullets fluently but was still a polished game. Nice!

Great interpretation of the theme! The art/music were nice and the gameplay was good, however the tomato found it's way into the kitchen and blocked me into a corner for half the game. Though the rest was a really fun game!

Such a nice looking, polished game. The concept was really good and it was a good challenge trying to balance out the dice. Awesome!

Really fun to play with a cool concept, feels polished and was easy to pick up. Nice job!

Feels really nice to play, the music/art fit really well. Didn't get the enemy eye concept until I glanced down at the description, though that might just be me. Amazing game I can definitely see this being high on the rankings!

In this situation try to get one of the dice to the edge, then the other one to the other side. Swap them and then keep moving the dice, which should theoretically give you the room you need. 

In my testing there has always been a way to match it, can you describe any particular situation?

Not anymore sorry, but add me on discord and if we do need some extra help, you can be first in line.

We are currently a team of 2, relatively musical, but don't have the right tools to make anything for the Jam. If there are any Composers looking for a team, HMU on discord: NerdyAlien#0745