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That Dirt Sailor Guy

A member registered Mar 31, 2016

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Looking good! progress is progress whether or not its int he final version.

ok, also... If can not be Spread sheeted then its not worth your time! all must be quantified.

Saw the new update video https://youtu.be/niUcBYModa

Was excited then heard you say .... Spreadsheets... and not exciting game play. -.- Spreadsheets are life spreadsheets are love. anyways keep up the good work don't worry about tech demos too much. Typed updates might be better than videos, since you are worried about having to scrap videos if something does not work. have like a monthly video update and maybe weakly typed ones (gives you a reason to use the forums even more!

Cool cool excited to see waht you got to show!

Looking great! got two thing for ya. in the item specific menus (the ones that pop up when clicking the button) how difficult would adding buttons be? like add mission for traning servo? second. organising by adding missions or subsystems into categories, and maybe even subcategories? I have mentioned both of these before in the comments on one of your videos.

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so your loading couple of KBs of data for a part you want to use, instead of several GBs of data of all the parts that go along with that one part? I think The division is doing something like this with there "no loading screens". where as you load up once and as you walk around the world it loads that sector you are in and caces the one you left. The only issues I have had with this are falling through the ground and 8 bit graphics for about 10 secs while everything calibrates.

But organization! this is soooooooooo messy

lol yes but at least you can work out your scroll wheel finger lol. is there not something like a traditional forums or do they only offer this?

cool, whats the down side of doing the mods the way you want to do them?

Have a question. Is there a Reason that Crew traning missions are only available in star systems and not just a thing you can do?

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would a file theme work? your management looking over filed reports type thing

did a mock up not the best looking but it gets the point across


Do not know if this works with the way you have set up the GUIs but meh lol

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so first thing, when in the first mission, there needs to be a close window button and a button to go back to the mission selection menu from the mission assignment menu. When in mission select, the difficulty needs to be displayed. thanks for the demo, keep up the awsome work!

WOOT another demo!!! testing report to come ...

I love GUIs, and this looks simple (I know nothing of code and claim to know nothing of code).

Have a couple of questions in refrence to this video https://youtu.be/lTL15EJ4hVU.

  1. What kind of mission choices are you looking to allow? Side missions, Story missions, Plot decisions. and will they be player driven or "time?" (the mission goes on if the player makes a plot choice or ignores the choice). This is kinda what I wanted to ask but I'm having trouble asking the question I want to know cuz I do not know how to ask it in a coherent manner. if that makes sense?
  2. How complex are you looking to go with the mission variables? In the video looks something like this as a formula
    <mission completion = (time * (Equipment point generating value * character stat value))- Difficulty>
  3. Is there going to be some sort of crew inter relationship (this is more to do with mission specifics)
    -say one crew member does not like one of the people getting married and does not show up to the Courting party thrown for taht crew member?
    (I hope that getting two crew members married to one another is not a mission, that is so unprofessional and always leads to work center issues, lol. but seriously.)
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WOOT! runs fine as well on highest settings with potato graphics card.

Could You leave it as a customizable option then? I like numbers (played to many paradox games) even if they are pointless numbers having it makes me feel good lol.

The Galactic line cuz its TL;WR lol

Charging for multiplayer sounds like a sound way to go (if you are hosting a place to store the data or a official server) do free DLC as well as paid for DLC, that seems like the most un-you bought the game so pay me more for more of the game- way while still getting some credit for your work.

Also, will you be implementing a readable form of ship systems as well as the vishual? like if the battery is at 55% power it shows the bar and a number at 55%, and with the engine displaying what power mode its in?

Senpi your mighty wisdom is beyond my megaer understanding LOL!

I still like the RPG style LOL. but yes this is very cool, it's Unique becuse of what it has done not what its made of.

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o I see, i think. I am talking about a consistent progression. You finish a mission, and it produces an output and the story goes on. whereas when the mission is complete that is the end of the progression along that story line. the only output is the effect on the crew?

Actually what I meant by AI doing such things would be the crew and only the crew, I guess I should explain how this works in my head lol.

so you have your Captain, he has base stats in each of the fields

you have #2 (like the Wife but ... not the wife... ya, no) he has his base stats, his advice is based on his base stats

then your crew member that is assigned to lead a department (diplomacy, medical, the pew pew is combat so on and so forth)

So it rolls all these guys stats into and overall state that represents the ship's ability on this task


you are negotiating a trade pact between two planets, your captains diplomacy stat is 5, #2s is 3, and the Coms officer is 6. you have a total of 14, which affects the chance of a deal or the result of the deal (a lower diplo will make a deal for 1 year of trading with no essential items, while a higher will give a deal that last 5 years with essential materials being traded)

I guess what I am trying to get at is how the stats of the individuals affect the overall ship and the involvement of them in missions.

The traits, ambitions, and Focus type things add some personality to the characters and gives an interesting mechanic to play with to improve the ship's capabilities.

I also get that you are one guy and this is some complicated math things, why I didn't want to go so indepth with it since its not super important compared to the rest of the functions of the game.

you kind of alluded to what you wanted to do, I'm not sure how you are going to do MP. I would Love to see an Open 'world' on a Galaxy scale where you pick a star system and terrestrial body to orbit around to build you space station(of course you can move it to a new location at a cost or so). Where you pick is important, you build along a trade route you get more transport, escort, pirating/privateering missions than the other mission types.

The building system is neat as it is, but a common issue I run into with SE (space Engineers) is how restricting it is. It's fun to place blocks and mess around but now 1000 hours in I'm looking at several hundred ship builds that pretty much all do the same thing. ya one Might be fighter and the other a transport or a repair ship, but they all have the same power output to reactor ratio, the same thrust to thrust ratio. Nothing is unique, my repair ship welds slower than his but moves faster. woot, would it not be cool if not only does it move faster but it boosts the resistance to damage types due to the welding style? it may take longer to weld but the ship stronger than stock models. Or ( and I think you talked about this in one of your galactic line vids) the targeting computer in my turret has a reduced fire rate but high accuracy.

You may be able to avoid the "its too complicated" issue by giving a base module that gives just straight stats. (it just gives power x1, where as someone who has played for a bit needs a specific build for a ship, so gives power x3 with a 30% increase radiation output) very RPG like but RPGs are fun

another trick would be the ability to adjust the effects even further (3x power 30% radiation increase, boost the power higher radiation lower the power to 1x 0% radiation)

so I had another thought on this topic.

Was playing CK2 (crusader kings 2 by paradox), and had something Click when I was looking at my guys character sheet.
I don't know how to get an image to show with the text so here's the link

So you have the character sheet your guy or gal is the big circle, the the little circle to the right is the significant other, and the really small circle to the bottom left is nobody important to this.
  1. The numbers in the red box are your character's stats
    • your characters Base value in each category (hard number, never changes)
    • The effects of your character's Traits (blue box)
    • the Effects of your character's Focus (lime green box)
    • the results of your characters ambitions
  2. The numbers in the yellow box are your country's stats
    • your character's stats
    • you significant others stats
    • you advisers stat in that field (diplo advisers diplo stat is taken but not his Martial stat, Martial advisors stat is taken but not his diplo stat http://puu.sh/o2064/43724d054a.jpg)
  3. Blue/indigo box is your character's traits http://puu.sh/o20nc/65c79578ff.jpg
    • given through events (you fall off your horse you become injured, or choose and option when dealing with criminals that is considered just you gain the just trait) this trait can be lost or changed
    • or given upon birth (your family line has a "DNA" type that has Quick trait, giving a increase to the char. stats) these traits can not be lost
    • these add soft numbers to the base stats of the character (stat is lost when the trait is lost)
  4. purple circle is the character's education
    • This trait is like the others, But is an educational trait that can increase or decrease or stay the same based on the actions done by the character (Martial education can be scaled up by leading in a lot of battles)
  5. green box is the character's ambition
    • This is a goal to meet like amass wealth, where once the character has 500 gold they get a +1 hard number to there base Stewardship (red box) http://puu.sh/o21m9/ede5727527.jpg
  6. the poorly colored lime green box is the character's focus.
This is not just for the Player all the AI characters have the exact same options and pursue these options. There is also a relationship system between the characters but that would take a ton of explaining to just make sense of it lol.
I am going to leave it open to discussion on how and what could be implemented instead of saying what I think would be cool lol.

I have been wondering the same thing about scale. Was not sure how to ask without typing a book.

and I think I found that video:


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or you are a Xenophobe and screw anything that is not from Earth. lol

of course, space game with no space pirates??? WTF

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oo oo !! ship build-Pilot recover vessel. ejection system with life support system that last x amount of time or if your space Soviet Union, screw that he can have a bottle of water and oxygen tank hahahaha!

ok so here's a thought and another question. A feature that allows customizing the organization of crew Hierarchy. with this of course you'll need a interaction buff debuff system. so like putting a guy in charge of 20 people is not going to be as effective as having him in charge of 6 people divided into 2 teams.

What is the player's interaction going to be in the game? So far it look likes building and flying the ship, as well as mission choosing and desicions.

Ya of course, Having a ship that just does the Pew Pew going on a humanitarian mission for some planetary disaster is not going to do much to help the people in need. You could still fix the issue by just blasting the planet away along with the whiny needy residents ;).

Say that a governing body needs a escort for one of their not so pew pew ships. The section of space they are traveling through is a lawless place, known to have some nasty pirates. If they use one of their warships it might Upset their neighbors, since this nation has a habit of being more on the Hawkish side of things.

I swear I am done asking questions for a bit now lol.

How are crews going to function? will it be like "x amount are Engineers, X amount are Scientists, X amount are Medical, X amount are Command or Team Leaders, and X amount are Combat"? Or will it be more RPG like "Crew member A has X in Engineering, X in Science, X in Medicine, X in Leadership, and X in Combat"?

I know you are stating this is a Ship building game, but what about Space Stations? Could be used to introduce people to building and balancing functions.

What is you thoughts on Fleets? meaning, Ships that do a function (Diplomatic transport-communication, espionage and counterespionage, Fast and maneuverable) and support vessels (depending on the mission, Hospital ship, cargo transport, defensive combat ship (?), ETC.) as force multipliers.

cool, electronic warfare is something that seems to be missing from most "combat" oriented games lately. Since this is not going to be "combat" oriented, then I guess you can do it without much reprimand, lol. Will there still be the ability to make ships of the line?