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Saw the new update video https://youtu.be/niUcBYModa

Was excited then heard you say .... Spreadsheets... and not exciting game play. -.- Spreadsheets are life spreadsheets are love. anyways keep up the good work don't worry about tech demos too much. Typed updates might be better than videos, since you are worried about having to scrap videos if something does not work. have like a monthly video update and maybe weakly typed ones (gives you a reason to use the forums even more!

I don't mind making update videos, but tutorial videos need to be accurate and useful. Update videos take about as long as update posts, so that's no biggie.

We haven't even begun to see the game in these tech demos, so my outreach is really at a bare simmer. Once we have some gameplay, I might get more proactive and worry about it more. Still, the once-a-week tech demos are a nice target to keep me motivated.

ok, also... If can not be Spread sheeted then its not worth your time! all must be quantified.

Well, the game could be modeled by a spreadsheet, but the power of the game comes from the human faces, the giant starships, and the feel of it.