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The Galactic line cuz its TL;WR lol

Charging for multiplayer sounds like a sound way to go (if you are hosting a place to store the data or a official server) do free DLC as well as paid for DLC, that seems like the most un-you bought the game so pay me more for more of the game- way while still getting some credit for your work.

Also, will you be implementing a readable form of ship systems as well as the vishual? like if the battery is at 55% power it shows the bar and a number at 55%, and with the engine displaying what power mode its in?

The HUD is powered by a simple event system, it's really easy to wire it up however you want it. At the moment, I don't want to spend too much time on it, but it's certainly possible to make a readable version. The only reason I might suggest against it is because the stats aren't that important most of the time.

There is a schematic mode you can activate which pops up per-device stats on an in-world canvas, I should probably make those show readable numbers.

OHHH, tGL. Yeah. Hadn't actually thought about the acronym.

Could You leave it as a customizable option then? I like numbers (played to many paradox games) even if they are pointless numbers having it makes me feel good lol.

Well, I will add them to the engineering view. For the ships you build, you should be able to set them up as either sliders or text or both. I can already do that in scene view, it's pretty straightforward.