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WOOT another demo!!! testing report to come ...

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so first thing, when in the first mission, there needs to be a close window button and a button to go back to the mission selection menu from the mission assignment menu. When in mission select, the difficulty needs to be displayed. thanks for the demo, keep up the awsome work!

Yeah, I'm in the middle of struggling with a UI. That one's scrap by now, I've got a bunch of context windows instead. Not sure how to make it feel pretty, though.

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would a file theme work? your management looking over filed reports type thing

did a mock up not the best looking but it gets the point across


Do not know if this works with the way you have set up the GUIs but meh lol

Hmmmmm. The problem is that I'm trying to show data alongside the world view, so you can peek at things while time progresses. But you may have given me an idea.

The UI is going to be the sucky part of the game for a long time, though. :|

Have a question. Is there a Reason that Crew traning missions are only available in star systems and not just a thing you can do?

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Not really, I just don't have a viable way for you to choose complicated things like that, yet.