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cool, electronic warfare is something that seems to be missing from most "combat" oriented games lately. Since this is not going to be "combat" oriented, then I guess you can do it without much reprimand, lol. Will there still be the ability to make ships of the line?

I'm not exactly sure. I mean, the tech for it certainly exists. You can just build a ship with armor, guns, ECM, and whatever kinds of shields I implement. But once you get to a crew of more than four, the game is optimized for blended-role ships that balance multiple missions at the same time. Restricting yourself solely to a combat role might be pretty boring.

Ya of course, Having a ship that just does the Pew Pew going on a humanitarian mission for some planetary disaster is not going to do much to help the people in need. You could still fix the issue by just blasting the planet away along with the whiny needy residents ;).

Say that a governing body needs a escort for one of their not so pew pew ships. The section of space they are traveling through is a lawless place, known to have some nasty pirates. If they use one of their warships it might Upset their neighbors, since this nation has a habit of being more on the Hawkish side of things.

Escorting is definitely a common mission!

of course, space game with no space pirates??? WTF

I also think it could be cool to have a mothership with minimal armament but have small fighters be released and they are what attacks so you still have the Sim-Speed advantage.

Sure, I had fighters in the video! I didn't really talk about them much, but small ships certainly exist!

One issue with fighters is simple: losing a crew member is generally pretty bleak. These aren't nameless numbers, they have names and interact with each other. I might make some kind of slightly magical skinsuit or super-hardy cockpit or something...

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oo oo !! ship build-Pilot recover vessel. ejection system with life support system that last x amount of time or if your space Soviet Union, screw that he can have a bottle of water and oxygen tank hahahaha!