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Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed the game! The way the textures work is what helped us easily and quickly iterate the level design without changing any of the textures/models, though we do agree it looks a bit weird on moving objects and it’s one of those things that we would have fixed with a bit more time.

Thanks for playing our game! It is indeed true that the pause menu is one of those features that we would have liked to add into the game but ultimately didn’t have enough time to make. I’d like to point out, though, that by holding the rewind button (X or Left Shift) Chai is able to rewind time, creating a clone that will repeat all of his past actions.

Did it work? After looking into the matter further, there might be an issue with the joystick inputs on your end (maybe the controller's right stick doesn't function propertly or perhaps the deadzone is not configured properly). Virtual joysticks also seem to cause a lot of issues. I'll definitely try to update the game when the jam is over to address this!

It's an interesting idea because not only do the character's abilites change but also the environment whenever a "time switch" occurs. Since the challenge is focused on getting to the coins fast enough so you can switch to the correct "time state" (with light puzzle elements here and there), you could add a button that would let the player speed up the time flow, as i think it could avoid a lot of waiting without influencing the game/level design much. Overall, out of the "different abilities" games in this jam I've played so far, I would say this was the best one. Good job!

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It's definitely not supposed to. No one that I know has encountered this issue, so it might be a really rare bug. If restarting the game doesn't fix the issue, since the game picks up input from both the right analogue stick of the controller and the mouse, if you're playing with a mouse and keyboard I'd recommend unplugging any controller. Let me know if you managed to fix the issue.

I loved the spooky atmosphere! It was a bit short in my opinion but overall still felt like a complete experience, especially considering the 7 day time window to develop the game. I liked that it delivered a good horror experience without relying too much on cheap jump scares. Good job!

Even though the game isn't extremely polished, it's an incredibly interesting idea to kill your past clones before they inevitably kill themselves with the spikes or before they get killed by another clone. In a way, it's the player who creates the obstacles, the enemies and the challenges in this game. Would be great to see this concept expanded upon in a full game.

I think this game was an overall great experience! I haven't played the bonus levels yet, though the levels I did play were excellently designed, minimalistic and not too complex at first glance but still really hard to solve. Out of the many, many games in this jam about rewinding time and clones (including my own) this certainly feels very unique.

I tried to fix the problem you mentioned by making the clone stand still and not disappear for a few seconds after the "recording" has finished, though I played "Back to the Button" and I get the way you fixed the "waiting problem" on a more fundamental level in a game about rewinding time. Really clever game!

Glad you enjoyed it. Played and rated!

We weren't aware of that! The name just sounded cute. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Luckily I had written the moves down! I'm not sure if this is the only combination of moves that leads to the bug/cheese, but here you go!

Took me a while to figure out the signs actually dictate the character's actions for some reason, but when I did eventually understand this mechanic, the game became a fun puzzler where you have no control over the character. The game overall looks and sounds nice. Great job!

Very charming! Such a clever idea to solve puzzles backwards, and the cute aesthetics and music are great! I somehow managed to solve the last puzzle by only utilizing a single switch, I don't know if it's intended or not ;) Great game!

It feels great to throw the disc around and I love the sound effects! The rewind mechanic looks kind of shoehorned in though. It would be interesting if it was in any way relevant to the disc-throwing, because as it stands it's just a button you have to hold every now and then.

Very similar to my game mechanically! I got both Portal and Stanley Parable vibes when playing this. Nice puzzles and I liked the ending!

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Definitely seeing the "Getting Over It" influence ;) In the end I did not have the patience/endurance to finish the game (accidentally falling back to the start instead of going in the donate box is what did it for me), but I can see those who love those kinds of games (Jump King, Pogostuck...) also loving the hard to control character and the intense, risky platforming here! I also love the Toy Story vibes!

Hey Bird, that's great, seeing other people playing your game is one of the most satisfying things! I hope the game wasn't too loud, it makes some of the stuff you say a bit hard to understand :(
We'll carefully go over it to make sure we get it! Thanks a lot!

Particle effects certainly look good and add to overall feel of the game, though they're not necessary all of the time, especially in a game-jam where you only have 7 days to develop the game! (We also didn't add particle effects because we were running out of time). I guess I was referring mainly to the box glitch (which I didn't realize was intentional, but now that I think about it, I can see how it can be considered as an alternate, easier version to beat the level), the way the physics objects can get stuck inside the level geometry at times and the way that sometimes the laser switches targets while still holding the left mouse button. These are minor issues though, I definitely know how hard it can be at times to get physics working properly and realistically in Unity, and I think you still did a fantastic job for a game that was developed entirely from scratch by a single person!

It feels nice to throw the shard and make it bounce around the level! Not sure if it's just me, but I experienced severe framedrops when looking in certain directions.

This has potential! The gameplay needs a little bit more polish though, as most levels can be cheesed with the "box glitch", which is also very easy to perform. I'm referring to the fact you can hold an object below the character and jump indefinitely. Or perhaps it's intentional? Regardless though, fun little game.

The levels are really fun, the death cutscene was really funny! I initially thought that the winding of the cogs would get boring or repetitive after a while, though the game managed to stay engaging by adding light puzzle elements to the levels, which I found to be really enjoyable. I loved the way in which the game restarts by rewinding time. Nice one!

The atmosphere is great and I was invested in the story as I was ready to explore the memories of the dead corpse inside the cell, but I felt the game ended immediately and was way too short. Am I missing something here?

Fun game! Loved the mechanic and the various abilities of the chickens. The levels weren't particularly hard, but they were still really fun, and there's an option to solve the puzzles in the minimum number of moves if players want to get good at the game. It's a nice way to provide a dynamic/adaptive difficulty in a way. Nice one!

The levels were pretty interesting! I guess my only issue with the game is having to wait for the bomb to explode before throwing another one, though i don't know how  i would fix that either. Perhaps by adding a detonate button? Really liked the way in which all the different elements interacted with each other. Good stuff.

I did!

I could see how this can turn into a fun minit-like game. It needs some more polish though, and I would have liked more interesting items and some more content in general!

Glad you enjoyed it! I can give you a hint: it's useful to observe the center platform behaviour, max height and speed to solve the puzzle. Good luck!

The rage was there, but never felt unfair or frustrating.

Good job!

I am ready to rage!

Wow, i just can't stress enough how much I enjoyed this game! Let me start with what I found to be the most brilliant mechanic of this game: the time-travel, specifically how it's linked to the character's jumping abilities. I absolutely love how such a basic moveset is recontextualized by the rewind mechanic and how much depth it adds to the game. Suddenly, jumping is not only a means to move upwards but it's also a resource, the player has to be attentive and strategize where and when to jump in order to keep the airtime relatively low so the "time-bar" doesn't go all the way to the left. Suddenly, wall sliding is not only useful to slow-down your descent or to wall jump, but in this game it's also a way to stop the "jumping state" of the character and stop the rewinding of time. I also really like how the time mechanic can influence other moving obstacles, such as platforms of hazards. I might be biased because I really like challenging platformers with interesting mechanics (Celeste is one of my favorite games of all time), but I found the level design to be phenomenal, especially the more challenging levels towards the end of the game, complemented by the amazing music. I really like the rain effect and the way it's used as a visual indicator that time is moving forward/backwards, and I love how it gets faster as it approaches the end of the "time-bar" (timeline?), which yet again serves as a visual indicator but at the same time it makes the platforming in the later levels that much more intense. It feels great to see the rain get faster and faster, yet somehow still living afterwards and seeing the rain speed go back to normal. Other than a few minor bugs/issues, this is probably my favorite game I've played of this jam, I'd definitely like to play an even more polished, full version of this. Great job! 

I think any kind of visual/audio indication that the spikes are cutting/affecting the rope would be nice (for example a different death animation). Still enjoyed the game though!

This was actually pretty cool! I was also confused at first in the 2nd level which introduces the spikes, just because up until that point of the game the rope has always been intangible (and also invisible to the guards). I really like the way the music changes when you grab a jewel as it adds tension to the "escape" part of the level. I liked all the level gimmicks and the difficulty ramps up quite nicely, leading to the satisfying ending which contains all of the previously introduced gimmicks in one final test. From a game design perspective, this is nicely done.

Sure I'll check it out!

Cool mechanic and the levels are simple and well designed. The idea has potential and I can definitely see how this can turn into a full game. Great game!

Such a polished and fun game! I like the fact that it's possible to pile up ingredients and pick all of them up at once! That said, I still can't get past the "sushi amature" rank lol.

Wow, such an engaging story! I also love the aesthetics and the innovative take on the theme.

I find the gameplay and the interpretation of the theme to be quite interesting, especially the fact you're controlling an invincible character (and trying to move and not stay behind the screen scroll) while simultaneously trying to protect the kite, over which you have very limited control. Well done.

The gameplay feels nice with the right amount of "juice" and screen-shake. The sword combat with the ragdoll-like enemies can feel inconsistent at times, and for that reason staying far away and throwing your sword is definitely the optimal strategy most of the time.

Nice one! The game is overall very fun and I like the screen-shake and sound effects, the dash feels really satisfying. I guess the only gripe I have with the game is I wish there was more variety in the enemy types, as well as the enemy movement/behaviour, which would perhaps force the player to use the dash ability in a more interesting way.