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Tasfiqul Tapu

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honestly I never thought anybody would reach that high of a score. So I left it in so if someone were to use browser console to set their score,  those two messages would come up.

The game is a bit abstract but really atmospheric.

Great job with the idea. 

Really good art. Reminded me of the games i used to play in childhood.

I think there's a bug where spawning rate gets really high at round one.

Overall great experience.

The art was pleasing to the eye and it was satisfying seeing the canvas slowly declutter. An in-game tutorial would've healped a lot.

Really fun game. Try adding some new types of enemies.

This has a lot of potential. You should add more levels in post jam update.

Great execution! Art style looks really good. Wish i had a friend to play with.

The spike ball hurting you makes it more fun.

The game feels really juicy. I'll suggest adding a cooldown on spawning new bullets.

Love the mechanic.

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Really nice presentation, really polished for 48 hours.

Add more levels and you can release it on steam.

Nice game. Just the staff rotation needs to be a bit faster to keep up with the enemies.

Interesting concept but had a bit of difficulty figuring it out at first.

Art and music was great but needs a bit more polishing.

The visuals is really pleasing. Please add more levels. 

The puzzles are mind boggling. Finished the entire game without getting bored.

Your game in no way looks like was made by a beginner. Great job.

Really fun game. Art style is stunning. Mouse trail was a nice touch. I found a bug where if a mushroom has too much velocity it takes the exit of two mushroom and then you're left with extra mushroom that has o exit and you can't finish the game. It happened with me on the 5 red and 1 blue mushroom level. But great job on the game.

Fluid motion, Controls feels snappy, Art is really nice. Great job.

Great game but it needs a better ui and difficulty is in the higher side.

This was fun.

I like how the are reusable and not juSt one use.

I hacked nasa lol :)

The art style is nice.

Great take but needs  more polishing as i found followers going out of the designated area.

Great mechanic.

For a jam game this is highly polished.

Great horror adventure.

It was a bit hard on the start , I thought it will be a fail but then it quickly started to drop and success. nice game.

This was a short and sweet experience. Hope you add more levels and expand on the idea.

I like how you did the boss battle and abusing dash was really fun.

Neat animations.

Really atmospheric.

This quickly turned into a puzzle.

I really like the graphics.

Great atmosphere and graphics.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm considering adding bosses and other types of enemies in a post jam update.

Great game.Love the art , love the combat mechanic.