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We've been made aware that v0.94.4 is causing significant game-breaking errors for a number of players.  We've isolated the bug that is causing this and looking to roll out the 0.94.5 patch early next week that should address this issue.

In the meantime, if you're struggling to run the game, you can rollback via the client to the build which is currently still stable.  We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to get the game back up and running as soon as possible.

- Tommy, Table Flip Games.

Morning all,

We've been super busy at EGX Rezzed these past two days with setting up our stall as well as getting the game ready for players. In amongst it all, we found out that Sure Footing was greenlit on Steam! We're naturally rather pleased and excited!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the game and helped spread the word. This doesn't mean the end of our first-access, far from it. We will be continuing to update our game here on itch every month until we reach launch on Steam. We'll update you in the future with more info.

Tommy, Table Flip Games

Our March build moves Sure Footing over to version 0.94 as we introduce a host of new features, improvements, upgrades and revamps. We're really happy that these changes are finally making their way into the game after spending months on some of these behind the scenes.


  • Leaderboards: Players can now see the top scores both on a new leaderboard screen and on game over.
  • Cutscene Skipping: Hold the Jump key during the cutscene to skip straight to gameplay.
  • Voices! Pete, Polly, Blip and Plunk now cheer and panic as they run through Computra. Not to mention Dave too!
  • New Music: We have a new soundtrack for when you visit K-SAN, Pixeley and LAN_DN. Plus we made some improvements to the title screen and Cacheville tracks.


  • Revamped UI: We completed revamping our UI system, including Pause, Options, Game Over and the Pop-Up UI. Plus some extra improvements to the Power-Up selection and info screens.
  • SFX: New sound effects have been added to core gameplay.
  • Collision Improvements: General improvements to player collision detection and response.
  • Pixeley Mutator: Not only is it snowing in Pixeley, it's now foggy too!


  • Removed a bug where the incorrect sound FX were being used in the character select screen.
  • Removed a bug where Deletion Dave would not recognise he was being hit by rewrite/blue crates.
  • Removed a bug in the JumpGood buff that would negatively impact the game's performance after the player died.
  • Removed a bug where the DeletionBuffer would fail to apply to the player and negatively impact the game's performance after the player died.
  • Removed a bug where a selected Buff would not be applied to the player after a restart of the survival mode.
  • Removed a bug where collisions with invisible roofing was occurring.
  • Removed a bug where the player could no longer collect MIPS or hit crates after a successful teleport.
  • Removed a bug where teleporting would fail and result in odd behaviour by the player character.
  • Removed a bug where the cherry blossoms in K-SAN were blowing in the wrong direction.
  • Removed a bug where the first option in the options menu would not appear to be highlighted.
  • Removed a bug where menu sounds could be heard when pressing keys during play.
  • Removed a bug where players could accidentally get stuck in 'Zig-Zag' platforms when jumping whilst underneath them.
  • Removed a bug where the Crate Shock power-up would appear in a slightly incorrect position in the power-up UI screen.
  • Removed a bug where Polly's plinth in character select was not lined up with the others.
  • Removed a bug where Plunk's base skin would - on reboot - dress him in his French outfit (which we haven't put in the build yet, that's embarrassing).

This is first phase of a suite of new features being added to the game that we've been working on behind the scenes. You can expect some more features to appear in both the April and May builds for players. We're looking forward to letting you try them out.

Thanks as always for your continued patience and support!

Tommy, Table Flip Games

Hey everyone,

We felt it was high time we started making motions towards getting Sure Footing on Steam. While we're still working away on many new features and tidying up some old ones, we're confident that the adventures of Pete, Polly, Blip and Plunk would be greenlit by the Steam community.

If you fancy voting for us, our greenlight page is at the link below:

Thanks once again to everyone who has continued to support us. We're looking forward to the next big phase of bringing Sure Footing to life!

Tommy, Table Flip Games

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February 2017 continues our gradual improvements to UI and performance that we started last month. You should see a number of UI improvements as well as some new gameplay features.

New Features:

  • Teleport Power-Up: Players can now teleport a short distance ahead to safety but it takes a long time to recharge..
  • Crate Shock Power-Up: Players can now destroy crates within proximity using a shock-wave effect.
  • Controller Support: We completely re-wrote the input system for Sure Footing in preparation for a big feature update late in the Spring. One benefit of this is that now the game supports PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and controllers on Mayflash adapters such as Wii U Pro, GameCube and DualShock 3.

Updates & Improvements:

  • Almost all of the UI system has been revamped with new art assets: especially the character and power-up select screens. Right now we're still making changes to the Pause Screen, Game Over Screen and Options Screen, which should come into effect next month.
  • New sound effects have been added to the UI system to help make it easier to understand.
  • Additional sound effects for the survival cut-scene.
  • Credits screen has been updated with new screenshots (and captions!)
  • We improved the rotation of the world when entering K-SAN to make it smoother. It was originally an instant and jarring process, so we wanted to make it more obvious what is happening.
  • 1st phase of some general improvements to collision and player movement.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Removed a bug where Blip's animations would not run correctly in the character select screen (removed on schedule).
  • Removed a bug in Polly's animations while she is running.
  • Removed a bug where Polly's costumes would not appear correctly in rare instances.
  • Removed a bug where the 1st sprint of the game after restart is really small (removed on schedule).
  • Removed a bug affecting the position/appearance of props worn or carried by each character, we removed many of the props in an earlier build, but have since put them back into the game.
    • Not gonna lie, this one's been bugging us for months. We're really happy we got it fixed. Also because a lot of our upcoming costumes all use props of some sort. So if we didn't get this one fixed, it would've been a real downer.
  • Removed bugs that would impact performance of the pause menu in-game.
  • Removed a bug where the background music would play twice if the game paused (removed on schedule).

Bug Tracking:

Following last month where we acknowledge and keep track of bugs in the game, we're also going to give updates on bug fixes in process.

  • Outstanding Bugs
    • Welcome signs sometimes do not appear when visiting new sectors for the first time.
      • This is close to resolved, but there are still minor edge cases we haven't ironed out yet.
    • A collision bug where a character runs along a downward ramp and falls through it.
      • We've made some improvements to collision in the game, but it has not resolved all bugs as yet.
  • Other Bugs Identified:
    • Crates in piles that are destroyed by Deletion Dave may result in floating crates that are not destroyed (does not impact gameplay, but it's annoying us).
    • There are periodic issues with the player hitting invisible ceilings. This is a very rare bug that we'd previously thought quashed. We're taking another crack at it for next month.
    • We've noticed the credits screen doesn't scale well on certain resolutions. That's on the to-do list for next month!

We've also been working on a lot of new features behind the scenes that have not been made public. Our plan is to turn on a couple of these new features in March and April for players.

Thanks as always for your continued patience and support! As always if you have feedback or bugs to report, please head over to the bug thread and let us know.

Tommy, Table Flip Games

Hey everyone, we're excited to announce that Sure Footing will be on the show floor at the EGX Rezzed event in the London Tobacco Docks from March 30th to April 1st.

For all of our players who've been around since the begining of the first-access push, we've managed to make quite a lot of changes and improvements to the game. Running through this process has been immense value to us in order to get ready for the touring circuit this year so thank you for your continued support and feedback. Right now we're working away on a number of improvements to the game - following on from the changes made in the January build - and you should see these changes coming your way in the February and March builds respectively.

If you're down at Rezzed on the day, be sure to come and say hi! We'll have some goodies to give away and would love to hear from you about the game.

Tommy, Table Flip Games

Good morning all and happy new year to our First-Access players! 2017 is off to a great start for Sure Footing as we roll out some new features and tidy up some old ones for our January build!

New Features

  • Power-Up Select UI has a new pop-up info screen so you can learn more about each item by pressing X on the Keyboard or on Gamepad when highlighting it.

Updates & Improvements:

  • The pop-up information screen on game start has been revamped to make it more consistent with our overall art style.
  • You can now de-select a power-up or buff in the Power-Up selection screen, previously you could only select another power-up/buff. It was not possible to select no power-up/buff in a given slot having previously selected one .
  • The market stalls and MIPs have been given an upgrade with new art assets, this has resulted in changes to our market street as well as the streets players run through during play.
  • The camera zoom during gameplay is more responsive to changes in height.
  • Improved the obstacle placement so they no longer overlap with each other.

Bugs Fixed

  • Removed a bug where power-ups/buffs did not appear on the HUD during your first run.
  • Removed a bug with signposts in K-SAN appearing backwards.
  • Removed a bug where the Deletion Buffer buff delays your death from a fall.
  • Removed a bug where crate particles still play after they're destroyed.
  • Removed a bug where 'auto-climb' would not be set correctly in the options menu: it would assume the default value of true in the options menu until the player opted to change it. After which it would reflect the saved preference.

New Bugs Found:

We're acknowledging and keeping track of bugs found in the game.

  • Bugs Scheduled for Removal in 0.93.5 build (February 2017).
    • The 1st sprint that players experience after rebooting can sometimes be very short, resulting in the welcome signpost overlapping with the next street.
    • Blips animations can sometimes appear broken in the character select screen.
    • After pausing the game, multiple instances of the background music may play at once.
    • Welcome signs sometimes do not appear when visiting new sectors for the first time.
  • Other Bugs Identified
    • We're investigating collision bugs that occur when a character jumps upwards into a platform and get stuck within it.
    • We're investigating a collision bug where a character runs along a downward ramp and falls through it.
We're working hard on some new features for the game that aren't ready to show off yet. But we hope you can see some improvement in the state of the game this month. Thanks as always for playing and please get in touch with any comments or feedback via the forums.

Tommy, Table Flip Games

Just in time for the holidays we're pushing our final patch of 2017. We're bringing a bunch of small improvements, bug fixes but also some new abilities for you play around with!

    • Air Dash Power-Up: Gives you a forward burst of speed while in the air.
    • Phaser Power-Up: Let's you walk through obstacle crates, but it means you'll miss the MIPS too!
    • Auto Pull-up: Our heroes will automatically pull themselves up when they grab a ledge.
      • (This feature can be disabled in the options menu.)
    • Deletion Dave's horizontal speed will decrease if his vertical speed exceeds a threshold.
    • The power-up selection screen has been revised to make it easier to understand.
    • Improved some of the PCG performance to reduce excess artefacts and improve placement.
    • Removed a bug where the player would be destroyed by Deletion Dave but their body wouldn't disappear.
    • Removed a bug where NPCs would spawn on crates or other NPCs in the market street.
    • Removed a bug where character skins and models would appear incorrectly.
    • Removed a bug where Deletion Dave would shake when moving at high speed.
    • Improved the slow-down ability so players can use this ability more effectively.

On behalf of the Table Flip Games team, we hope you and your family have a great time during the holiday season.

Tommy, Table Flip Games

Hi folks,

We've been working away on optimisation and improving the quality of the first-access build of Sure Footing. This months update is largely about fixing all the niggling little things that can get in the way of you enjoying the game as it currently stands. We've been taking on feedback both online and from our players on the road. As always, if you have comments on how to improve the game or spot a bug, please head over to the sticky thread on the page. We really appreciate it!

So here is an overview of the updates this month:

  • Powered by Wwise: Our music and sound effects are now powered by the Wwise middleware engine. Which has really helped us speed up the audio integration work we're doing. However, it's actually what set us back a day or so in terms of launching the November update. We're still learning a lot about how to use Wwise in the game.
  • Improved Cutscene: We've made minor tweaks to the opening cutscene, including new sound effects. Check out Dave's creepy laugh.
  • Camera: Following player feedback, we've removed the left stick control of the camera and the backwards camera view. We've re-mapped controls to accommodate this. Lastly, the camera angles have been improved and zoom is more responsive.
  • Big Crates: Watch out for bigger crates taking up precious space on those platforms. The big red ones are super nasty!
  • Level Generator Improvements: You'll now experience less level pop-in and smoother performance.
  • Bugs:
    • Removed a bug where players would collide with an invisible wall at the start of the game.
    • Removed a bug where moving between items in the options UI screen was slow.
    • Removed a bug where the sector welcome signs would not display at the correct time.
    • Removed a bug where players would bounce off rewrite (blue) crates when running straight into them.
    • Removed a bug where MIP (green) crate collisions were not performing correctly.

As always, thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy this month's build. We'll be pushing a small update in December just in time for the festive break. In the meantime, I hope you have fun!

Tommy, Table Flip Games

Hey everyone,

A quick update to announce that the latest build of Sure Footing is now online on You can download it either from the main store page or if you use the client it will patch the game accordingly. We're working hard on addressing some bugs raised by our players as well as gradually release new features. An overview of the updates made to the game can be found below:

  • New pop-up announcement UI: We're working on adding in new pop-up UI layers and to give it a test-run, we added in a new patch notes screen on the title screen.
  • New Sector: Visit the regal sector of LAN-DN. It might be wet and a bit grim, but they make a lovely cup of tea.
  • New Costumes: The latest fashion from Pixeley and LAN-DN are yours to wear in the character selection screen.
  • New level generation features: the PCG system has new toys to play with! Keep your wits about you as the game will be trickier this time around.
  • Improvements: Some small but significant changes to performance. In a perfect world, you'll never even notice them and we'll feel really smart about it.
  • Improved Music: We've remixed the title track and running music. Naturally we're biased, but we think they sound pretty funky.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved a bug where you could not run the credits screen twice.
      • Raised by the community and fixed.
    • Bug Fix: Resolved a bug with the control of the camera using the keyboard.
    • Bug Fix: Resolved a bug where the player could actually wind up behind Deletion Dave. Given Dave's job is to chase the player, that was a little bit awkward!
  • Credits Update: We've updated the credits to include our first-access supporters. We love you all! If you ever see us in real life, let us know and you will also get a free hug (only one hug per copy of the game)!
We hope you enjoy these new changes as we continue to work on the game. Thank you so much for being a part of our small but exciting first-access launch. We're looking at rolling out another update as soon as possible to introduce some new SFX as well as fix one or two bugs we've spotted while playtesting the new release. If you spot anything, be sure to leave a comment on our bugs thread and we'll address these as soon as we can.

Quick update to say this bug has now been resolved in v0.93.1.

Good to know, thanks! We'll have it patched up for our next update. :D

Good spot: it should be tweaking itself accordingly, thanks! We've added it to the October to-do list. :D

If you encounter any problems, be it big or small, we really would appreciate it, if you would let us know! We want you to be able to enjoy the game and will do our best to fix those with our next update!