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Patch Notes: Sure Footing v0.93.3 is here for the holidays! Locked

A topic by Table Flip Games created Dec 20, 2016 Views: 147
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Just in time for the holidays we're pushing our final patch of 2017. We're bringing a bunch of small improvements, bug fixes but also some new abilities for you play around with!

    • Air Dash Power-Up: Gives you a forward burst of speed while in the air.
    • Phaser Power-Up: Let's you walk through obstacle crates, but it means you'll miss the MIPS too!
    • Auto Pull-up: Our heroes will automatically pull themselves up when they grab a ledge.
      • (This feature can be disabled in the options menu.)
    • Deletion Dave's horizontal speed will decrease if his vertical speed exceeds a threshold.
    • The power-up selection screen has been revised to make it easier to understand.
    • Improved some of the PCG performance to reduce excess artefacts and improve placement.
    • Removed a bug where the player would be destroyed by Deletion Dave but their body wouldn't disappear.
    • Removed a bug where NPCs would spawn on crates or other NPCs in the market street.
    • Removed a bug where character skins and models would appear incorrectly.
    • Removed a bug where Deletion Dave would shake when moving at high speed.
    • Improved the slow-down ability so players can use this ability more effectively.

On behalf of the Table Flip Games team, we hope you and your family have a great time during the holiday season.

Tommy, Table Flip Games