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Patch Notes: Sure Footing v0.93.2 is now live! Locked

A topic by Table Flip Games created Dec 01, 2016 Views: 124
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Hi folks,

We've been working away on optimisation and improving the quality of the first-access build of Sure Footing. This months update is largely about fixing all the niggling little things that can get in the way of you enjoying the game as it currently stands. We've been taking on feedback both online and from our players on the road. As always, if you have comments on how to improve the game or spot a bug, please head over to the sticky thread on the page. We really appreciate it!

So here is an overview of the updates this month:

  • Powered by Wwise: Our music and sound effects are now powered by the Wwise middleware engine. Which has really helped us speed up the audio integration work we're doing. However, it's actually what set us back a day or so in terms of launching the November update. We're still learning a lot about how to use Wwise in the game.
  • Improved Cutscene: We've made minor tweaks to the opening cutscene, including new sound effects. Check out Dave's creepy laugh.
  • Camera: Following player feedback, we've removed the left stick control of the camera and the backwards camera view. We've re-mapped controls to accommodate this. Lastly, the camera angles have been improved and zoom is more responsive.
  • Big Crates: Watch out for bigger crates taking up precious space on those platforms. The big red ones are super nasty!
  • Level Generator Improvements: You'll now experience less level pop-in and smoother performance.
  • Bugs:
    • Removed a bug where players would collide with an invisible wall at the start of the game.
    • Removed a bug where moving between items in the options UI screen was slow.
    • Removed a bug where the sector welcome signs would not display at the correct time.
    • Removed a bug where players would bounce off rewrite (blue) crates when running straight into them.
    • Removed a bug where MIP (green) crate collisions were not performing correctly.

As always, thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy this month's build. We'll be pushing a small update in December just in time for the festive break. In the meantime, I hope you have fun!

Tommy, Table Flip Games