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Problems? Found a bug? Let us know! Sticky

A topic by Table Flip Games created Sep 27, 2016 Views: 310 Replies: 5
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If you encounter any problems, be it big or small, we really would appreciate it, if you would let us know! We want you to be able to enjoy the game and will do our best to fix those with our next update!

When I do a huge jump, the game seems to get a bit blurry (like possibly the depth of field isn't changing on the camera?)

Enjoying the game!


Good spot: it should be tweaking itself accordingly, thanks! We've added it to the October to-do list. :D

Hey guys,

Awesome game, Got a small bug in the main menu for you. Found this after viewing the credits.

You can only view the credits once. On the second attempt it jumps to the end of the credits and exits to the main menu.

You can get around this issue by selecting survival mode then backing out of survival mode to the title page.

Found this while playing the windows 64bit edition.


Good to know, thanks! We'll have it patched up for our next update. :D


Quick update to say this bug has now been resolved in v0.93.1.